Truly Animalistic Sex With College Teacher Shobha

Thank you everyone for your support for my first story – Fucking My Virgin Bengali College Friend Sayeli.

Today,  I will share the real story of how I seduced my sexy college teacher and had a great time with her on that same trip.

After Shobha mam had interfered while my friend and I were lustfully making out, I was pissed off and had a big boner which was visible! I was sitting on the chair while my dick had made a huge tent. In anger, I didn’t even try to hide it. Mam was in shock and was staring right at it!

Let me describe Shobha mam. She had recently got divorced and was in her late 30s. But being an ex-journalist, she had a modern style and used to dress fashionably in tight kurtis and leggings.

She had a wheatish complexion and a fair body. She had massive 38B boobs and stylish pixie hair cut which flaunted her figure. Her 40-inch ass was something to die for – very firm and round like a melon. My friends and I had discussed several times about fucking her as well. I had jerked several times recalling her body during my time in college.

Now getting back to the story. Mam was transfixed seeing my tent while I was horny and filled with lust as I was stopped mid-way while fucking my friend! I looked at her and knew she was in a shocked state. The following conversation set the tone between us:

Me: What happened? Why did you come back?

Mam: I was looking for Sayeli. What are you doing here?

Me: I was talking to her. She left before you came. Why are you looking shocked?

Mam: No..nothing.

Me: I can see it in your eyes. Tell me.

Mam: No.

I got up and sat next to her and put my hand hesitantly on her knees.

Me: You can tell me. No one is here.

Mam: Shut up. Go to your room.

Me: No. (I could read that my aggression was making her uncomfortable). Did you like what you saw?

Mam: What!!! I didn’t see anything.

Me: Don’t lie. I saw you looking at this (pointing to the tent in my pant).

She hurriedly got up and moved to the other side of the room.

Mam: Shut up and go now.

Me: Nope.

I rose and stood next to my sexy Indian teacher. I put my hand on her shoulders from behind and turned her towards me.

Me: It’s okay. You are free to do whatever you want.

Her resistance was breaking now. She didn’t remove my hand but looked at my feet. I knew this was my chance and I took it.

I went close to my sexy teacher, raised her face with my right hand, and hugged her tightly. It sent a current through my body. She was helpless. The touch of a young guy had broken her defenses and she also hugged me. Minutes passed and we were still hugging each other.

I starting moving my hand from her back and groped her ass while I rubbed my dick over her pussy. She started moaning. This was my sign.

I broke the hug, looked at her face, and kissed her lips. She didn’t reciprocate nor did she react. I got emboldened and kissed her again. This time sucking her red, rosy lips with purpose while my hands started to slip through my teacher’s pajama and over her panty. I started fingering her! A chill ran through her body.

I kept sucking her lips and threw my teacher’s dupatta away. She didn’t resist and we kept kissing while my right hand was nuzzling her big melons.

Her resistance was broken. She looked scared but I was in no mood to be denied again on the same night. I pushed her to the bed, grabbed her top, and tried removing it. It got stuck on my unsure teacher’s boobs. She quietly struck me and asked me to slow down. But I didn’t and I tore it off!

My dream teacher was in her blue bra on the bed waiting to be ravaged. Her pixie hair cut and her white creamy body were shown in the dim light of the room. I quickly bolted the door and started sucking her neck and groping her boobs. She was lost as this was the first time she was naked in front of someone after her divorce!

I grabbed my sexy teacher’s neck with one hand and unhooked her bra. Two huge melons fell right on my face! I had dreamt of seeing them, sucking them, and rubbing my dick on them. And now, I could do that.

I started sucking my divorced teacher’s tits while grabbing the other. She was lost, making sexy noises, and was horny as fuck. I kept sucking, biting, kissing, nuzzling while my right hand went down and started playing with her pyjama.

Suddenly, mam stopped me. She said, “Noooo..Please don’t do it. This is not right.” But I didn’t listen to her. I had to fuck my dream teacher and nothing could stop me in that moment of lust.

I removed her hand and undid her pyjama. I could see her blue panty was wet. I pushed it down. She was not resisting me with her actions. Shobha mam also wanted it too. She wanted to enjoy with her young student without anyone knowing.

She was all naked and I grabbed my teacher’s boobs rough and pulled my dick and started rubbing on them. She looked like she had never seen a dick before. The fear in her eyes turned into lust.

My horny teacher took hold of my penis and started shaking it with lust. She was giving me a handjob that had turned the veins of my dick more red and I was ready to fuck her. Not yet though!

I caught her neck and pushed my dick on her lips. “Suck it Shobha, do it, mam..Do it, babe..” She was staring at it.

I was rubbing it on her lips and she opened her lips and took half of it inside. Her eyes glowed up, my body arched, and I was in seventh heaven. I quickly sat in the chair while my dream teacher was on her knees with my dick in her mouth!

She was giving me immense pleasure. She spat on my balls and took them in her mouth. I kept saying, “Shobhaaaaa mam..Suck it..”

This continued for more than 10 minutes and now the heat on my balls was unbearable. Her face was glistening and shining in the dimly lit room. I took her to the bed and to her surprise, I didn’t push my dick in. Instead, I did go down on her.

I slowly put my wet tongue on her pussy and she yelled with delight. I started sucking my dream teacher’s clit slowly but swiftly, creating a sense of madness in her body. She grabbed my head within her thighs and locked me in. I could barely breathe but the soft, musky smell of her wet pussy was driving both of us wild.

She kept yelling and moaning and twisting her body and little by little, I pushed my tongue inside her pussy. I forcibly got up as the lack of oxygen within her thighs had made me high.

My dream teacher lied on the bed with her legs wide open and waiting to be fucked, saying, “Do it, Baahu..I am all yours.. Come on, fuck me, motherfucker..Fuck me.” I never thought I would see such a crazy look on my teacher’s face.

The sweat was dripping all over me and like a crazy animal, I went to her and forcibly turned her. She was shaken but didn’t want to stop. I slapped her ass with force and then started biting and sucking it while my two fingers were exploring my wet pussy. She went crazy.

What happened next almost broke her body and my dream teacher yelled loudly. I was pretty sure she would have woken others in their tents but there was no stopping us. Instead of pushing my thick dick in the anal position in my teacher’s pussy, I had pushed it in her ass! She was shocked but I kept going on.

She kept pleading but I kept fucking her ass. Her white body was crumbling under my pressure and finally, I took my dick out and pushed it in her pussy. She was unable to say anything but I was having the time of my life.

I kept pushing and pulling while groping my dream lady’s boobs. After about 5-6 minutes, I started feeling tired but I didn’t want to stop. I turned her around, pushed my dick inside her pussy, took her boobs in my mouth and grabbed her hair, and started fucking her like a crazed horse. She was moaning and crying together.

Her body was fully ripped and finally, I put my load inside my dream teacher and fell on her naked body.

For the next 5-6 hours, we didn’t say much and simply cuddled in the naked position. We were exhausted, ashamed but glad that we had literally the most animalistic sex. Early next morning, I work her up, we made out, and then I returned to my tent with my dream come true.

It was the first of many adventures of that trip but the night was a special one.

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