Math’s Teacher Taught Me Something More

To give a sneak preview into the story, I am Raj an engineering student from A.P. presently studying in IIT, Delhi. Yup, we too follow these sites.

Many are into the high-quality porn and stuff available in college DC, but I am into stories. To describe me, I am about 6 feet. I may not be an athlete but I have a good sporting body.

This is the story that happened during my summer break after my first year. This is about my first sex meeting and shall tell you many more which would come in later parts.

So, diving into the story, I had just returned from college and started enjoying my holidays. I have a large friend zone (only boys) and would be mostly hanging out with them just roaming around or playing cricket. I will generally be out of my home during holidays enjoying my time with my friends.

One day I just went out to the supermarket to buy some stuff, like a wallet, perfume, face wash and other things. Suddenly, I saw Suma Maam. My eyes just glittered.

The reason is that she was our Maths teacher at school and she was always a feast for my eyes. Let me describe her. She is very short. And though I don’t exactly know her height, I could guess somewhere around 5’2 or 5’3.

She has a very good complexion of skin color. What should I say? It’s not just pure white, so let’s say it is sexy white. Many of my friends won’t consider her sexy. But to me she was sexy.

Mannn, what to say about her! She is short and has small boobs, but though her boobs are not so big, she has something more. Maam has that naughtiness in her glances and kinkiness in her smile.

I always fell for that. But my favorite attribute of hers, was her sexy navel. I used to stare at it. Whenever I saw her that’s where my eyes would go first.

I died during school days, fantasizing touching her navel and caressing it. She always used to wear sarees, so I had a good view of it. And she had a damn good ass, maan. That’s what made her a sexy bomb, at school.

I didn’t pay much attention to it earlier but later I realized how good her ass is. My home and her home are on the same way from school and we used to walk the same path.

Me and my friends saw her many times from the back while walking home and used to stare at her ass swinging left and right that would have attracted any man.

I had many fantasies about her during the school days and used to stay around her many times finding some reason or another. I used to make simple contacts like hand to hand, arm to arm etc. making them look like accidents.

Now coming back to the story, I saw her at the market and all these images flashed in my mind. I went towards her and she noticed me and said, “ Wow…Ohhoo, how many years has it been? Three years, I suppose. I know it’s a long time. You have changed so much Raj. How are you?”

Me: “Yes Maam. It’s been a long time since I saw you. I am good”.

Maam: “I heard that you are now in IIT Delhi. It’s been the talk of the town. I am actually proud of being your Maths teacher”.

As ours was a small town it had been local news, so many knew about it. Then we just talked about casual things like college, school, and stuff. Finally, we came out of the shop.

She was now sexier than before. Nothing had really changed. I asked her how she had come? She said walking. I had come on my bike and offered her a ride home.

I thought of the happiness I would get having her on my bike. But first, she refused like anyone would normally do and told me not to worry about her.

I told that I was free and did not have any urgent work, besides I was bored just sitting at home. This would help me to pass some time. Finally, she agreed.

I was elated that she would be riding with me on the bike and thought of it as a mini achievement. She was as usual wearing a saree, a casual blue color with a matching blouse.

I then took my bike and the items I had bought like a wallet and perfume but didn’t take a bag as the items were small and put them in her bag. I thought I would take them when I dropped her home.

She sat on my bike but maintained some distance. She sat side-wards since she was wearing a saree. Her right hand was touching my back. As we reached her home, she got off and invited me home for chai.

I refused the first time but as soon as she asked once more, I said, “Ok”, as I did not want to miss this chance. I went to her home and she opened the lock and we went in.

Her husband works in a private factory so he would have work in summer too. And she said that her only kid had gone out to play.

We then sat on the sofa and she kept all her bags in a corner and went to the kitchen to prepare tea. I too went into the kitchen. She tied her hair into a bun and tucked her saree into the hip as women do when working.

I was getting a better view of my dream place – her navel. Her tummy looks too sexy and I could not control looking at her. She has such sexy curves even at her age, which may be mid 30’s.

I was enjoying the view and talking casually and in the conversation, she asked me about my girl-friends. I laughed and told her that I don’t have one. She naughtily smiled and told me you can tell the truth you are not my student anymore so I won’t beat you.

I laughed and told her it’s true Maam. I don’t have one. She told me it’s surprising that a smart and good looking lad like you is still single. I just shrugged.

She then asked me. “Do you have any crushes or girlfriends in school? I have heard some rumours”.

I told her that then they are just rumours and I don’t have any girlfriend. Then I suddenly thought of something and said, “But I do have a crush on someone”.

Maam: “Oh really! Who is that lucky girl”

Me: “So you think she is lucky”?

Maas: “I think more than lucky”.

I then slowly moved towards her and as if to say something in her ear and she too leaned sideways.

I bent and said in her ear, “It’s you Maam” and before she could respond I planted a gentle kiss on her cheek and retreated. She was perplexed by my action and seemed confused. She turned a bit angry and said. “Raj how dare you do this”?

I said, “Maam, it’s true that I have a huge crush on you. Really Maam I liked you a lot. But as I was your student I couldn’t tell you. Sorry Maam”

She was still angry and said, “Still you can’t do that”.

Me: “Maam nothing will happen, don’t be angry please”. She seemed to calm down a little bit.

Maam: “I forgive you this time, but don’t do such nonsense ever ”.

Seeing that she had calmed down, I just replied with an innocent face, “Ok Maam. I won’t do nonsense. I’ll just kiss you, nothing more”

She reacted afterthought, but this time with a smile saying, “You…. naaa…. such a nasty fellow you are” and pushed me. I went to the hall as fast I could and sat there quietly.

She came after some time and gave me tea and she was not angry. But she was not saying anything. I softly said, “Maaam” . She just replied “what”?

Me: “It was too good”.

She again said in a loud voice, “Don’t talk about it”.

I said, “I am talking about the tea Maam”!

Maam: “Oh, sorry. Thanks”.

Me: “I loved it”.

Maam: “What? The tea”?

Me: “No. the kiss”.

She just smiled and felt a bit shy and said, “You are being smart as you always have been. That’s why everyone likes you, man. There’s some magic in you”.

I suddenly sensed something, that she was being nostalgic and that seemed in my favour, so I let it flow.

Me: “Mam! I can’t understand exactly what you are saying”.

She held the teacup in both her hands and looked down and started talking.

Maam: “Ya. You had always been like that. Smart, intelligent, fast, and something more! Being your Maths teacher, I sensed that many times. I was amazed by your abilities in solving maths problems and aptitude problems. And the speed you did them. I was just in awe and became a fan of yours then only”.

Me: “Maam is it? Are you really a fan of mine”?

She looked down and said, “Yes Raj! First, I was a fan of your abilities and intelligence. Slowly I was just into you. You were absolutely amazing in everything you did, Sports, dance, speeches, and whatnot. You are so handsome and good looking. So, I was obsessed about you”.

Me: “Maam, I can’t really believe what you are saying. Did you like me? Actually I was a big fan of yours. Everything of yours”.

Maam: “Everything of mine”?

Me: “Ya! everything”.

Maam: “That implies”?

Me: “I mean your teaching skills, your wit, and you know…”

Maam: “I know…say it out. No worries. I noticed many of you stalking me and staring at my….”.

Me: “At your”?

Maam: “You know naaa. Shut up now”.

Me: “I admit maam. If you don’t feel bad, I used to stare at your navel like anything as I am mad for it” and I turned my head aside not looking to her.

Maam: “You are unique here too, as you always were” she laughed.

Me: “Mam??”

Maas: “Yup! You are a different kind. You do see things in a wholly different way from others, that’s why I liked you a lot”.

Me: “Maam, I think most of them would have stared at it? What’s different with me? What did they see then?”

Maam: “Stop being innocent and be quiet for now” she gave a naughty smile.

Then she took the teacups, which we had drank and started towards the kitchen, with her damn sexy ass showing its pride and I was ogling her. I took a chance and said, “Now I see what others used to see”.

She turned in haste with a puzzled expression and a smile and came towards me as if she was going to give me a small slap and said, “You are as naughty as you are smart”.

I held her hand midair and stopped her slapping me. Instead, I gave her a kiss on her palm. She widened her eyes and said, “You are doing too much. Now leave my hand and go”.

But she was neither angry nor serious at me. I immediately responded, “Mam sorry. I told you naaa. I am not able to control myself whenever you are near me”.

I let go of her hand. She placed the cups she was holding in her left hand on the teapoy, and said, “I know you very well Raj, you who could control his emotions and master them. Now tell me what’s your plan”?

Me: “Plan? What plan”?

Maam: “You haven’t got any then”?

Me: “You are giving me ideas to make one” I smiled.

She lifted her hand giving out that shy smile to give me a naughty slap and I was ready to accept it. But instead, she pulled my cheek. “That’s why I am mad at you”, she said and ran her hand through my hair, and to my shock gave me a kiss on my forehead.

I was stunned. I just didn’t move and couldn’t believe it. She then took the cups, kept them in the kitchen, and returned. I was still not moving and looking at her while she came and sat beside me.

Then she said, “Now forget that”.

Me: “Forget what”? I suddenly kissed her on the cheek before she could respond and said, ”This”?

She in shock, “Man, I can’t handle you. I don’t know what things you will make me do if you stay longer. Leave now”.

Me: “Maam, sorry… sorry. Please let me stay longer. I won’t do that again”.

I just started to stare at her navel as she was on my right side and I could get a view of her tummy and a bit of left boob. I just looked straight at it not taking off my eyes. She pulled her saree to cover it and asked, “What now”?

Me: “Nothing. I told you what I liked about you and I am just looking at it”.

Maam: “Man, how daring you have become. You just kissed me and now you stare at my navel like that”.

I closed my eyes and said, “Maam! Honestly, I like you very much and was your navel lover. I used to fantasize about you then. Don’t be angry. And now too I want to touch it at least once… please”.

I opened my eyes. She didn’t seem upset and said, “You do have a lot of desires. But they won’t get fulfilled”.

Me: “Maam!! Pleaseee mammm….just for once, mamm…please, please, please Maam. I would die for it. I always loved it and always loved you”.

Maam: “But Raj what you are asking is not the right thing”. She looked worried and looked down.

I told her Maam, just for once then it’s done. I won’t tell anyone. It will stay between us. Please Maam. She was deep in her thoughts for a while and seemed like accepting and the slowly said, “Just for once. That’s it. Then you leave”.

I jumped in excitement and said, “Ok Maam, but I want to do it in a special way”.

She: “What special way”?

Me: “You’ll see”. I gave a kinky smile.

She: “You are such an idiot” she laughed back. “Ok, how do you want to do it? This is what I used to ask you, during maths classes as you have new methods for everything”.

Me: “Ok, not here. Let’s go to your bedroom”. We moved to the  bedroom and sat there. Then I asked her to stand up. I took her to the wall and pinned her there. She was enjoying it. I could sense it.

She said, “Only navel, nothing more”

Me: “Yeah I know”.

I slowly kept my hand on her tummy from the left side and she shivered a little as if a shock went through her. I slowly began caressing her tummy and bent down and kissed her back, below her blouse.

She didn’t react and was just closing her eyes and enjoying the scene. I was now touching my dream Maam Suma. How sexy it was. I felt like I was in heaven as I felt her soft and smooth skin and my hand on her tummy and me kissing all over her back.

I was enjoying that like anything. I slowly got up and kissed her on her neck and on her earlobes too. I had heard others say that it makes them aroused and wanted to check it out.

I think it worked. She was smelling very sexy near her neck, with her hair tingling me a little. I came down again and turned her towards me still pinning her to the wall.

I slowly held the saree and moved it a bit to get a clearer view of her tummy but it’s still disturbing. First, I kissed her navel and I was on cloud nine. Nothing could describe my happiness. It felt the most sweetest and sexiest in the world for a moment for me.

With my other hand, I was caressing the side of her tummy and it felt fleshy, fresh, and full of life. I slowly kissed all over her tummy and moved my hand all over it but still, the pallu was in the way.

So, I got up and tried to unpin saree pallu from the blouse. She held my hand and said, “Only navel, Raj”. I said, “Absolutely navel only but all of it. I can’t even see it fully. Just for a clearer view”.

She said, “Only navel” again and let me unpin it. Then the pallu fell to the ground and here was my sex bomb in front of me just in blouse and saree. Below, it’s a marvelous sight. I could stand seeing it for days.

She covered her boobs with hands as soon as her pallu fell down. I went down again. One would get an erection just by seeing her curves and tummy.

I started to use my tongue and this time licked her belly all over. She was getting horny and aroused and held my hair for grip and was breathing heavily. Still, her eyes were closed.

She is definitely enjoying this and I caressed her belly with my hands and squeezed her as much as I could. She made noises of pain and also a pleasure. I slowly moved my hand towards her blouse. As soon as it made contact with her blouse she came to senses and pushed away my hand.

She pushed me too and said, “You have had enough. Indeed more than enough. Now its high time you leave. My husband and children also will come”. Simultaneously she took her pallu and readjusted her saree to normal.

I was a bit disappointed but really it was more than enough. I can still feel the taste of that sexy belly in my mouth and the flesh in my hands. I too realized it’s time to leave.

Me: “Yes, Maam but one thing was missing. I want to kiss you.”

She: “You started with that, you idiot”.

Me: “Your lips”.

She: “No….no way”.

Me: “You let me enjoy your belly so why not your lips”?

She: “Mannn…you won’t stop if you start again. I know you. Please not now”. This she said with an inviting smile.

Me: “Not now? Then I can someday! That’s it right”? I got the hint.

She: “You won’t stop even if I say No after all this. Ok, someday. But, not today. Now leave”.

I decided to leave and she came to the door to bid me Bye. I had to give a proper goodbye but cannot lip-lock her so I kissed her on the cheek strongly holding her head and with another hand squeezed her side belly. Then I left.

That’s it for today. Much more happened later. Wait for the next part to know what happened.

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