Dirty Slut Dhivya – Part 1

Hi, my name is Divya. Despite being a day scholar, I was in a hostel room and more importantly, in a boys’ hostel room! I didn’t know what class was going on didn’t care. Neither did the 4 boys who were with me in the room.

The sweat-smell filled the room. And even after they stuffed my mouth with my undies, I couldn’t control my moaning as Jamal entered my ass with Koushik in my pussy.

It was my first double penetration experience. I am not gonna lie, it was the best feeling I’ve ever had after my first sex, which was also on the college campus, but with my math professor. That was the incident that made me a college slut.

Nithin, who was now taking out the undies from my mouth to mouth-fuck me, caught me fucking the professor that day and made me sleep with him.

After that day, I started sleeping with boys for money. My family was rich, but charging money helped me find boys who were really interested in sex.

Meanwhile, I felt a third dick poking my back. It was Bharath.

Bharath: You can take three dicks in, can’t you Divya?

I couldn’t answer as Nithin was mouth-fucking me.

Bharath: Dude, take your dick off and let her answer.

Nithin: She’ll scream like hell if I take out my dick, just wait for your turn. Her holes aren’t big enough…Not yet.

Bharath had to beg like this because he was a nerd. He just got lucky one day when he caught me with these three guys in this same hostel room a few days ago.

After a few minutes, we heard the bell ring.

Jamal: Dude, it’s Ramesh sir’s class and we have been bunking his class for three days.

Saying this, Jamal took his dick out and started dressing. Koushik and Nithin did the same.

Me: Wait, you’re gonna leave? Please guys, finish it quickly and go.

Jamal kissed my cheeks.

Jamal: Bharath will continue what we left, he has enough attendance in his class.

Bharath: Yes, yes I can. Come on Divya, please.

I was disappointed of course because the nerd had a small dick and obviously, he lacked the stamina to satisfy me. But I let him do it anyway.

He finished within 5 minutes. The most irritating part was, I had to walk with him back to the classroom.

A group of guys caught us together and passed comments like,

‘Look, Bharath is going together with the slut’.

‘Looks like she’ll let anyone fuck for money.’

I got used to these comments, to be honest but being together with Bharath was really embarrassing.

Our class was two classes next to the staff room. My math professor, Kamal saw me and winked at me. I knew what was that for.

Me: Ok Bharath, you go on, I’m going to skip the class today.

Bharath: But haven’t you skipped too many classes already?

Me: Come on, you know I have another way to get the attendance. Don’t worry about me, you go.

I went inside the staff room. There was only one lady staff sitting at the other corner.

Me: What if she catches us?

My math professor didn’t mind me. He lifted me and pinned me towards the wall and french kissed me madly. He removed my pant and gave my ass-cheeks a tight slap. That alerted the lady staff. I quickly knelt and Kamal acted as if he was trying to catch a mosquito!

I noticed the bulge in my math professor’s pants and I rubbed his cock. He unbuttoned and pulled down his pant and underwear. He shoved his black monster all the way down my throat and gagged me. He continued to mouth-fuck me for 5 more minutes.

Kamal held my hand and lifted me and turned me around facing the wall. He spat on his hand and rubbed my pussy. He entered my pussy slowly and leaned towards me

Kamal: Don’t make noise or else you’ll have to fuck the chairman if you wish to continue in this college afterward!

My math professor put his right middle finger in my mouth and held my hair with his left hand and rode me. I kept sucking his finger to control my moaning.

After some time, he took his finger and slowed down a bit.

Kamal: Where do you want it?

Me: In my mouth sir, I can’t clean it if you shoot anywhere else.

My horny professor held me by my neck and made me kneel and shot his sperms in my mouth. He spat on my mouth and asked me to swallow it fully. I did without any hesitation because his sperms were the tastiest ones I’ve ever had.

Kamal: Come to my house at 6 today.

(Yes, we both fucked outside the college too. Kamal was not very old. He was in his early 30s, still unmarried and so fit. So I kind of had a crush on him.)

Me: Of course, I will sir, I have bought a new dress. I’m sure you’ll love me in it.

My math professor gave my ass a tight slap and squeezed the cheeks. He loved slapping my ass so much. And I loved it when he did it.

Kamal: That’s a good bitch.

He came closer and kissed my lips. I could feel his dick getting hard again.

Me: Want to go another round, sir?

Kamal: I have paper corrections to do. You go to your class now, I’ll take care of you in the evening.

I left the staff room and went to the classroom after the bell rang.

While returning home, two cars were standing outside our house. My mom was waiting outside the house for me. She was tensed.

Mom: Quickly go to your room and change to the saree I kept on your bed.

Me: Why? What’s happening?

Mom: Your dad has arranged for your marriage. The groom’s family is here. Go and get ready quickly.

I saw a lot of people sitting in our living room as I entered the house. I couldn’t take a good look at the groom as mom rushed me upstairs. But they were rich, of course.

The two cars parked outside were Audis. I figured that was why dad was rushing my marriage. But I wasn’t ready to get married this soon. I had just started my sex life, I wanted it to last at least for 6 more years.

My mind was working overtime in finding excuses to escape from this marriage.

I will narrate what happened after in the next story. This story primarily acts as a prelude for what comes next. Send your feedback at [email protected]

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