New Married Teacher Allows To Kiss And Lick Her Ass

Hi everyone, let me tell you about myself. My name is Thiru, a 25-year-old guy from Chennai. Currently, I am working in an MNC. I have been reading indiansexstories2 dot net for the past 3 years.

Suddenly, I had the thought of sharing my sex experience here. Here are some stats about me. I have a slim body, 5.8 in height, 63 kg in weight, and a 6 inches dick.

This happened in 2014. It was the first of my computer classes. I was late to the class because I bunked the earlier period and went out with friends to the ground.

I came to the class, and that was the first time I saw her. She was wearing a blue saree with a matching blouse. She looked absolutely gorgeous and hot. I was mesmerized by her beauty.

My friends and I stood outside the classroom waiting for her permission to enter. She gave us permission and we sat on the last row.

I don’t remember what she taught me that day. I was scanning her body and imagining how it would look without any clothes. The bell rang and she left.

I came to my senses and asked my classmates who she was. They said she was our computer teacher for this semester and she is a new recruit.

Let me provide some introduction about her. Silk (fake name) was our teacher’s name. She looked very gorgeous and hot. Some guys had an intention like me to see her naked or even to fuck her at any cost.

Her stats were 34c-30-36. She maintained her body and always took care by doing yoga and jogging. She was married and her husband is working as a manager. She was married for the past one and half years.

Two weeks had gone by. One day, the whole class was in a computer lab doing some activity. I don’t remember, because my full concentration was on my computer teacher Silk.

She was beautiful in her dark brown saree. I was sitting at the end of the lab where her computer system is too. In that row, I, another guy (who studies a lot) and she was there only.

She was clearing some doubts when she was bending. I was watching each and every move of hers. While she was bending, I was able to see her navel (not fully but to some extent).

She had a nice, smooth, flat navel. I was looking at it and forgot that I was in the lab. She adjusted her saree and covered her navel.

It was then only that I realized that she was looking at me and clearing our doubts. I thought that I had landed in big trouble. She walked towards me.

Suddenly that smart guy called her to ask about some doubts that he had. I started to sweat and my heart was beating faster. She walked behind me and bent down to clear his doubt.

I was just looking at my computer screen which had nothing on it. She saw that too. I am scared to death. My mind is thinking that she will tell the principal and my parents.

I thought that I had screwed up my life. After a minute, I felt something touch my head. I turned around and saw my computer teacher’s boobs which were close to my eyes and lips.

She caught me staring at them and in fear I turned my face. I was in confusion about what was happening – either she liked the way I looked at her (sexually) or she was planning to catch me red-handed.

The trouble with the classmates who are good at studying is they ask lots of doubts. 5 minutes passed and her left boobs touched my head.

After thinking a lot, I slowly pushed my head onto her boobs and waited for her reaction. She slowly moved her boobs on my head and held it there.

Then I started to move my head slowly on her boobs. She finished the smart guy’s doubts and came to my left side. She sat on the chair and took the mouse from my hands.

My computer teacher opened the notepad and typed, “Did you enjoy it?”

I smiled and I typed back, “Yes, but I want to touch your navel.”

She – Are you ready?

I looked at her with confusion. She took my left hand and placed it on her navel. Then she typed, “Don’t pinch me.” I started to move my hand slowly over my computer teacher’s navel. She was enjoying it by closing her eyes and biting her lips.

I tried to move my hands towards her boobs but she stopped me and typed, “You can just touch them for 20 seconds and no pinching.”

I slowly moved to her boobs. I cupped her left boob and moved to her right boob. I tried to put my finger into her cleavage but she pushed my hands down and typed, “Time over.”

I made a sad face. Suddenly, my computer teacher kept her hands on my cock and typed, “Show me this if you want more.” I took off my hands.

Me – But this guy is sitting with me now.

Silk – Now or never.

Me – But how?

Silk – Face me and open your zip.

Me – Are you sure?

Silk –Yes.

I moved my chair to face her and my back is facing that smart guy. I slowly unzipped my pants and took my cock out. My cock was not hard due to the fear I have.

She placed her right hand on my cock which made an electric current pass through my nerves. She slowly moved her hand up and down giving me a hand-job.

I was having the ultimate pleasure. Suddenly, she put her pen down. She took off her hands from my cock and bent down to take the pen.

While she was bending down, she kissed my cock over the pants and then took my cock fully into her mouth. She kept my cock in her mouth for a few seconds.

While she was taking my cock out of her mouth, she gave my cock a lick from the bottom to the top and placed a kiss on my cock’s head.

Silk – Put your cock inside. How were my hand and mouth?

Me – Super. You are the first female to see, touch, and lick my cock. Thanks.

Silk – Wow, a virgin cock. But I need something from you.

Me – I am ready to do anything.

Suddenly, my teacher started to scold me in front of the whole class and said, “After class, meet me in the staffroom.” I was scared when she did that.

Finally, she typed, “I’ll tell you what I want in the staff room.” I smiled at her and she smiled for a second and left me. I closed the notepad.

When I saw the time, there were 10 minutes remaining to wind up the class. I was happy and watching the clock when the time will come. To my luck, that was the last period for the day. I kept staring at her body for those 10 minutes.

Finally, the bell rang and all the students left. While I was leaving, she held me and said, “I think we can’t do it in the staff room.”

I looked at her boobs and navel while she was speaking to me. She playful slapped me on my cheeks, “Naughty guy.”

“Ok, then can we do that here.” She smiled, “So are you ready to do whatever I ask?”

Me – Yes, because your mouth and hands did a great job. I have to return the favor.

Silk – Which part you liked about me? I was scanning her body while she was standing opposite me.

Silk – Have you done with scanning my body?

Me – Yes, but hmm hmm.

Silk – You have to wait to see them naked. I won’t show you here.

I looked at her confused and asked, “How do you know that I’m going to ask to see them naked?”

My teacher tapped me on the shoulder and said, “All boys are the same I know. Anyway, you imagined me nude, so tell me which part you like?”

Suddenly, I held her boobs and said, “These.”

She let out a small “Ahh.”

“I want them now.” I pulled my hands away from her boobs.

“Sure, but not here it is too risky. You only like my boobs, not other parts?”

I look at her again, “It’s not like that. My most favorite parts are your boobs and ass.”

She was surprised to hear my reply and asked, “But you have not seen my ass then how you like it?”

I smiled at her, “I was checking your body when I saw you first. Many times I was able to see your ass because you would be writing something on the board or clearing the doubts.”

“Even once I tried to touch your ass but due to fear I have not done that.” She looked at me and gave me a kiss on my cheeks, “When did you try to touch my ass?”

“At yesterday’s class when you were clearing the doubts of that smart guy on the front bench. Your ass was near my hands.”

She turned her back to me, “Now you can touch them.”

I slowly moved my hands towards her ass, then I remembered that there is a CCTV camera in the computer lab. I started to sweat.

She turned back, “What happened?”

“We will be punished for our actions.”

She looked confused.

“See, there the CCTV camera has recorded everything we did today.”

She started to laugh out aloud. I was scared to death but she was laughing. She saw me and hit me playfully, “Do you think I’m dumb to act like this when there is a CCTV?”

“I do not say it like that but we both forget that there is a CCTV camera.”

She stopped her laughing, “That is not working and I have reported it to college management 2 days back. They said that next week they will change it. So till next week, this will be our fun spot.”

I got back to normal hearing this and laughed with her.

“Can I see your ass now? I mean your naked ass?”

“Somebody is afraid to touch it, but now wants to see it naked.” She turned her back towards me and said, “First touch it.”

I knelt down behind her and placed both my hands on her ass. I was pressing my lecturer’s ass as she moaned, “Ahh.”

I kept pressing my computer teacher’s ass for some time and told her, “I want to see your naked ass now.”

She didn’t say anything but slowly she moved her saree up. Now her blue panty is hiding her beautiful ass. I licked her ass with the panty on it.

Then I spanked hard on her ass. She let out a loud moan, “Ahh.”

That was my bad move. She pushed me down and adjusted her saree. She started to leave the computer lab.

I rushed and held her hands, “What happened?”

She looked angrily at me.

“Sorry for the spank. I have seen many porn videos where women like it when the males spank their ass.”

All of sudden, she laughed, “Porn videos! I think you don’t need them now.”

“Ok but..”

She stopped me by putting her fingers on my lips. “Not all women like hardcore sex.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry but I need your beautiful ass.”

She smiled, “You spanked me without my permission, so I’m going to give you a punishment.”

“Sure, what is the punishment?”

My teacher dragged me to the corner and pulled her saree up, “Take my panty off but don’t use your hand instead you have to use your mouth.”

I was surprised by the punishment.

“I love to get this punishment more often.”

I started to lick my sexy teacher’s ass with her panty on and my left hand was rubbing my cock. She let out a moan, “Ahh,” and looked at my action of rubbing my cock. She turned back and gave me a slap on my left cheek. I was in complete shock.

I said, ‘This is your punishment.”

“Yes, I am doing it.”

“No, you are doing it incorrectly.”

I looked at her, “You said to take your panty off with my mouth which I was doing.”

“Yes I said that. Did I tell you to lick my ass or touch your cock? How dare you do these things.”

“Sorry madam, I won’t do it from now.”

“Good boy, now take off my panty.”

I held my computer teacher’s panty with my teeth and pull it down to her knees. “Be careful don’t tear it.”

Then slowly I pulled her panty to her feet.

She took her panty and pressed it on my face, “Smell it and tell me how it is?”

I inhaled the smell which made me hornier, “I never knew that smell would make me horny.”

She slapped me again, “The wrong answer.”

“Your pussy is smelling heavenly.”

She smiled. “Now your punishment is to lick my asshole. And you are not allowed to touch your cock, your hands must be on my ass cheeks. If you take one hand off, I will slap you harder. Am I clear?”

“Yes madam, I understood. Please turn around and show your beautiful ass.” She smiled and turned facing her back towards me.

She pulled her saree, revealing her beautiful ass. I was mesmerized by seeing it. She pushed her ass on my face, “Don’t keep staring at my ass. Do your punishment.”

I held my teacher’s ass cheeks in my hands and spread it to find the love hole. I smelled her asshole, which was making me mad.

I slowly placed a kiss on her asshole, “You got a wonderful sweet asshole. I love to serve it whenever you ask.”

She smiled, “Start your punishment.”

I started to give her asshole a shower of kisses, and this made her asshole wet. She is moaning in a low voice.

Then I move my nose to her asshole. I start to rub my nose tip on her asshole (maybe this sounds crazy). She was moaning in a low voice and asked, “Your hands are on my ass cheeks. What is rubbing my asshole? I am sure it was not your finger.”

I continued rubbing her asshole with my nose, actually, it was “my nose tip.” Then I slowly pushed my nose into her asshole, maybe a millimeter of my nose went into her asshole.

She let out a loud moan. After some time, I stopped my act and asked her, “Did you like the way I played with your asshole?”

She was breathing heavily, “Are you nuts? Why did you do that?”

I spanked your ass hard, “So maybe it requires some special thing to ease the pain.”

“Your medicine worked very well. My ass pain turned into pleasure. Thank you, Thiru.”

I smiled, “The pleasure is mine.”

“But still you have not completed your punishment as yet.”

I spread her ass cheeks, “I am working on it.”

I smelled her ass again and licked her asshole. I slowly moved my tongue in circular motions.

I spat on my teacher’s ass and licked it. She was moaning and speaking in between. “My husband never licked my asshole till now. I don’t even know this will be so pleasurable. Keep licking my asshole.”

“Ahh..ahh..Hmm..hmm.. aah..ahh,” she was moaning. I pushed my tongue into her asshole which made her legs shake and she was at the peak of pleasure.

She was moaning in a low voice so that we won’t get caught. I continued my act of licking her asshole for 10 more minutes.

She finally stopped me and said, “I can’t control. You licked my ass cheeks right. Now you are free to lick them.”

I started to lick her right ass cheek when my hands were pressing her left ass cheek. Suddenly, I got an idea and pushed my middle finger into her asshole.

She moaned loudly. I was fingering her asshole and licking her ass cheeks. I was biting her ass cheeks and licking them slowly. She was continuously moaning while I was eating her ass cheeks and fingering her asshole.

She was enjoying it fully. I was enjoying eating her ass. After intensively eating her ass and fingering, she reached her climax. Then I set her ass free from my hands.

My knee was paining due to kneeling down while eating her. She was tired.

Silk – You lied to me about your virginity.
Me – I promise that I’m a virgin.

Silk – Where have you learned to lick and finger the asshole?
Me – I was addicted to porn. From there I have learned this.

Silk – Stop watching porn.
Me – From now onwards, I will stop watching porn because I got your ass now.

She laughed out loudly. She started to adjust her saree but my saliva in her ass cheeks was making her uncomfortable. She took her panty and rubbed it on her ass. I was watching it. Now my saliva was on her panty.

She held my hand and gave her panty which has her pussy smell and my saliva. She hugged me for the first time and kissed me on the cheeks.

Silk – Thank you, this was the most memorable day in my life.
Me –It was for me too.

She told me to leave the computer lab. I smiled at her and held her boobs, “When will I get this?”

She was shocked by my sudden move.

She pulled my hands down. I took her panty with me as a special gift. I went to the restroom where I masturbated with her panty. I came a lot and was happy.

In the next part, I will tell you how we have nice sex sessions in her home. Write your feedback to my email which is [email protected]

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