My Colleague Turned Fuck Buddy

Hello readers, I am Dev Merchant married for about 18 months now. I would like to narrate an experience that happened in 2018. Back then, I was working in the US for a tech company and my company had its India office in Bangalore.

Since I was working very closely with the Bangalore team I had a good rapport with most of the team members. Amongst the team, there was an extremely good looking chick named Devika. She was based in Kolkata but working in Bangalore.

She was also married and her husband worked in Gujarat since he was with the Government. She is 5.5 ft long, have her curves at right places – her stats are 34-30-37. I had met her only once before and she had come across as a very shy person.

So after reaching Bangalore, I checked in to my hotel at Indira Nagar. The next day when I reached the Bangalore office, I was already low on energy since the commute was quite long to Bellandur.  I casually met everyone at the office when my eyes made contact with Devika’s eyes.

She gave me a wide smile and welcomed me. Devika was a big stand out in the office. She was looking so seductive and alluring on that day. The black eyeliner highlighting her big round eyes, dusky skin-tone, and skin-tight formal clothes. My mind got into this fantasy world of making her a fuck buddy.

It was lunchtime and everyone had already gone for lunch. So I decided to have lunch all by myself when I suddenly hear Devika call me out. She asked me if I was yet to have lunch to which I nodded. In her low shy voice, she asked if I would like to join her. I said yes even before she finished her sentence.

We were having a good conversation during lunch. I told her I was surprised since I thought she was not someone who would like to talk a lot. To which she mentioned that she felt comfort in talking to me which is why the conversation went on so well. I was happy she liked my company.

While talking she got to know that I am having difficulty with the commute and also finding it hard to find good accommodation close to the office. After hearing that there was a pause of about 10 seconds.

Then suddenly she said, “Why don’t you stay at my place? My roommate is out for a week. You could sleep in my room and I will crash on her bed.” I got an instant hard-on hearing that. In my head, this was such a wild situation of me living in with a married Bengali lady for a week.

I asked her what will she tell her husband, to which she said he does not have to know. Her words made me realize the first impression may not be the last impression always. She now sounded like such a bold person.  The same day she drove me from Bellandur to Indira Nagar.

I picked up all my stuff and checked out of the hotel. By the time we reached back to Bellandur, it was already late. So we decided to have dinner somewhere outside.  I wanted to indicate my desire to fuck her so I started to flirt a little.

I started by asking her, “Devika, don’t you feel scared of inviting a stranger to stay over at your place?” She said, “You are not a stranger to me. I know you inside-out,” smiling cunningly while her eyes rolled over my body from top to bottom.

This started to give me more confidence to take things to a higher notch. I told her what if you get turned ‘ON’ looking at me while I am at home in my boxers.
In a seductive voice, Devika said, “Not so easy to heat this tandoor,” and winks.

Me: “Better not challenge me, because if you do I make sure I win.”
Devika: “I challenge you, seduce me without any physical touch.”
Me: “Challenge accepted.”

We quickly finished our dinner and rushed home. On the way home, we picked up some wine and chocolates.   Once we reached home, I went inside to freshen up. I was already feeling extremely horny. I was stopping myself from jerking off since I wanted to preserve all the load for her.

After freshening up I went and sat on the couch in the living home watching something on the television. After some time, she came out of her room in her nightwear. It was such arousing sleepwear with a pink laced robe and a gown inside which went just above her knees.

I knew in my head I need to control my emotions since the fun had not yet started. She came and switched on the AC and both of us shared the same comforter. We were watching some show but I was not paying any attention to it. All I was thinking was what happened about that challenge thing.

Has she forgotten about it? Did she say it just out of humor? I didn’t want to bring the topic up and sound like a creep.  Just when I was having all these thoughts, she looked at me and said, “So Mr. Dev, gave up on the challenge?”

Me: “I am letting you settle down and catch up on your breath.”
Devika: “Why do I have to catch up on my breath?”
Me: “Because once I start seducing you, your heartbeat is going to pounce heavily.”
Devika: “Go for it.”

I went inside the kitchen, melted the chocolate we got and poured wine in 2 glasses. I gave her one of a wine glass and asked her to enjoy the act.  I thought of doing a striptease to instantly turn her on. I have done it in the past and I know it works all the time.

I have a good physique with a dick sized at 6.5 inches. I started to move my body a little and did a show-off of my dance moves. She started to giggle. I kept my focus intact and kept looking in her eyes the entire time. I slowly removed my t-shirt while continuing my moves.

I got a sense of heat starting to flow inside her body. Her eyes started to open wide. I climbed up on the couch and went very close to her just at a hand’s distance and opened up my pants. My bulge was very close to her eyes. While she was sipping her wine I could see she was now barely able to drink.

While I was just in my boxers, I sat on the couch and poured the melted chocolate on my chest. I spread my legs and sat like a king with the melted chocolate flowing down from my chest. I looked alternately at her eyes and lips. I could see a lot of shivers on her lips.

She was wanting to taste this chocolate off my body. While the chocolate continued to drip near my boxers, I pull up my boxer and let the chocolate flow inside. Looking at this sight, she could not control herself and jumped onto me. She started to lick all the chocolate over my chest.

She was making a lot of sounds while licking. I could feel her tongue which was hotter than the melted chocolate. She rolled her tongue all over my upper body. She bit very hard on my nipple and inserted her chocolate cladded finger into my mouth. I started to suck her finger vigorously.

I held her hair, pulled her up and started to smooch. We kissed and licked each for a good 10 minutes while moving our hands over each other’s bodies. While kissing, I started by scratching her back softly which was making her uncontrollable. She pushed herself further inside my mouth.

She held my hand and aggressively placed it over her ass. I moved my right hand inside her panties and started to finger her. It was a pool of her juice down there. My finger slid inside her wet pussy very easily. I realized just one may not be enough so I gathered 2 of my fingers and inserted inside her pussy.

She moaned loudly with pleasure. At the same time, she started to play with my animal. He was hard as fuck and wanting her to set himself free. She inserted her right hand inside my boxers and started to move my dick upwards and downwards.

Devika: “Your dick is sticky because of the chocolate.”
Me: “Why don’t you suck up all the stickiness?”
Devika: “I can’t wait for any more to help you.”

We quickly got into the 69 position. I started to suck up all her flowing juices while she started to lick my balls first while stroking the dick. Both of us were moaning in ecstasy and eating each other up. Since the story is long I would divide it into 2 parts.

The second part will be posted after 7 days. But if I get amazing feedback from my readers, I will post the second part sooner. Folks wanting to spice up their lives can reach me out on [email protected]

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