A secret love affair with cousin brother

Hi guys, I’m back after a long time with another story of a secret love affair. I have an incident with a friend of mine. Well, she is close to me. She has asked me to write down this incident that happened to her with one of her cousin brothers.

It was around 3 years ago when my friend Deeksha had been to her native. She stayed at her aunt’s place for a few days before going to her granny’s house. Her aunt has 3 kids (2 sons and a daughter).

The daughters’ age is the same as Deeksha’s, so both of them were close. Deeksha loved going to her aunt’s place and spending time with her cousin sister. Both her brothers were elder (one was 6 years elder and the other was 8 years elder). Neel was the younger one and was quite close to Deeksha.

One day, her aunt and sister had gone out shopping. Yash, the eldest brother, was also at the office. Deeksha and Neel planned to watch a movie. They were getting bored. It was around 5 in the evening. Both of them started watching a movie. For half an hour, everything was normal.

Then suddenly, Deeksha felt Neel’s elbow touch her right boob. She did not react. She thought it might have happened accidentally and took it normally. After a few seconds, she again felt the elbow touch her boob. She tried adjusting herself, but Neel, too, adjusted himself and moved closer to her.

Deeksha was quiet and doubtfully reacted. They continued watching the movie, and then again, she felt Neel’s elbow on her boob. But this time, he pressed it a little hard as if it was on purpose. Now Deeksha started feeling uncomfortable.

Just then, Neel adjusted the pillow and asked Deeksha to lie down if she was uncomfortable. He said, “It will give you a better view of the screen, and your neck will pain if you sit like this for too long.”

Deeksha was confused about how to react. So she just did what was told to her and lay down comfortably on the bed. Now for some time, Neel did nothing. Deeksha thought that maybe all of it had happened by mistake.

But she also noticed that she was slightly wet down because of the sudden sensation that she had just felt. After a few minutes, Deeksha started feeling a little sleepy, so she told Neel that she might doze off. Neel wrapped his arm around her and told her that she could move closer and sleep if she wanted to.

Deeksha was confused to see such a reaction. But before she could react, Neel had already pulled her closer in a half hug. She could feel his warmth, and it was comforting. Neel continued watching the movie, or let’s say, pretended to do so.

Just when Deeksha closed her eyes, his fingers started brushing past her boobs. And his one hand that was on her back started driving her back. She was sure that this time he was doing it on purpose. She immediately looked at him.

Neel just looked at her back and said, “I’m just rubbing your back so that you can sleep. Don’t you feel good? It is comforting, right.” Deeksha did not reply and just closed her eyes and tried to sleep again. But now, his hands started moving lower.

It stopped on her ass. His hands started roaming on her ass. And now his other have fingers were circling her nipple and also on her boob. She felt uncomfortable and moved away. She looked at Neel and said, “What’s wrong with you? What do you think you are doing. This is not right.”

Neel was looking at her innocently and asked, “You don’t like it? I thought you would feel better. Anyways, no one is here. Let us have some fun.” Deeksha was shocked. Though she liked the feeling that she was getting, she knew it was wrong.

She said that it was not right, plus she’s a virgin and had never done it with anyone. So all of it is making her uncomfortable. Neel immediately pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry ill never fuck you, but I’ll do everything else. Please let’s enjoy and let me make you feel good.”

After saying this, he didn’t even wait for her response. He started rubbing her boobs, very delicately and just like a feather touch. She got aroused by this but still did not feel comfortable. So she argued with him to stop. Neel was ignoring her, and he just moved her and made her lay straight on the bed.

He stopped for a second to look at her. She was breathing heavily. As she had big boobs (36D), they made a great up and down movement. It was an instant turn-on for Neel. Without wasting a minute, he grabbed her left boob and pressed it.

Deeksha felt a little pain, and a moan escaped. Neel smiled, looking at this reaction. With a little softer grip, he again grabbed both her boobs. And now he started pressing them. Deeksha kept moaning tried stopping him. But all this just excited Neel even more.

He immediately pulled her top up to her neck, exposing her boobs covered in a blue bra with a little netted design. Deeksha now started pushing him and was trying to pull her too down.

Neel stopped her and said, “Trust me, you will enjoy this. I promise I’ll never fuck you, so you don’t have to worry. I know you like it from your expressions. So let’s not spoil it and enjoy the moment.” He grabbed her boob and started pressing it. Deeksha moaned again and was aroused again.

Neel then bent down and kissed the exposed boobs that were not covered in the bra. His hot breath was felt on her boobs, and he then started licking it with his tongue. Deeksha was now really turned on. But she was scared to do such a thing with her cousin.

Neel then started smelling her cleavage and biting her bra and nipples very softly. Deeksha began moaning. Neel looked at her in lust that was driving him crazy. He immediately pulled her bra down and exposed her naked boobs. Deeksha was not ready for this and covered her boobs with her hands.

Neel, laughing and said, “Deeksha, my lovely sister, what’s stopping you? It is just me, your brother. You don’t have to hide this with me. You have such amazing juicy boobs. Let me enjoy them and give you the pleasure that you have never had till now.”

Deeksha still did not agree and said, “It’s enough now, please, you are doing all this to your younger sister. If you crave it so much, why don’t you do it with your sister?” She was now a little angry and also confused.  Neel smiled at her, grabbed her hands and moved them apart, exposing her boobs.

He was holding her hands hard while she struggled to free them. He then said, “Deeksha, you know it, darling, I can’t do it with Nisha. She’s my sister, and it’s something I can never think of. Plus, you are so hot, and your boobs are so big and juicy. I have always wanted to suck them.”

“You are overreacting, no one will know about it, and you stop getting scared. Let’s do one thing. You will not interrupt me for the next 5 minutes and let me do whatever I want. If still you are not aroused, then I’ll stop. But if you lose track of time and you are turned on, you will stop overreacting.”

Deeksha knew she had no other choice, so she agreed. Neel tightened his grip on her hands and pushed out on the bed above her head. He immediately bent down and started looking her nipples. He kept switching left and right every few seconds.

He also let his saliva flow on her nipples and then licked them. Deeksha had begun to lose control, and her moans were heard. He then started sucking her boobs. He kept looking at her expressions in between without stopping the sucking.

Deeksha had never even been touched by a guy like this. Getting her boobs sucked was too much for her. Neel just kicked and sucked her boobs for 5 minutes and made them completely wet with his saliva. He had never imagined that he would be sucking his cousin’s boobs in his own house.

He was eagerly waiting to get her completely naked lying on his bed. Deeksha had truly lost track and was extremely aroused. Neel then suddenly stopped and looked at her face. She came back to her senses. She had an expression that clearly showed that she was not expecting him to stop and was enjoying it.

Neel smiled and turned her head towards the wall clock. It was already past 5 minutes which meant he had won the deal. He said, “Deeksha, let’s not fool around, even you know you are enjoying this, so let’s go on and have fun.”

Deeksha realized that she actually liked it, and so she just nodded. Neel understood her reaction and immediately pulled her pants down and then her panty. Deeksha immediately pressed her legs closer, as she was feeling shy.

Neel then completely removed her top and bra and threw them on the ground. He then moved back to look at her. He was really satisfied and aroused to see her completely naked and lying there shyly on his bed. He then asked her to open her legs. He wanted to see her naked with her legs apart.

Deeksha was hesitating. So Neel just pushed her legs apart and said, “Let’s not waste our time, babe. Mom might be back in some time. I want to enjoy your body before that.” And then he moved back and sat on a chair admiring her this way.

He then asked Deeksha to sit up a little and keep her legs wide open while pressing her boobs with one hand. Deeksha obeyed him and did as she was told. He looked at her like a hungry animal. She began moaning, and he smiled naughtily at her. He enjoyed looking at her doing such dirty things.

Meanwhile, Deeksha was getting hornier. She had never thought she would be sitting completely naked in front of her brother, showing him her private parts and allowing him to use her sexually. She was getting bolder and started pressing her boobs harder and biting her lips.

Now Neel got up and pushed her on the bed. He grabbed her boobs and began biting her nipples. He had become rough and wild after seeing her do all the dirty stuff, and now he could not control himself any longer. He began biting her nipples.

Then he even bit her boobs, making slight teeth marks on her fat boobs. He then started juggling them and pulling them. Deeksha kept moaning, and her moans were getting louder. He then moved down and spread her legs apart. He bent forward and started smelling her pussy.

He then put his middle finger on the pussy hole and pushed it a little in, but Deeksha felt a slight pain and screamed very lightly. Neel loved all of this. He always wanted to enjoy Deeksha’s pussy, but he never wanted to fuck her as he knew she was his sister.

He then pushed the finger inside slowly and then pulled it out. He did this 3-4 times softly to let Deeksha adjust to this sensation. Then he sniffed his fingers and licked them. Looking at this, Deeksha asked, “How can you lick those fingers? It was inside my pussy.”

Neel smirked again, and without uttering a word, he bent down and opened her pussy wider and even before Deeksha could react, he inserted his tongue inside her pussy and began licking it. Deeksha felt an extremely different sensation and was losing control.

She kept moaning louder and kept saying, “Stop, it’s dirty.” But Neel kept going. He then started sucking her clit and pussy lips. Her moans had gotten loud. Neel did not want anyone to hear it, as he knew his mom would be back any moment.

He immediately picked up her panty and stuffed it in her mouth. Deeksha felt gross and tried to spit it out. But Neel covered her mouth with one of his hands and bent his head down to continue licking her pussy. He made her pussy dripping wet with all the licking and spitting and sucking.

Now he wanted to make her cum. He inserted his fingers inside her and fingered her with his other hand while one hand was still covering her mouth. He slowed movements and then slowly increased the speed while Deeksha was moaning. But her voice could not come out.

He then went faster, and now he was fingering her madly. Her boobs were bouncing due to the force and speed. And he loved seeing them jiggle. He spat on the boobs without stopping the fingering. He spat until his saliva started flowing down her nipples and dripping down, making it wet.

She was made all dirty. The only thought was that if anyone saw her like this, they would think she was a slut. Neel kept fingering her harder and was nearing her orgasm. Just then, the doorbell rang. Deeksha looked at Neel in shock, but Neel did not stop even for a second.

He said, “Relax, baby, I won’t stop until you cum. I want you to cum for me, baby. I wanna drink your juices.” And then he diverted her even faster. She could not hold it back anymore. Her juices flowed into Neel’s hand and all over her thigh.

Neel immediately bent down and sucked the whole thing and licked her pussy one last time. He then picked all her clothes, gave them to her, and asked her to close the door from inside. She closed the door and dressed herself up.

While she was in bed, she heard her aunt questioning Neel why it took him so long to open the door. He answered that he was in the washroom. Deeksha had fallen asleep. He couldn’t hear the doorbell.

After this incident, Neel has constantly been physical with Deeksha whenever she visits them. And now Deeksha too enjoys it.

I hope you liked this story of how Neel enjoyed his innocent cousin’s pussy. Please let me know in your comments. Love, Arya.

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