Fulfilled Burning Desires – Mine Or Hers?

Hi friends, my name is Punit. This story of burning desires I am going to tell is not exactly my story but somewhere close to it. Hope you guys enjoy reading how a married woman gets fucked by her classmate.

It was the first day of my college. I was 22 years old doing my post-graduation in management in Mumbai. It was a rainy day, and I do not like a rainy day. I like it only on non-working days. It was raining heavily at night. Due to this, the trains were late and thanks to them I was late to college.

Finally, I reached to Vasai station and started walking towards the college. It was still raining heavily my clothes were wet. Just a few steps ahead of me, I saw one girl walking towards the college. Maybe she was also a student. Her hair and clothes were wet.

I was able to see her body shape. She was lean. As I was young, arousal will not take much time. She entered premises before me as she was ahead, and then she vanished.

I went into my class, and as usual, the lecture started. During breaks between the lectures, I started talking with other classmates and got introduced to others. Unfortunately, that girl was in another class. But that girl had a common friend name Sushant.

From Sushant, I came to know that her name is Sunita. She is married and has a 3-year-old daughter. Her husband works in an IT company in Pune. She stays with her in-laws and her daughter. She stays near the college, only maybe 20-25 minutes walk.

I got a chance to see her a couple of times. Looking at her, something trickled into my body. I understood that I need her, but the question was how to accomplish it. Fortunately, the day after tomorrow was a friendship day.

I realized that this was a golden opportunity to get introduced. Thanks to my friend Sushant. We got introduced to each other, and now the next move was mine. We had a subject named management skill. Our professor gave us a task in which we need to contribute some amount as an investment.

We were 11 members in a team. We had a total investment of around 22 K. As we were heading towards the festive season of Navratri. We decided to put a stall of Indian chat food on a nearby ground where dandiya takes place.  We put up a stall, and the day started.

Sunita was looking amazing in Ghagra choli. I could not control my desires. Her lips with red lipstick and looking at her navel, my mouth went watery. Now it was definitely not possible for me to control.
One idea into my mind. We had ice creams, and it was difficult to keep ice creams in the small refrigerator we had in our stall. As she stayed near the ground, I told her it would be better to keep a few ice cream boxes in her place in the fridge.

Sushant helped me to convince her. We picked up certain boxes and took them to her place. We reached her place. Her parents-in-law already went to sleep, and her daughter was playing. We went into the kitchen to arrange things. While arranging, we both were talking.

She said that she got married 5 years before. Her husband comes to meet her and her family once or twice a month. Here I realized that her physical needs may not be fulfilled as her husband is not available. I thought that she will be around 28 years old maximum.

All work was about to complete, and I realized that I may not get a second chance to get close to her. But how can I get close to her? I got ready to leave and went near the entrance door. I purposely wearing my sock by standing on one foot and acted as if am falling down.

She got panic and came to support me. I took this opportunity to grab her waist and felt it upon her. She was below me, and I was above her. Our face was close to each other, and we were staring at each other. Our lips were only an inch far away from each other.

She was breathing through her lips. My heartbeat was high, and I thought about what will happen with the next movement. My situation was the same. I could feel strawberry flavor ice cream scent coming from her mouth. I felt to put my tongue inside her mouth right away but can’t. It was not the correct time.

Oh god, we were so close. But at that point, right or wrong was not important for me. I just went ahead and licked red strawberry lips as if the tiger has got fresh meat to eat. I was licking her tongue. For half a minute, we were kissing each other.

I was licking and sucking her lips madly, then she realized that she was doing wrong. she pushed me back and told me to leave right away. To be honest, I was expecting a more aggressive response or an angry response from her. But she was comparatively calm and just told me to leave right away.

Next 2 or 3 days, I was scared and nervous about what she will think about me. The next day she came to our stall to play garba with her friends. Again, she was looking nice, but this time. She was also looking at me. I was scared and always tried to look somewhere else when she used to look at me.

But a few days back, I kissed her. The softness and wetness of her lips were unforgettable. I collected my whole strength and started looking at her as well. I was looking at her she gave me a cute smile. That made my day. I was a little nervous because I kept myself away from her. What happened between us?

I was a little nervous. So I used to tell Sammy, one of our team members, to go to her place and bring back some boxes whenever we used to get out of stock. Sunita told him to send me as she needs to give me some study notes. She lied to him.

Sunita actually planned that day. Her in-laws went to their daughter’s house to take care of her. So now there were only two people in the house Sunita and her three-year-old daughter. She sent her daughter to her friend’s place (their neighbors).

So as Sunita wanted me to come to collect the boxes, I went at about 9 pm. I reached her place and pressed the doorbell. To my surprise, Sunita was in a saree. She opened the door. I went inside and sat on the sofa and was waiting for her to bring me the boxes.

I was surprised when she brought two glasses of milk, saffron, and crushed almonds. We started discussing the studies syllabus and all. I told her that can we wrap it fast. I need to take that boxes and reach to stall as soon as possible. She said, “It’s fine, stay for a while.”

We were discussing different subjects related to our studies. She was sipping almond milk; milk was getting stuck to her lip. Oh god, I could not control myself. I felt like going and grab those lips and suck them all. But hold on, everything has its own timing.

We finished our almond milk, and now it was time to leave. I collected few boxes and went towards to exit door. I opened the door and was just leaving. Suddenly Sunita called, “Punit, do you really want to leave? (smiled) I am feeling itchy near my waist.”

She showed me her navel area. Her narrow waist made me crazy. I grabbed her and pushed her slowly on the sofa. I licked her lips, which were already wet and sticky because of almond milk. I was pushing my tongue inside her mouth. We were kissing each other like there was no tomorrow.

I started pressing her breast gently. She pushed me back, laughed, and ran into the bedroom. I was already out of control and ran after her. I entered the bedroom. That naughty woman already made things perfect. She kept the room temperature very cool through the AC, and rose water was sprinkled in the air.

It made the situation more intense. Lights were dim and dull. She was playing hide and seek with me. She was laughing in the dark was able to hear her voice. She was trying to move out of the room, but I caught her hand. I lifted her up in my arms and again brought her into the room.

I made her lie down on the bed. Initially, I started smelling her whole body. First, she had applied beautiful talcum powder on her face with a beautiful fragrance. This short play of ‘hide and seek’ made her sweat a little. I liked the smell of her sweat.

We were looking at each other in the eyes. I went close to her face and kissed her. I pushed myself back a bit. My attention went towards her breast. She was breathing heavy and warm. The size of the two melons in her blouse was increasing and decrease.

We both were relaxed for a while. Then she got up and gave one end of saree in my hand and started moving away from me. As she was moving away from me, I started disrobing her. Saree was getting removed bit by bit. My heart was pounding like anything.

After few moments, I was going to see her completed naked. I removed her saree, and she removed her blouse. Now she was in her bra and panty. I was able to see her curves. She gave me a look and went into the kitchen. I removed my clothes in a hurry and went after her.

Really, she was making me dance behind her. I entered the kitchen. She came from behind and tied a piece of cloth to my eyes. She made me sit on a chair, and I could smell she was chewing a betel leaf.

God knows what she was going to do. But sitting over there and having a naked woman around was happiness in itself. My eyes were closed, but still, I was able to smell her. She came and sat on my thighs, holding my face. She fed me betel leaf through her mouth. The juice of betel leaf and her saliva was amazing.

By the time we both were kissing each other. I unhooked her bra and got down on my knees. So her boobs came near my face. She pressed my face in her cleavage, and she was hitting me gently with her boobs. My hands were free. I was applying my hands on her hamstring and her buttock.

I took one vanilla ice cream cup. I applied it all over her legs and buttock, and I started licking it. The mixture of her essence with vanilla flavor was amazing. I could not control myself and realized that it is now or never. I was inserting and pushing my tongue deep under her buttocks.

The sour taste was killing me, and it was unforgettable after licking all the cream and her juice. I got up, turned her back, and licked her tongue. I gave her the taste she had at her bottom. Then I lifted her right leg and kept her feet on a chair.

I inserted my thirsty penis inside her pussy and started fucking her. Ahh! She was so wet inside I can feel that moisture on my penis. I purposely made her stand like that. When I give her hard strokes, I can see her boobs bounce. Her boobs were bouncing, and I untied her hair.

When I saw her standing in this way, her like her breast bouncing, her hair dancing in that rhythm. The whole scene was mesmerizing. When we got bored in this position. I sat on the chair and made her sit on my thighs with my penis penetrated inside. And made her bounce on that.

She started moaning. Her breathing went higher, and with a shy smile on her face, she was looking at me. My penis was going inside, and she was enjoying that. I can say this as her closed eyes and pleasant face was telling me everything. We both were enjoying these ups and downs.

When she saw my eyes were closed as well or I was about to sleep. She gently got up, gave me a slap, smiled, and ran away. Maybe she wanted to make this more exciting. I ran after her. She was taking a cold shower and purposely kept the bathroom door open.

I pushed the door, went inside, and embraced her wet and soft body. Oh, god, I cannot explain. (You can try it with your woman). I could see the water droplets going from her check towards her neck and from there towards the tip of her nipples. I realized I was about to release.

She slapped me. I wanted to take revenge, so I smacked her wet butt. I lifted her up and brought her to the bedroom. I pushed her on the bed and jumped on her. I divided her legs and started fucking her like a thirsty dog. She started moaning loudly. I was fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

She said, “No! Punit, do not release inside me. It will put me in a problem.” I asked her to give me a better option. She said, “Cum in my mouth.” I said, “No, baby, give me a better one,” she said, “Do whatever you like today. I am yours tonight.’

Wow! I just flipped her back and penetrated my dick inside her anal. The pain was unbearable for her. But she knew that is the only way out to this naughty animal. And finally, I burst inside her. I felt like I was falling down, and I dropped. We both were lying in bed. She lay upon me and hugged me.

I was able to feel her wet armpits on my arms. I can’t stop myself more getting dirtier and just went ahead and licked those armpits. Really a woman’s sweat, taste, and smell are amazing.

We rested for a while, then I felt that it is better to leave now. She came to leave me at the exit door. We kissed each other. And she asked me one question, “Punit, can we threesome?”

I said, “You, me and….?”

She said, “Sammy. For the last two days, he gave me five ice cream candies for free, and in return, I used to give him a juicy blowjob.”

I said, “WHAT?”

And here it ends. My friends, please tell me your opinion on [email protected] Thanks for reading. You can also read my other story here.

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