Hot Sex With Katherine From Office To Hotel

Hi everyone. My name is Ajil. I am a 34-year-old software engineer. Basically from Kerala but working in Dubai. I am 5ft 8 inches tall. Six pack abs and 6-inch rock solid dick. Please respond with your comments on [email protected]

In my previous story, ‘Sex With Office Colleague In Dubai’,  I told everyone how I had sex with Katherine. After that, we were so close and kept having sex whenever we got an opportunity.

One day in the office, Katherine started a hot chat with me on the company web chat.

Katherine: Hi Ajil. My hot cucumber.

Me: Hi Kat. How are you?

Katherine: I am hungry and waiting for the evening.

Me: Your husband is not home today?

Katherine: He is home. I will book a hotel in Dubai. We can go there. So after work, you fuck me quick and I will go back to my flat. Tomorrow is a holiday. So I will find some time in the morning to come and see you.

Me: You horny bitch

Katherine: I am wearing sexy blue panties and bra that you like.

Me: And I am carrying your favorite dick in my pants

Katherine: Yummy!

Me: Are you wearing a skirt today?

Katherine: Yes.

Me: People might notice the wet juice flowing through your leg from the pussy.

Katherine: It’s already dripping wet. But my panties can hold it.

Me: I want your pantie now.

Katherine: How can I remove it in the office?

Me: Go to the bathroom, remove it and put it in an envelope and give it to me.

Katherine: Ok.

After some time she came with the envelop and put it on my desk. I waited till lunch to take it back to the bathroom. I opened it and saw wet panties with her juices in it. I masturbated on it. Waited for a little for the thick liquid to stick on it. Then came back and returned the envelope to Katherine.

Katherine: Why you returned it?

Me: I have another juice on it and thought of giving you back.

Katherine: I was planning to drink it fresh today evening. You ruined it.

Me: Don’t worry. I have a lot more juice for you.

Katherine: I will try to book a hotel in Dubai

Me: ok

Evening 5:30 I messaged Katherine. “I have some urgent work to complete and it might take some time. You leave and let’s meet tomorrow. I will be staying in Dubai.”

Katherine: Let’s leave together. I will wait for you here in my seat.

Since it was the weekend. Everyone left the office on time and I was sitting late and working. The office boy came next to me and told that everyone left because of its weekend. He wants to know when am I leaving so that he can turn all the lights off. I told him I will switch it off.

But he insisted that he will stay.  I told him I will take 2 more hours to complete. The office boy told that he will go to a restaurant to have tea and buy some food for his kids. Then he will come back and switch the lights off. I continued my work.

By the time Katherine came near me and asked how long will I take. I told her that it might take an hour minimum. She said ok. I asked her where is the envelope. She told me that she put it in her bag. Then she came near me and touched my dick over my pants and started feeling it.

I looked at her for a few seconds then took her to my our presentation room turned off the light. I turned her around, lifted her skirt and inserted my dick in her pussy. She covered her mouth with my one hand and kept stroking hard in her pussy. She was squeezing her boobs and enjoying it.

After 10 to 15 minutes I made her suck my dick. While doing that I called the office boy on my phone and asked him when is he coming. He replied he is nearby and can come in another 30 minutes. I stopped the fuck session and gave my car key to Katherine. I asked her to go and sit in my car.

I will come in 30 minutes. We should not be caught doing this. She agreed and left for the parking. In 30 minutes the office boy came and close the lights and I left too. I came to the car and asked her for the hotel location and started driving.

On the way, her husband called and asked where she is. She told that she will leave the office late and not to worry because Ajil will drop here. We then reached the hotel. I gave our ids to the reception and went to our room. As soon as we entered the room Katherine removed my pants and started sucking my dick.

She kept sucking for 10 minutes then sat on the sofa lifting her skirt up. I inserted my finger in her pussy and also my tongue on top of her pussy. Finger fucked and sucked her at a time. I lifted her one leg and inserted my dick in her pussy. She was loving and enjoying each stroke. She was so horny.

I kept fucking her until I was about to cum and then I came in her mouth. She drank it all clean for 5 minutes. And the told that she will leave now and try to come by morning. She then left for the bathroom to clean herself. She came out of the bathroom and saw me standing naked and with a hard dick.

Seeing me she knew what I wanted and she jumped on top of me. I lifted her in my arms and inserted my dick back in her pussy and standing fucked her. She pulled my hair and asked me to fuck her nonstop. I kept giving hard strokes in her pussy nonstop.

Then I took her to bed and then took my dick out and inserted my 2 middle fingers. I pressed it up fast in her pussy. In no time she started squirting and I kept doing it until she was crying with pleasure. Then I inserted my dick back inside and kept fucking her for another 20 minutes.

Then I mouth fucked her for another 15 minutes. Then I took my dick in my hand, masturbated and came in her mouth. She was satisfied and tired. She went to the bathroom and came back. I was ready to drop her back.

On the way, I told her that her husband should not feel suspicious and make sure she fucks him tonight. To which she replied not to worry about that. She also offered me her ass for tomorrow.



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