Got Lucky With A New Hire In My Team

I am an avid reader of XIS stories. I thought to pen down my first experience, which I had with a new hire on my team 2 years back. Since this is my first story, please ignore the mistakes.

To describe me, I am 5’7″ tall, with an average body and a 7″ tool. After completing my engineering, I joined one of the reputed MNC in Bangalore as a campus hire.

Things were going flat until this girl, Shreya (name changed), joined our team. Speaking about Shreya, she was 5’5″ tall, with a perfect toned body and assets to die for. She had straight hair, and her mesmerizing smile added to her beauty. She was a new hire, straight out of the college and I wanted to nail my new curvy colleague.

Since I led the team, my manager asked me to explain all the things and start engaging her in project works. I was on the clouds, getting to know she would be working in my team. She used to ask all her doubts, and she was performing exceptionally well in her tasks.

One fine day, my manager conveyed that the client would be visiting us. We were asked to make a presentation for it. Since Shreya was good at it, I asked her to prepare the presentation.

The next day, at night, after reaching home from the office, I got a WhatsApp from an unknown number, and it was Shreya. She had few doubts regarding the presentation points. The client presentation went on pretty well, and my manager appreciated us all.

That night, I messaged Shreya and thanked her for such a good presentation. Slowly we started chatting. Upon chatting, we came to know that we both are from the same hometown.

In the coming week, we had a long weekend. I could not figure out what I should do. All my friends had gone on a trip to Goa, and due to some reasons, I could not join them. I messaged Shreya and asked her to join me in a club. Since she was also bored, she readily accepted it.

I reached her PG in half an hour to pick her up. The moment I saw her, I was dumbstruck and could not get my eyes off her. She was wearing a black-colored one-piece dress and kept her hair open. I complimented her for the looks, we drove to the club.

We were sitting, having our drinks and talking about many things. She was down to 5 shots, and the DJ played her favorite song. She caught my hands and took me to the dance floor. We were dancing, and she was pressing her body against mine.

I was not sure whether it was due to the effect of alcohol. All of a sudden, she held my hands and kept them on her ass. I was shocked by her sudden move. But she gave a seductive smile and winked at me. In no time, we were exploring each other’s mouth, and her hands were rubbing my dick over my jeans.

I was busy moving my hands over her waist and soft ass. I asked her to join me in my place for the night, she accepted. I cleared the bill and drove back to my place.

While on the bike, she was constantly rubbing my dick and was pressing her boobs against my back. It felt very difficult to drive since I was very much aroused. I somehow drove and reached my place.

Upon closing the main door, she immediately jumped on me. We were lost in exploring each other’s mouths. I was pressing her boobs and ass. She had great pair of boobs and an ass to die for. After kissing for 10 minutes, we broke the kiss for some breath.

I removed her one-piece and was dumbstruck seeing her in matching black lace inners. She looked way too sexier, and her fair skin complimented the inners she wore. She removed my t-shirt and started kissing my chest, going down to my navel to my pants.

She gave a seductive look and removed my pants and underwear in a go. My dick was hard, and it was saluting her. The moment she touched it, the warmth of her hands made it even harder. She bent slowly and licked whole my penis, starting from the tip.

I was moaning since it was long I received a blowjob. She sucked it deeper and played with her tongues and teeth in between. After 10 minutes of it, I picked her up and started kissing her, and in the meantime, removed her bra. I started to move down, kissing her neck reaching to her boobs.

I was licking all of her boobs except her nipple. She was frustrated and pushed my mouth towards her nipple. The moment I sucked her hard erect nipple, she put her head back and was constantly moaning. I kept playing with other boobs, pinching her nipples in between.

I changed sides, but the same actions continued, and she was aroused. I picked her up and took her to my room, and started kissing her neck, boobs and went down to her navel. I played with her navel for a bit and then moved further down to her pussy.

I removed her panty, the only piece of cloth she was wearing, and was aroused by the aroma of it. I made her lie on my bed, spread her legs, and started licking her pussy. Her pussy tasted amazing with a mix of her juices. She was arching her back, playing with my hairs, and pushing my face deeper into her pussy.

I inserted one finger into her pussy, and she was taken aback by my sudden action. I was simultaneously licking her pussy and finger fucking her as well. She was not able to control me anymore and asked me to put my dick inside her. I got up and placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy.

I kept on teasing her by rubbing my dick over her pussy, and she was begging me to put it in her. We both hugged each other tight, and I started entering her pussy. It took some moments for me to enter her, as she was tight below. I slowly started stroking her, and she was kissing me.

I placed my hand on her boobs and was playing with them. After 5 minutes, I stopped and asked her to turn backward. She immediately turned back and spread her ass cheeks for me to enter her. I placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy, and pushed the whole of my dick inside in one go.

She was not expecting that, and she screamed at the sudden attack. I covered her mouth with my hand and started stroking her. I slowly increased my rhythm and was playing with her boobs. Her ass was jiggling with every stroke, and I gave her few slaps on both her ass cheeks. They became red, and she loved it.

After fucking her for 10 minutes, she was nearing her orgasm. I could feel her vaginal lips contracting. I could also not control after few strokes and came inside of her at the same time as her orgasm. Her warm juices touched the tip of my penis, and it was an awesome feeling.

We both were tired by the session and slept naked in each other’s arms. In the morning, she woke me up with a blowjob. We had a shower together, and I fucked her in the shower as well. We had full 2 days and night with us, and she stayed with me the whole time. We had many more sessions, and it was our most memorable weekend.

I will let you know about my further encounters with her in my next stories. If you wish to provide me feedback on this story about the fun I had with my colleague, please mail me at [email protected]. Any girl or lady from Bangalore who wants to meet me can reach out as well. I assure you complete privacy and security with utmost pleasure.

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