A Scary But Sexy Night

Hi people. My name is Aditi, and this is my first story. I am going to share with you how a scary night turned out to be a sexy one.

Missing family stay is what I need some days. I am so glad that I decided to stay back home. The rest of my family have gone out to attend a family function.

I was going around, checking every corner of my house, making sure that everything was in its place. I then had my snack-cum-dinner, and then I went to bed.

Obviously! With my laptop! Ugh! The single’s life! What can I do?

Thinking about the cosmoses, which I would have been savoring at the moment only if I had a boyfriend today. Lying down on the bed with my laptop, I wondered how different my life would have been if I had said yes to one of those proposals I had received.

Hearing from my friends, I don’t know. I was discussing their sex life, their blow jobs, and head! Woo, I don’t have much to say to them. Do I feel jealous that they have someone and I am alone? Mmm, but who cares? It was my decision anyways.

I was going through the Twitter account and feeling all bored. I decided to entertain myself. And so I logged in to the site of porn videos. The sky was getting dark outside. The ac was set at the appropriate temperature inside. Lights were turned off with a blanket to hide the stall.

The moans through my headphones then sent an erratic sensation through my body, tingling me to touch myself as if may. I was losing the grip when my thighs must have gotten red. I crossed my limit to control not to touch myself. Grasping both the thighs together, I tried to subdue the swell.

I felt the urge to hydrate myself and cool off the sweat. Standing at one corner, I was sipping water in my room. If anyone saw me, they might have wondered why I am sweating when the ac is on to steady.

Ignoring the thoughts, this seemed undesirable at the moment. I started planning about what I was supposed to do next. While setting the glass back at its position, my actions came to a halt.

Feeling the hands that were covering my eyes, fright took cover for me. Using my hands, I was trying to get off those hands from my eyes. My headphones fell off my head amidst the struggle. And there I felt he clasped my hands and tied them at my back.

“Hey! Leave me! Who are you?”

But I did not get any answer. I was pressed against the wall on my front side. When words failed to devour, but I couldn’t recite.

“Please leave me. Hey!”

With still no answers, I felt a cloth clasping my mouth, silencing the amp of my scream. I did not give up, but my tears were on the stream. It was dark all around when I started to struggle not to give up.

Amidst the struggle, I feel the hands slowly gracing down from my shoulders to my elbows and then to my hips. The pace decreased when it was sliding up to my front, where the grip tightened. I abruptly stopped struggling.

I was trying to predict what the next move could be. But then I felt the hands holding me by my hips moving upwards to my waist and coming to a halt. I felt another body pressed against my back with the warm breath showering on my nape.

Feeling the sudden change, I clenched my fingers in a fist. Then I heard a manly whisper against my ears. He was shushing me low with the hot breath, sending tickles to my body.

Feeling his torso pressed against my back, and by the touch of my hand, I figured that the person was here. But who was he? And what he has to do with me? I could not speak because of the cloth he tied me with.

He pressed his body against mine. My front was attached to the wall. I could feel his head caressing my hair. I heard him sigh as he inhaled my smell. I decided to be calm and notice what his motives were. Or if he comes up clean about who he is.

Being optimistic is my only safe spot right now. I feel his breath coming closer to my ear, making me close my eyes. Then I felt his hot and wet tongue licking my earlobe, feeling which I shivered.

He was holding me close with a firm grasp on my waist. Then he bit my lobe, and I restored my senses. “No! It can’t be happening. I won’t allow it,” I thought, and I started to struggle. But he tightened his grip on my waist and pressed me hard against the wall.

Cornering my head upside with one of his hands, he came close to my neck. I felt his hot breath. I felt his soft lips kissing me on my nape. His tongue was playing fair, licking me. But then I felt a stink when I felt his bite. He licked off with his tongue after kissing the spot at the end.

I felt his kisses all over my neck and shoulder bones. He pulled down one of the shoulder selves of my t-shirt. I cannot help but close my eyes, feeling my breath getting heavy. Sensing that I got lost to his trails of kisses, I feel his hand moving upwards.

He rubbed over my ribcage from over my t-shirt. And then to my boobs where my traitors of nipples have gone hard and are standing erect. His hands then stopped on either of my boobs. He was scrubbing my hard nipple against his palm. I felt his smirk on my nape.

“Why did I remove my bra?!” I contemplated then. When I was amidst my thoughts, I felt his hands cupping my boob. A sigh from my parted lips escaped. He held them tight and then light, giving them a roll. Standing them on his palms and again holding and cupping my boobs tight.

He was awesome to play this way, but he was not allowed. I started to struggle to fight my senses which wanted him to continue and finish what he started. I used my shoulder to get his weight off of my body. But then he turned me around by my shoulders.

I am facing him now, still unable to see who he is. He pressed his body against mine, with my back facing the wall. I could feel his bulge touching my lower hip. Feeling it made it the toughest task for me to fight my feelings.

Not trying to lose my sanity, I struggled to shift my head and tried to push him off. But he blocked my leg movements by standing in between them. And after removing the cloth from my mouth, I felt his lips crashing on mine.

I was struggling to break from the kiss he attacked and bit my lower lip. He sucked them hard. And his tongue made the trespass. He was caressing and playing with my tongue, which was dodging the pleasure it had to offer.

I felt his hands going inside my t-shirt. Where his hands made contact with my skin, I kept struggling. But as soon as he reached my boobs, I just gave in. And I kissed him back. How he was playing with my boobs just intensified the kiss. Where my hands were still tied to my back, I could only arch back and forth.

Feeling the sensation, he was imposing on me by playing with it. But I restored my sense yet again. Taking the advantage, which I guess he was enjoying, I pushed him. And I ran to escape. The room was dark, so I could not figure out where I was.

I just needed a minute to think and settle my nerves. But he did not leave me. And within seconds, he caught up with me. As if he knew my bedroom well than I right now. He pushed me on the bed. And fright took over me. I was terrified.

I tried to shift away. But before I could, I felt him coming over to me. And feeling his weight pressed against my body, I stopped moving. Sitting on his knees on either side of my body, he turned me around. He untied the cloth over my wrist.

Entwining my fingers with his on either of our hands, holding it above my head, he came down to me. I was still. He comes to my lips, where I feel his breath. The next thing I know is that he kissed me sweet and slow. Which was emitting a passion at flow?

But I did not kiss him back this time. He was giving him all that he wanted to have somehow felt right. I felt his kisses from on my lips, to my cheeks, and then to my neck. Then he went down to my cleavage, for my stomach, where he left my hand.

He slowly raised my t-shirt and submerged his hands within, up to my breast. He was there, raising my t-shirt to my chest. Then he caressed my breast, bringing his mouth close to my left. I felt his breath warm on them. I felt him kissing my nipple, after which he licked it.

Staying calm, I could not! And I grabbed him by his hair. I brought him face to face. Using my other hand, after I analyzed the space where I had kept the laptop case, I turned on the laptop. Given enough light to see his face, I was shocked.

“Ty! You? How did you come in here?”

Finding my best friend initiating all the acts was a lot to take in for me then. But then, instead of answering me, he gave me his sheepish smile. And he pecked on my lips. And as if on cue, my laptop went off again.

He held my hands in his again. Bending down to my face, he kissed sweetly on my lips. I returned the kiss this time. His tongue sought entrance which I oblige it as I open my mouth. He left my hand.

While his hands were caressing my boobs, I reached out for his hard-built body. I couldn’t help but curl my toes because he was so good at it. Ending the kiss and smiling across my lips, he gives me a last peck. Then he moved down, kissing my neck to my cleavage.
Sitting on his knees, he helped me rise and removed the t-shirt from over my head. Bending me down, I felt his hands on my left boob. He rubbed it so well, my nipples tightened. And it was damn hurting so well. Then he took it in his mouth.

Feeling his warm saliva on my skin, it just felt right. I could not help but arch my back and sigh.

“You are so sweet, Darling!” he said. And he sucked my boob hard while pinching the other nipple. He rolls his tongue around my nipple. And taking it between his teeth, he pulls his head up, stretching my boob.

“Oh, baby!” I sigh. He leaves the nipple, and it bounces back at its position. But where he went for the right boob next, he rains kisses on it and the nipple. Then he pulled out his middle finger in my mouth. I sucked it, feeling the glide he was trying to restore.

“Ah, Ty,” I sigh. He increased his pace. He sucked hard on my boobs, making me gasp with his finger still in my mouth. He took out the finger and licked it with a moan. He went down to my navel, circling it wet with his tongue.

I arch my back, pushing my chest in front. He tries to create a vacuum between his lips and my skin. Not able to hold any longer, I reach out for his head, pulling it up to my face. I kiss him immediately. Taking charge this time, my tongue was at ease for the entrance.

Amidst the kiss, he rolls us over the bed with me on top of him. He put his hands around me and tightened the grip for a tight hug. My upper half was bare, and he was still dressed. With his lower lip in between my teeth, I stretch it out.

He groans saying, that he is pleased. Losing it, I kiss him again, which he returns with the same passion ignited between us. I kissed him on his cheeks next. Moving up to his ear, I then went to his neck. All of which earned me a moan from him.

He loosens the hold around me. I grab his shirt sitting on top of him. And in just one go, all the buttons fly out around. Running my hands on his now bare chest, he hisses at my touch, and I continue. While exploring his chest, I trail wet kisses on his neck.

Playing with his nipples, I kiss him down to his chest. “It feels so wonderful!” he sighs in a whisper. I feel the need to please him. I bit his nipple lightly and moved down to his navel. Trailing kisses in between and using my tongue to encircle it, I moved down further.

Trailing off, I unbutton his jeans and unzip them to one side. I helped him remove it with his boxers while he got off the shirt himself. His dick sprung free when we shared a kiss. I bent over to him leading him to lie down on his back. Not leaving the kiss, I reach for his dick in my hand.

He gasps amidst the kiss. Swinging my leg over him, I stroke his dick a few times. And the pre-cum is flowing. I lick the pre-cum from the top when he moans, “Ah!”

“You taste awesome, baby.”

“Not more than you, darling.”

I stroke his dick using my hands a few more times, increasing the pace with each stroke, where he moans. Giving it a lick in between, I stop and take it in my mouth. “So warm” is what he exclaims next. I could feel his veins inside my mouth.

I give it a suck while using my hands to massage his balls. While trailing my hands all over his body, I take his dick in my mouth and start sucking it slowly. “Yes, baby. Yes,” is what I heard from him.

With my saliva dropping mixed with his pre-cum. Every time I sucked it out, he sighed to me in a whisper to go on and not to stop. Rubbing his balls, I increase the pace with which I suck him. I sucked harder and faster. He got up amidst where I was sitting on the bed, and he was on his knees.

He held me by my hair while I was still sucking him. He then uses his hold to stop me, and he starts moving to and fro. Fucking my mouth slowly and gradually, sitting on his knees. He tightens the grip of his hold on my hair, and he now moves faster.

“Mm,” I moan amidst it. I use my tongue to roll my saliva all over it. Then he pushed his dick inside my mouth. And not getting it out, he choked me by his fullness. He gets himself out. Bending me, he came to me where I was catching my breath. And he sweetly kisses me.

Exchanging our saliva, he breaks the kiss and moves down. Placing kisses amidst, he reached my cleavage and kept licking it with his tongue. Moving down further, holding my boobies, he spreads my legs, getting full access.

He pulled off my shorts and panties in one go. Bringing his tongue near my folds, he licked my wetness, making me moan. Holding me tight, he squats on the floor. He is giving me another lick and causes me to clasp my bedsheet. He inserts his tongue between my folds and rubs it all over, licking me off.

“Yes… yes, just like that. Oh,” I moan. He rubs my clit using his finger while licking me. He then bites me on my inner thighs. And the sensation erupts right in between my folds.

He moves up and starts licking my clit while rubbing his fingers on my vagina. And he slides one of his fingers in me and starts playing inside. He rolls his finger inside me.

“Please don’t stop.”

He pushes it more inside. Applying pressure and moving it to and fro. He increases the pace getting it in and out when he adds his second finger in the foreplay. I clasped the sheets tightly, just surrendering to the pleasure that was building in me.

“You are so tight, darling. It feels awesome!”

He rubs his fingers inside me and moving in and out simultaneously and then together. He applies more pressure making me lose every bit of hold to the pleasure. Pulling his fingers out, he comes up to me, to my face. He pulls out his finger for me.

I take it in my mouth and suck it, tasting myself in it. While he sucks my boob, I suck his finger. He pushes the finger deep inside my mouth, making me choke out of breath. Pulling his finger out, he comes up to me, and we kiss. While his dick meets and sticks to my vagina, not helping but making me want it more.

He pushes me against the wall and rubs his dick on my entrance. He was patting and parting my folds with it. Kissing me deeply, I could not help but plead.
He slowly tries to push his dick inside me. Where our pre-cum helps him, and he moves back.

And coming forward again, he tries to apply pressure, this time which gives him half access. And he pulls out. Taking his dick in his hand, he gave it a few hard strokes and pushed it again inside me. And he moved back again.

“Damn!” I moan.

Pinching my nipples, he gets in again. And slowly starts moving to and fro, earning a moan from me. Feeling complete, I take a minute to take it all in.
He increases his pace of moving to and fro. Feeling his movements within me, I could not help but gasp.

He starts moving faster where our pre-cum helps erase out the friction. Our skin makes the sound when they beat against each other. And he moans, “Ahh!” As the pace increases, I lean on him for support.

With my nails digging his skin, our panting increases. I can feel the surge building inside me where every nerve in my body is rushing to my bottom lip.
He reduces his speed and takes his dick out of me. He helps me lay on my back. And raising my legs on his shoulders, he inserts his dick inside me.

This time, in one go, it was in. Holding me by my legs, he fucks me hard and fast. With my body matching his movement of to and fro, making my boobs bounce. And we pant heavily. He keeps on increasing his pace hitting exactly at my sensitive spots.

“I am gonna cum,” I sigh as I say.

“Wait for me, darling!” he says, and then he turns me.

With me being on my fours, he enters in me from behind. Holding my belly, he moves in and out. This time slow is his pace, feeling every bit of it. “Oh!” he exclaims and suddenly increases his pace.

He moves in and out fast and faster, digging in deeper inside me, hitting my sensitive spots, which he knew too well. And digging in again continuously, he shrieks in pleasure. “Come with me, darling!” he asks me.

And with a “yes” after three more strokes, I cum, and so does he. With our mixed cum dripping down to the sheet together, the pleasure had no end. He gets himself out and bends down to my folds, licking the cum and savoring it in his mouth.

He turns me around. And coming up to my mouth, he kisses me and shares our mixed cum with me. Holding his face as we kissed, it was a sweet kiss. And there we lay together, hugging each other tightly in the embrace. And we then surrendered to sleep.

I hope you guys enjoyed the story about the stranger in the night. I would love to know your feedback. You can contact me and leave your feedback at [email protected]

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