My Sexy Neighbour Girl From UP Fucked

Hi friends, Shaixx this side. I have been a regular reader of ISS and I am writing for the very first time, so please ignore any mistakes.

Telling about myself, I am 23, based in Delhi and a handsome and intelligent guy who finds a way to charm women. I am 5’9″ and possess a fit physique.

The lady of the story is Preet (name changed), my neighbour having vital stats of 34-28-34. She was 25 and possessed a decent hot figure.

So, a lot of intros, coming to the time this happened.

After the 1st lockdown was uplifted, a lot of people started going back to their workplaces. So did she. One fine day I saw Preet studying on her balcony (which is just opposite to mine). I was perplexed by the beauty and was in awe that who this new neighbour I found was.

I waited till day end and luckily, we had eye contact and I waved at her. She replied in affirmative and we had a short 5 minutes talk there only.

I thought this is the moment to get to know her. So I asked her in sign language if she will be interested in a walk, to which she agreed.

We went to the park nearby and started to talk about each other. After a lot of gossips, I shifted the topic to relationships, to which my new neighbour girl said that she had a breakup during the lockdown. I had a lot of thoughts in my mind but that day, I did nothing and we exchanged numbers and left.

This became a pattern and we started to chat and have daily walks in the evening. Within 4-5 days, my neighbour was comfortable with me and we started to talk about sex and all. I found out that she was in a serious relationship with her ex, (2 years) and they used to live together and had sex on an almost daily basis.

Her bf ditched her and she was very angry with him, and decided to move on in her life. I remember one statement of her, “Aag bahut hai mere andar”.

I got the feeling that since she and her bf were away since lockdown (her bf being from HP and she was a UP girl), so she hadn’t had any physical encounter for more than half a year and thus she was saying that.

I invited my sexy neighbour to my house one day. She hesitated at first but agreed later.

About me, I live in a 2BHK. My flatmates were at their native places owing to covid and she was also living in a PG, prepping for MBA. So, that night she came to my flat. I requested her help to oil my hairs and she agreed.

We both applied oil on each other’s heads and before she could leave, I hugged her from behind. She closed her eyes and turned around facing me.

For about 2 minutes, we hugged in the same posture and then I sat on the bed making her sit next to me. I hugged her tightly saying that I was all alone and it felt so nice to be with a friend. She also reciprocated the same.

I asked her if I can kiss her, to which she nodded and I kissed her on her forehead. I slowly shifted to my neighbour girl’s cheeks and lips. We lied down in the same kissing and smooching position and I started to explore her back under her top.

From her heavy breathing, I was getting a feeling that Preet was getting excited. (Actually, she was feeling like I was her ex-bf, which she told me later).

I was exploring her back and we were smooching. Slowly, the smooch converted to a steamy kiss and I had a hard-on.

My neighbour girl from Uttar Pradesh also got fully excited and held my dick over my shorts. Slowly, I opened her bra and removed her from under her t-shirt. She came over me and sat on my dick and started moving. Seeing her, it was easy to guess that she was horny for sex and she wanted to have some action.

I removed her t-shirt and what I saw was an amazing sight of huge melons which I immediately jumped upon. Both of us were sitting on the bed, hugging each other with me sucking my neighbour girl’s boobs and she was sitting over my crotch.

Soon Preet started moaning as I increased the pace of my sucking. She raised her ass and removed my shorts and my underwear.

She quickly held my rock-hard dick. She was looking at it like a small kid looks at ice cream. She gave it a couple of strokes and took it in her mouth. I was on 7th heaven as she started to increase the pace. God, I can say that her ex was a lucky guy. She was like some pro in giving blowjobs.

After around 5 minutes of hardcore cock-sucking, she said that she was tired. I wasn’t done till that point as I thought to save it for the grand finale. I made her lie down and started exploring her body with my kisses – starting from her lips, eyes, earlobes and coming to her boobs.

I slowly started going down and reached her navel. At the same point, I removed her lower and panty. God, what a clean-shaven pussy it was. I placed my hand over it and saw that she was wet AF!

I bent down and licked my neighbour girl’s clit, to which she moaned as if I had entered my dick in her.

I started to lick her pussy and then entered my middle finger in her pussy, which was too tight. It clearly showed the lack of action there. She screamed in pain with only 1 finger and I kissed her lips to control the scream.

I held the position and slowly started stroking my finger in her pussy. She was just moaning out loud and then I decided to lick her clit and nipples alternatively with my finger fucking her at the same time. By this act of mine, she went crazy. She started moaning, “Fuck me baby, fuck me”.

I was waiting for the same. I got in missionary, placed my dick on my neighbour girl’s tight cunt and slowly started stroking. I could say that it was only 10% in, but she screamed and moaned a lot.

I deiced to kiss her hard so that she can’t scream as other people would hear. I kissed and smooched and started fucking the UP girl hard. This time, I made sure that I was in her completely. She was crying and begging me to take it out. I told her to hold her position and it’ll be better.

I continued smooching her, eating her lips and in about 2 minutes, she started reverting. I got the signal and I started with slow stroking. Man, that was soo good to enter a tight pussy after a long time.

We both were going crazy as I was increasing my speed, slowing it down, playing with her boobies, sucking her nipples at the same time. I began to speed up and after around 10 minutes, she hugged me tightly and was scratching me hard on my back. I also was in full flow and we both were moaning.

Then I was about to cum, and I increased the speed. Soon I came inside her, releasing all my hot liquids inside my neighbour girl.

Her actions were indicating that she was on the verge of cumming too. So I fingered her, entered two fingers at once and started fucking her with my finger. She also came hard in 2 minutes. The mattress was wet with her white juices.

We lied in the same position on the bed, hugged each other tightly and kissed for 5 more minutes. Later, we cleaned ourselves up and kissed again.

From that day onward, we have had several sex experiences and have done many adventurous sexual acts. I’ll surely write about those based on the feedback I receive for this story.

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