Office Adventures With My Boss – Part 1

Hi Guys, This is the first part of the office adventures with my boss. I will have more parts coming in, so stay tuned for more.

To give a brief, I work at a reputed MNC bank in one of the comfortable corporate jobs. I have a lady boss who is currently in the early thirties. I am 28 years old currently and single. I have had a girlfriend who I broke up with a while ago.

My boss heads my team which is a team of some 30 odd people. She got married just a year and a half ago and she stays far from the office, traveling about two hours one way. To describe her, she is a very kind and friendly person.

She generally wears a skirt and a blouse or just a one-piece gown which runs through till her knees. Having worked for about several years with her now, we have a very good rapport now.

So now on to my first actual adventure. My job is primarily a desk job and doesn’t involve traveling much. I sometimes do go with my lady boss, let’s call her Asha, to lunch as well as snacks and tea. And I dance with her a lot during office parties. I have a pretty healthy and friendly vibe with her.

I have held her when she is drunk and has dropped her home along with other colleagues. I have hugged her as well once when she was drunk during one of the parties. It was just two of us in the car where she mentioned some of the problems that she had with her husband.

Primarily because she earns more than her husband and her husband is jealous. I have comforted her. I was attracted to her but never did it crossed my mind to do anything. Given that we worked together and she was my boss. The actual adventure started when we went for recruitment to one of the colleges.

We had to conduct a test for the candidates post their college hours. Given the work, at the office, we got late in going to college. We started the test at 8.30 PM which went on till 9.15 PM. As it was just a test, I and Asha went alone to supervise a batch of 100 candidates in two separate classes.

As we got late, I suggested we grab dinner initially after which I suggested dropping her home which she agreed. We went to a fine dining restaurant. I suggested ordering some booze. Asha initially disagreed, but later relented. She was wearing a tight sleeveless one-piece that just hugged her knees and a jacket.

The dress was too tight and her ass was perfectly complementing the tight dress. We had booze and she got a bit high. She asked me about my girlfriends and then the conversation started getting a bit naughtier. She asked me about my favorite sex positions, sexting and fantasies.

I asked about her sex life and her fantasies. She replied that her husband generally has sex once in a week while she craves for more. After the whole conversation, we asked for the check. Being the boss she pulled out her card and I held her hand.

Then gently caressing her fingers sid, “You cannot buy me out that easily. I’ll pay.” But Asha insisted that she will pay and I relented. I booked an Uber and we waited outside for the Uber to come. Just as when the Uber came, I opened the door and held my hand to Asha’s back saying naughtily, “Always after you.”

She smiled and got in and later I got in too. We had a box of test papers with us. I was in the dilemma that should I place the box in between Asha and myself or should I place it in the side. I initially put the box in the middle.

A few minutes later, I unlocked my mobile and gave her one side of the earphone to show her a funny video. I put the box on the side. We were very close, our bodies almost hugging each other. At one point, she put her left leg on top of her right which led to her skirt pulling upwards.

I was able to see her gorgeous thighs. I was aroused a bit by then. We watched a couple more videos. She took her hand and stretched at the back of the seat towards the left. She leaned a bit towards me and my right hand brushed her boobs.

As the box was on my left, I could not move much towards my left. While I enjoyed, I was equally scared given she is my boss and it could lead to some serious complication. I later just put my hand over her exposed thigh in an inadvertent manner to check her reaction.

She did not seem to mind and was just in the same friendly mode. Then I put my hand so that it continued to brush her boobs in a known manner. Now she knows that I was flirting with her and she didn’t seem to mind. I flirted with her saying if she was not married I’d have definitely asked her out on a date.

To which, she cheekily told I was cute and gave me a peck on the cheek. I took this is as an opening and grabbed her with my right hand closer. I gave a peck on her cheek saying you are the hottest and took my left hand to caress her thigh.

Now, I was in full flow caressing her thigh with my left hand and fondling with her left boob with my right hand. This continued for some time. Then I took my left hand up her thighs slowly caressing her inner thighs and enjoying her dress hugging body.

I created space for her to expand her legs and I started fingering her slowly initially and later vigorously. Now here I was fondling her breast and fingering and I was the happiest man. She too was enjoying to the fullest and was moaning hardly.

But after this continued for a while, the driver reached her destination. I stopped doing what I did and told her, “See you tomorrow in the office.” She gave me a naughty smile and I gave her a kiss on the lips and wished her good night.

This was the first of my adventures with the boss. I hope you guys like it. Feel free to share feedback on [email protected] Stay tuned for more.

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