Satisfying My Professor In A Parking Lot

Hi guys, I am Jacob, 22 years old from Bangalore. I have been loving stories coming on the site and thought I’ll pen down my own experience. This is quite a long story, you might have to bear with me. All of you are welcome to give me feedback, in the mail provided at the end.

I graduated from my college last year and had been working as an intern, in one of the companies in Bangalore. This story happened last year, towards the end of my college days. The lovely heroine of my story is my teacher Manju. She was a beautiful, kind woman with a round face.

She was basically from Delhi, married and was one of the professors in my department. She was staying in Bangalore along with her husband who is a bank manager. Manju Miss was one of the most liked the teacher in our department. Not just for he looks, but due to her jovial and optimistic attitude.

She used to mingle along with students. I was awestruck, the first time I saw her in class and had an instant crush on her I used to try my maximum and be around her in class and talk to her. Basically, this provided me with a fruitful relationship with her.

Even though she was married, and about 6 years older than us, I considered her as a friend and used to chat with her in that way. During the beginning of the year, she used to have these love bites in her neck. We knew she was getting them in the bed.

But soon, lately, I felt like she was a little disturbed. Let me come to the story that happened last year of college. Our department had a fest. Our teachers and our students worked hard to make it a big success. As Manju miss was in charge of the fest, I volunteered to be her assistant.

I had hopes that I could get close to her during our meetings. The first few days went by planning, buying and getting things ready. Manju miss was a quite medium complexion lady with long hairs up to her waist. She had a round face.

What was great about her was her big juicy 36 dark boobs with chocolatey nipples. I loved to suck on them. Her ass swayed as she walked by.

As per my plan we were mingling a lot, over text, talks, and even messages. In between, I used to chat with her as a friend getting to know her more. As the date started to approach, work started to become stressful. We used to hang out till 6. I offered her a ride with me in my car.

Then a few days passed like that. One day Manju Miss didn’t come to college, which had got me worried. We had a set up a lot of work in the schedule for that day and she was absent. I knew something was up. I called her a few times, but her phone was switched off.

She came the next day and but was withdrawn and was not energetic herself as usual. I went to her as she was sitting near the auditorium.

Me: Hi.

Manju:(with a small smile )Hi, I am sorry. I am just not well.

Me: It’s fine, we got this handled. (she look disturbed) Mam, you sure there isn’t anything that is bothering you.

Manju: It’s fine, just disturbing.

Me: Come on, I know you. There is something wrong.

Manju: Nothing. And please call me Manju, at least when no one is around. Can you drop me off today too?

Me: Sure, well finish it up within 20 minutes, then we can leave.

Manju: (with a slightly sad face) Ok.

I wanted to know what was bothering her so badly. So I messaged as soon as I reached home. I asked her why she was sad all day. But not much response came from her. The next day, I literally pushed her to work. By that evening, she was a little bit cheerful. I tried to make her smile as much as I could.

As we rode back to her home, we chatted all the way long. I tried to cheer her back to normal, make her laugh. I felt she just needed a person to lean on. So I gave her room and shoulder to be with. Our chat had taken more diversion in the coming nights.

We started to share more and more personal information. She asked about my girlfriends and relationships. I didn’t answer much and gave vague answers. With one day remaining for the fest, we kept on running into each other, being up close during the work that day.

And after everyone left, we were alone again. Our chats soon started to take a diversion, after we talked about some about college matter. Then she asked me about my girlfriend. I told I had an ex long time back. So, I was surprised by that question. I took a moment and a deep breath and continued my work.

Then again during the work, she asked me about it. I told it was not the physical, because sex was always great. It’s just she was older than me and she had left because of some family issues. She gave a wicked smile and asked me whether I like the elder women.

I was smiling and the chat was turning steamy. I told yes, I have a crush on elder women. Not too old though. About till 38 or so. She gave me a look with her eyebrow raised.

Manju: what’s so special about them?

Me: I don’t know. I just like them.

Manju: Women at those ages will be married.

Me: Its fine, beauty is never meant to be chained.

Manju: (she gave me a deep smile) So, do you have a crush on me too?

Me: (I was silent for a moment) Maybe.

Manju: Maybe? I am not good looking, or don’t you find me hot?

Me: (I was literally stuttering for words, I knew I had to be honest). No, you are beautiful and hot.

Manju: So, you do have a crush on me.

Me: Yes.

She then gave me a wicked smile. The chat was getting steamed up. So was my dick. She asked me whether I have dirty thoughts about her then? I told yes sometimes. She asked what kind. I told her all kinky kind. Then she came near me and she dropped her pallu little bit.

She: If I do this, (she bent down, dropping her pallu little bit and rubbing on my crotch), will you get horny?

Me: (gulping down on my saliva). I would.

She: What would you do then?

I then caught her shoulder as and took her face in my hands as I gave her a liplock kiss. She didn’t resist me. She responded to my kiss as she rubbed her hands through my hair. We moved to the walls. We had a long kiss for 3or 4 minutes.

She: you are a good kisser for a young man. Listen, Jacob, I just want someone to be with me, help me, satisfy myself. I hope you can keep it a secret. My husband, he is not there when I need him. He is too impotent to get me his baby, so just help me out. We can have fun.

She told this as she rubbed on my hard dick through my pants, which gotten even more harder with her touch. I was shocked and thankful this was happening. I wanted to fuck her then and there. But I couldn’t, as our security would close the gate by 6 and it was already 5:50.

We rushed with our bags outside and left in my car. All the while I was driving, I was rubbing on her lap, feeling up her body, and pressing her boobs. She rubbed on my cock. I took it out slowly from my pants. I then drove to her home. Her home was a little far.

During the drive, I had the devilish idea. I turned my car around into a parking lot of a mall. She then looked at me as I parked the car at the corner and switched it off. I then leaned on to her and started to kiss her. We both were on fire. We didn’t care if we would get caught.

We then decided to move to the back seat. I took my dick in and put on the pants and went to the back seat. I pulled her into the back seat and locked the car. She hugged me and started to kiss me. We rubbed down each other’s bodies. I removed her saree completely. she was just in her blouse and petticoat.

I then started kissing on her face, then neck, chest. I came up slowly kissing all along her neck and cheeks to the lips. She tried to give some light moans as I kept on kissing her deeper and deeper. I kissed her all over chest and her body, it was so passionate and lustful. I then made her lie on the seat.

Slowly I made her lay back and started to kiss her without even taking a gap to breathe. As kissed her neck, I took out her pallu and removed it completely. I then deep kissed her navel. My hands rubbed through her hips to her blouse hook and started to rip one by one. I then removed it all.

I felt her panting as I started to kiss her belly button. My hands were on her bra, pressing her boobs hard. Her nipples became hard. She helped me remove my pants and make myself nude. She put her hand in my shirt and felt over my broad chest and my back.

I then removed her bra and took both of her boobs in my hands. I started to kiss them one by one and started to suck those nipples and bite them, making her moan a little louder. I then pinched and pulled on her nipples, as lip-locked with her. The car was filled with squeals of pleasure from her.

I raised up her petticoat and started to kiss her legs. I sat beside her as I lowered my hand into her pussy. I started to finger her as my tongue focussed up in twisting around the nipples. I then put my hands into her wet underwear and started to rub over pussy. I squeezed her pussy lips and her clitoral area.

She moaned. I then slowly rubbed my hands into her wet pussy. I started to finger her pussy while sucking on her nipples one by one. I bit her breasts on occasions, giving her love bites. She then took hold of my dick and started to stroke it. She then leaned over to me and started to suck on my cock slowly.

I lay on her lap, sucking on her boobs and fingering her. Her warm strokes, made my dick feel the heat and throb. I fingered her and with proper boob play. I made her have one of the best orgasms in life. I then made her lie down as I spread her legs and rubbed my cock over in her pussy lips.

She just sucked on my cock for the next few minutes till it was clean. I pulled her nipples as I rubbed in my cock more and more. She was already on it and she wrapped her legs around me and guided it into her pussy. I entered into her pussy with my thick dick. She squealed as I kissed her.

I slid it in nice and smooth. I then kept on kissing her neck and fondling her boobs, as started to stroke her in missionary position. Her hands rubbed through my back to my butts pressing it and pushing in my cock deeper. In between, I pulled out and pushed it in with full force to hit her deep insides.

I fondled her boobs. He fucked her and kissed in a liplock. I slowly increased my pace. Both us were in heat and moaning and jumping in the car. She was panting trying to catch her breath. I fucked her harder with more thrust and pace She was trembling and shivering with my touches.

As the pace increased, the car started to shake and made squeaky noises I kept on playing with her boobs. We fucked like that for half an hour, I came inside her loads. I gave a hard last push as I came inside her. She let out moans of satisfaction and pleasure.

Later, I helped her dress up, after I kissed her all over her body once more. Then, she didn’t let me wear my pants. I drove and she kept on sucking my cock and giving me blowjobs.

I kept on fucking her. I’ll share the story about their wedding anniversary. We still continue our relationship and still in contact. Email me your feedback and comment on to [email protected]