Hot Sex In The Flight With A Gorgeous Lady

This side VK, a long-time ardent reader of stories at ISS like most of us here. This happened more than a decade ago, the question to write always remained the courage to put ink to paper came down. now.

While I am Mariner by profession and an ardent traveler, I like to explore Territorial places when I am back from sailing. I like to fly across the world to watch motorsports of various categories, film festivals, art festivals, and fashion.

I don’t have a passion for a chiseled physique, I just maintain my shipshape.

Fashion is close to me and I like to explore it to my level best for both men and women. I love women in trendy outfits.

This happened in 2010 on my way back, while flying back from KL to New Delhi. As usual, I requested aisle seats with the hope to have a sexy gorgeous female next to me.

On boarding the flight, the person next to me was an aged man, maybe around his 60s. All hope fell dim. Post take off, the air hostess asked the gentleman next to me to move to his seat next to his wife. Then came the gorgeous lady as expected.

I will describe her as short, curvy, with well-shaped rounded breasts and a decent face. Her name initialed KP, Australian of Indian origin.

As the flight cruised, the crew settled in, and the talks between us started. The beautiful co-passenger lady said that she was flying from Melbourne to Delhi via KL. Curiously I asked, “Only Delhi?” and then she gave that nasty look and by coming closer, she said that it was Ludhiana where she was hailing from.

As I was glossing through my pics taken at the F1 Grand Prix, hockey games, beautiful beaches of Malaysia, it caught her eye and she too wanted to see.

She was wearing a very tight spaghetti top, and capri. Her deep cleavage was making my crouch grow. Her low waist capri was so tight, her butt crack was clearly visible. I had this premonition while going back I will have sex in the flight, and here was the opportunity.

Here’s when things started, she came closer to see the pics, on and off our glances flew across. I got to see her cleavage deeper and her butt from behind when she was adjusting her seat.

Also a few times, my elbow touched her boobs. M god, it was such a situation. As the steam was getting hot, then came stewardship to give dinner. Post dinner, the lights were dimmed and then the action began.

We looked at each other and then had our first hug! My goodness, it gave me such a feeling that I needed to fuck my co-passenger lady then and there on the plane.

We took a blanket and I put my hands inside her top to feel her round boobs. As she was about to moan, I covered her lips and this continued for 15-20 minutes.

As I was gliding my hands down, I glided over her inner thighs before taking them inside her capri. I glided it inside her panties and her vagina was already wet! I fingered her for a while she too caressed my crouch and took it outside my track pants. She really liked the length and width of my cock.

I whispered in her ears, “Go to the loo pretending you are ill” and I followed her. Within minutes, we both were inside the loo. She removed her top and I removed her bra. What lively tight boobs and pink nipples! I sucked them hard.

She was caressing my crotch and gave put her hand inside my track pants. That feeling of getting cock rubbed by a woman in an airplane takes you to a next level.

I took my dick out she sat on top of the western closet and took it in her mouth. My god, it gave me such pleasure. She looked like a pro and after a few minutes, I got her up, kissed her hard, turned her around, lowered her capri, and pushed my dick from behind in a doggy style.

It was a quickie and I came in 5-7 minutes.

Meanwhile, we heard a knock and I asked her to play along as if she had vomited.

On opening the door, we found the stewardess had a weird look. I think she understood what happened inside.

Post reaching our seats, we sat and chit-chatted, often smooching in between. Then I asked her what was up in her personal life as she sucked my cock like a professional slut?

It was her first flight sex experience which she only had read and now has done herself. Then she mentioned she was divorced and asked about me. I told her that I was a single Mariner for which she responded by saying, “Right, a mariner has a wife at every port.”

I told her that it was not true really, but I was a passionate lover and I like to have sex as long as there was will and consent.

We smooched for a while and I was enjoying her round boobs and her vagina. People sitting near us were fast asleep except the elderly couple behind us.

On the flight, I asked her clearly if anyone was coming to pick her up from the airport as I wanted to explore her completely especially her vagina and anal hole. She did enjoy my fingering her vaginal hole and butt hole.

I said that I will book a hotel near the Delhi airport for which she hesitated a bit and said, “Let’s see post touch down.”

Meanwhile, we continued our cuddling and kissing. She held me like I was her husband and lover. I could clearly feel that she was lonely and she wanted love and sex.

As the descending operation began, the flight crew gave out immigrant forms and she asked me if I could fill for her and that was when I got to know about her. She was around 7 years older than me. We had exchanged numbers by then.

I kept thinking, it’s not over yet, and post collecting baggage, I saw she was looking at me and I showed my face in desperation. She was calling someone and there was no response, moments later she said, let’s go to the hotel.

I immediately informed my parents of the delay and I booked a 5-star hotel room. We arrived at the Hotel Concierge at around 11:30 pm. The bar was open, we checked in and she said that she will wear something more appropriate for which I said, “Please be sexy.”

She came out in a knee-length bodycon. As the bar lights were dim, we enjoyed each other. As our kissing was growing intense with my hands between her legs, we both felt it was time.

We came into the hotel room, took off the clothes and I asked her to join me for a hot shower. It was a trick to expand body movements and get rid of the bacterias.

While having the shower, we hugged, kissed, and smooched.

Post shower, we dried each other and I lifted her to the bed where she turned pro and gave me a blowjob of my life. I went down on her vagina and sucked her very well. She was digging her nails on the bed and then I entered her gate and slowly started thrusting.

Clearly, she hasn’t had sex for a while. I cummed and changed the condom. I turned her around and lubricated her butt hole and the night slowly started with my cock pushed into her butt. She felt pain initially but slowly, the motion got set and she had her first anal experience.

We lied for a while and then made out 2 more times with my sperm inside all her holes as she didn’t want a condom anymore. She told me the golden line that she cannot become pregnant and that was the reason for divorce.

We slept like hell and had a final session post breakfast in the morning in which I tied her hand to the leg and fucked her in the missionary position. She said that she never had such fun. We wanted to fuck more but then the time to check out had come.

Later, I arranged a cab went with her until Ludhiana. We had amazing road sex. A few weeks later, she returned to Delhi for her flight back to Australia.

We met, I showed her Delhi and enjoyed each other. She enjoyed my chivalry as with me she could wear anything. We had sex in many different styles. In fact, on one occasion she turned with her friends for multiple sex sessions.

This happened for a few more years and then we both went out of radar.

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