Beginning of my exciting internship – Sex in a car

Whenever I saw my boss ‘B,’ I felt my pussy turning moist, thinking of my previous encounter. It was 10 am Friday. I was sitting along with some fellow interns in a freezing conference room, cursing the cold wind from the AC. While B was presenting quarterly results, I felt familiar wetness in my cunt.

My 36DD boobs felt heavier and aroused. The thick fabric of my formal black dress wasn’t helping much. My tits were jutting out. I had to leave my hair open and bring it front to cover my nipples to avoid attention. While quarterly results were being presented, a plan for the upcoming quarter was also discussed.

All interns who had joined that summer were supposed to be a part of a department and work closely with their project leader. I was the odd one out. Despite being assigned to the research and communications team and a project leader, B took a close interest in my work.

B was in a very senior position and had never been in the field for research for more than 3 years. Despite that, he accompanied me to Lucknow for a market visit. Sexy events happened that night. I thought it was a one-time thing. Much to my surprise and delight, it seemed like I was to get a lot more action.

My week started great. Acknowledging my work Monday noon to B’s thick cock deep in my ass late that evening. At work, things were moving at a great momentum. B didn’t try to fuck me again after Monday as my ass hurt a lot the next day. I was feeling a lot better today.

B, while making the presentation, noticed my legs were crossed. For a second, he looked at me as if he could read my mind or feel my wetness. As the presentation got over, all interns hurried out. As it was Friday, most of us were busy closing things for the week.

My work was complete by 3 pm. My phone chimed. It was a message from B. “Meet me in the parking lot in 10 minutes. Take your bag and leave. You are going to be with me for the rest of the day.” I felt the odd sense of rush as my heart started to beat faster. My cunt turned wet in anticipation.

I rushed to the washroom to do some basic kajal and lip balm touch-ups. I felt naughty, so I pulled my bra and panty out and kept them in my bag. By now, I was aroused and my face all sweaty. I rushed to the lift and then to the parking lot towards B’s parking space. He was waiting for me.

As I got in the car, I felt a rush of cold AC hit my face. He leaned over me to put on my seat belt as I kept my bag back in the passenger seat. He started to drive, his hands over my shoulder. “How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Good. Work is going great,” I replied.

He smirked, “You know I am not asking about work. You have done a pretty good job at work. So your work performance is not a cause of concern for me. I didn’t realize I was taking things too far too quick for someone who was still a virgin a weekend back. I was too impulsive.”

“No, no. It wasn’t your fault. I went with it because I wanted to know how it felt. I won’t lie, it felt uncomfortable at first, but it got really hot soon. So yeah, I did like it too,” I said defensively.

“Stella, I wanted to ask you this even back in Lucknow. How were you still a virgin? You said you were dating in college for 5 years? How was it possible that you never got sexual with your boyfriend?” he asked curiously.

“We got intimate several times. But we just never went all the way to the point of penetration,” I answered.

“How? I am confused,” he probed further.

“I was really scared that if things got out of hand in sexual excitement, my boyfriend would not be able to control his urge to fuck me. I was really scared of getting pregnant in college. So I never allowed him to touch me directly below my waist.”

“So pretty much every time we were alone, he would enjoy playing with my boobs, grab my ass over my jeans. To help him relieve himself, I even gave him a handjob several times. Our make-out sessions were pretty hot and heavy,” I responded.

The car came to a sudden stop. It seemed like a fairly isolated spot on the street about 3-4 kilometers away from B’s home. He took my hand and placed it over his crotch. I could feel his dick turning hard under my hands. As if by impulse, my fingers unzipped him, and my hands inside his pants, under his undies.

Fuck, it felt good after what seemed forever. Suddenly, he leaned over, pulling my dress up to feel my pussy dripping wet since morning.

“My whore is not wearing any panties today? Your chut is so fucking wet. You know how dangerous can that gets when you sit cross-legged in a conference room of horny men,” he said in his horny voice. “I could barely remember what was in the presentation when I saw your nipples popping out. Wear a bra next time, atleast in the office.”

“Don’t be crazy. I was wearing both this morning. I took them out just minutes before I met you in the parking lot,” my voice was out of breath.

“Oh, so you knew I have been mentally fucking you all week. Thinking of you naked in my house, my cabin, my shower. You have been one cock tease all this week.” His other hand pinched my nipples over my dress.

I don’t know what was turning me on more. His cock in my hands in the middle of the street or his fingers on my cunt. I started rubbing his cock slowly. It was out of his pants with precum at its tip. I leaned over, rubbing my tongue over his tip.

“Oh randi, yes, take it in your mouth,” he said. He was holding my hair back as I started to suck his balls. This time I didn’t suck his dick. I didn’t want him to cum so soon. He was already quite hard. Instead, I rubbed my tongue all over his dick. I could feel his breath get heavy.

Suddenly in what seemed like a yell, he asked me to stop. “Pull your dress up and get on top slowly, don’t bang your head. Let’s cum together. I adjusted myself to face him as I sat over my legs. I felt his thick cock entering my pussy slowly.

He pulled my dress further up to see my tight pussy swallow his cock completely. As my pace increased, he pulled my dress down from my shoulders, revealing my naked boobs. My boobs were bouncing over his face as I bounced over his thick cock.

“Bet your boyfriend enjoyed your boobs a lot, my busty randi. Squeezing them, biting them, sucking them. Did he ever bite them? Huh?” saying this, he took my nipple in his mouth and bit it. Then he started slapping them, especially over my tits.

Their color changed from pink to red, leaving his hand marked over my milky breasts. I squealed in pleasure and pain, slowing my thrusts overs his cock. He held my waist as he started to move his pelvis up and down, thrusting his cock at three times my speed.

I screamed in orgasm, holding on to his shoulders. Within seconds after I orgasm, he came hard inside me, not quite letting me get up from his cock for minutes. Pulling me in a tight hug, his face was buried between my boobs and his hands over, feeling up my ass.

“Are you now going to leave me home, or should I get a cab from the highway. We have fucked already,” I whispered.

“Are you one crazy woman? Do you think I am done already? Let’s go to my place. It’s only Friday. I had to fuck you here because I was turned on and could not wait to get home. Text your parents you will be in office slogging your ass off at work and may have to pull off an all-nighter.”

He sounded annoyed. But my weekend plans suddenly looked very exciting with a scary but sexy night out. I texted my parents I would be working all night.

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