Beginning of my exciting internship – Anal sex

I was 23 and doing an internship back then. I had been through a breakup.
Apart from work and studies, my mind had no space for anything else. But my Lucknow trio was all I could think of.

My boss/project lead had made the first move, and I gave in. It was a fucking that I didn’t realize I needed so bad. We returned from our Lucknow rendezvous/work trip Friday night. All weekend I kept thinking about it. My pussy was still sore from all the fucking but wanted more.

I didn’t realize just thinking about how I turned into my project leader’s travel slut turned me on. Sorry, my pussy was wet and hungry. Sunday night, I dreaded going back to work. I wasn’t sure how my boss ‘B’ would respond or behave after Thursday’s marathon fuck we had.

We had a lot of sexual tension between us ever since I started interacting with him in my internship. He looked like a hot insatiable beast when we fucked me in the bathroom in my Lucknow hotel room.

Tall, muscular, wild, broad shoulders, thick lips, deep voice, rough hands. Perfect for even a virgin like me to open my legs wide open. I had given several hand jobs to my ex-boyfriend and a couple of times even blowjobs. But never allowed him to penetrate my pussy.

So when ‘B’ thick cock entered my sweet little tight cunt the feeling of pleasure took over the pain of first penetration. I wanted to play it safe Monday morning while dressing up. If I wore my formal pants and if I were turned on, my pussy would create a wet patch in the pants.

A long skirt would be better with my formal white shirt. For first-time readers, most of my formal shirts, by default, are tight around my bust area. With 36DD breast size, some of you may call me curvy, and others may call me busty. I am tall, my waist is 28, and my ass then was 37 inches.

So my skirt hugged my ass well too. I normally leave my hair open and for makeup. I apply kajal around my eyes. ‘B’-my boss, on the other hand, looked like a devil made for fucking.

He had a refined personality, spoke well, and, much to my happy realization, also fucked well. He made me orgasm several times, and my sore cunt wanted more of it.

Anyways, as my day started, I tried focussing on work. I did run into him a couple of times. He acted casual as if Thursday night never happened. I got a meeting invite and some more interns to attend a meeting at the agency office. It was close to my home.

After the meeting got over at 8 pm, we left the agency office to head back home. As I was heading out of the lift on the ground floor, B caught hold of my hands, preventing me from getting out. He took me to the basement where his car was parked and asked me to get in.

When I tried telling him I would manage to get home on my own, he responded, “Shut up, you think I am dropping you off?” My hands got clammy, and my pussy, by this time, was dripping wet. At this point, I wished I was alone to finger myself for an urgent release.

In about 10 minutes, we were outside a building parking his car. As we got out, he held my hands and guided me to the building lift. We were alone in the lift. I could feel his breath on my neck getting heavy. But he wasn’t touching me like I would have wanted.

As we entered an apartment with his nameplate on it, I could feel him standing close. I could hear my heartbeat thumping in my ears. As he shut the door from behind, I turned around to face him. There were 100 questions in my mind that I wanted to ask.

But before I could open my mouth, he ordered me, “Take that top off.” I untucked it from my skirt and unbuttoned it, slowly looking at him in his eyes. As I did that, I saw him unzipping his pants and taking that thick cock out that I was thinking of the entire day. It was hard.

“Do you know how hard it has been to stop myself from shagging off to that ass the whole day? All weekend I have been thinking of your tits, your chut (pussy). I am just happy that I will be your mentor for the project, and we have many weeks left from our internship.”

He stepped closer and bent over to kiss my lips. While kissing, I could feel his tongue in my mouth. His hands were groping my boobs and squeezing them hard to make me moan and scream. Instinctively my hands reached his long fat cock. He stopped me immediately, asking me to hold on.

If he gets too excited in the beginning, he will ejaculate immediately. My hands were now on his back, pulling him closer to my body as he kissed my lips, cheeks, chin, coming down to my neck. Now his hands were grabbing my ass from over my skirt.

I could feel that heat in his hands over my thick ass. He made me bend over what seemed like a dining table. I was anticipating hard slaps/ spanking on my butt. Instead, he surprised me. He pulled my skirt up to reveal my thong-covered ass.

“Why do you even wear this? It is not even covering your ass,” he said as he parted my ass cheeks and pulled my thongs down. Still, I expected hard slaps on my naked ass. Instead, I felt the wetness of his tongue on my ass hole. It was an area that I never touched, even when I masturbated or pleasured myself.

As his tongue entered my asshole, his fingers rubbed my cunt. At this point, I tried hard to maintain my balance. My legs were giving away to the intense mad pleasure ‘B’ was giving. I realized soon why was he tongue fucking my asshole.

He wanted to go anal even on Thursday. But he didn’t do it as it was my first time having sex. It would have been too much for me. But today, he wanted my butt. He kept rubbing my cunt and licking my cunt till I was screaming in orgasm. My legs were by now giving away.

Still leaning on his dining table with my cunt and ass wet. I felt him pulling my skirt down and unclasping my bra from behind. He started kissing my back, my shoulders, hands holding my waist as he leaned over me. He would have taken his clothes off completely.

Now I could feel his erection on my butt and his chest on my back. He started to turn me on again. He lifted my body, removing the unclasped bra completely. Now, the two of us were naked in his living room. He went inside for a few minutes and came back with a bottle of what seemed like some cream.

He pulled me over now. He was right behind me. He asked me to lift my right leg over the table while standing using my left leg. He took some cream and rubbed it over my asshole. Lifting my upper body to hug me from the back, I felt his dick slowly entering my ass.

The pain was really bad as I moaned loudly in agony. But he didn’t take his cock out, “Shh,  it will get easy. Ah, so tight, fuck.” I heard him whispering in my ears. After a few strokes, his hands moved to my nipples, pinching them hard. His strokes got harder and deeper.

I could feel my entire body shake and jerk with every stroke. The pain started to go down, and his hands slipped to my cunt again. “I want to try something with you, but I want to know if you can bear my cock in your ass yet.” I nodded. I felt his finger sliding into my vagina.

He was finger fucking me as his cock fucked my ass harder, faster and deeper. What seemed like sex had now turned into mad fucking. My moans were not moans. They were screams begging him not to stop fucking me. I came hard with him moaning in my ears, feeling his semen unload inside my ass.

He continued holding me like that with my right leg stretched on his table. His finger is still inside my cunt, and his cock is in my not so virgin ass.

“I love it when you moan like that. It’s like watching a good girl turn into a slut. As a mentor, I will teach you everything that is there to learn, I promise,” he whispered in his hoarse voice. I now did not know what he was referring to – work or sex?

“Wear a skirt tomorrow to work. I love watching that sweet piece of ass in your tight skirt. Leave these things behind. It was already so wet when I took them off. I want to sniff them later tonight. Turn around now. I want to suck those tits I have been thinking about all weekend.”

He pulled me to sit on his lap as his mouth found a way to latch on to my nipples. He took my hands over his cock, asking for a rub. By now, I knew how exciting my internship would be with my beast-like ‘B.’

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