Good Time With School Teacher

This is Rahul. I am back with a beautiful story of how I had sex with Aunty near my office in Bangalore. This happened during the early days of joining in work and as a bachelor. Her name is Anu and she is working as a kindergarten School teacher.

She is living in an apartment next to the bus stop where I board the bus from the office. Mostly in the morning, I have tea in a small shop near that bus stop. I used to see her waiting for her school bus. She is a modern teacher of age around 34 to 36.

Often, she will be wearing saree with a sleeveless blouse or low cut chudidar. Daily I used to stare at her and she too knows I am looking at her. She too will glide her vision sideways to check whether I am looking at her or not. She won’t even smile nor do any gestures.

But she will somehow look at me. It will be just 5 minutes of drama and she will leave for school. This was happening for about 2 months and the staring went on.

On Saturday, I went to the nearby mall to buy some clothes for a marriage function. I saw her with her small kid walking towards the food court. She came alone and there was no adult accompanying her. She was wearing a red color printed kalamkari top and blue jeans.

Her shape was like a 25-year-old model with apt boobs. Her waist was that curvy and her dress was fit into it. I also went into the food court and ordered some snacks. She made her kid sit on the table and went for ordering. She saw me sitting around the corner and turned away and was placing her order.

Meanwhile, I was making funny expressions looking at her kid. She was also responding with her expressions. As Anu was heading towards her table, I stopped playing and was eating the snacks. The kid was all noisy and was playing with her snacks.

Suddenly she ran towards me and started playing with me. Anu didn’t expect this and rushed towards me to take her child away. The kid started crying and she couldn’t do anything than to leave her kid to play with me. Anu also took her order to my table.

I helped the kid to finish her snack. Anu thanked me and I reminded her that I used to see at the bus stop. Anu also said she has seen me at the tea shop. I introduced myself and she did so. We didn’t share anything apart from our names. Anu left as it was getting late. I also left for home.

After 2 days, the morning I saw her waiting for a bus. I was as usual at tea stall. She looked and smiled at me and I too smiled back. I gestured to have tea with me and she replied in actions that it’s getting late for her. I again waved my hands that evening coffee and she replied at 5 in bus stop.

It was 5 and I was waiting. She came from her regular bus and smiled at me and shook my hands. Then we went to nearby café and ordered ourselves. We both shared many things like office, school, family, etc. During the talks, I could see her staring at me and letting her view all over me and checking me out.

I too was checking her in angles to have a glimpse of her assets. We shared our numbers and she left. I didn’t text her first and waited whether she will text first. 2 days gone and there are no messages from her and as usual smiles in the morning alone.

3rd night at 10, she forwarded a good night message to me. I too replied back a good night. After 20 minutes, there was a photo of some quotes from her. I didn’t reply to her and just viewed the message so that she will know that I have seen her message. Then after 5 minutes.

Anu: Slept?
Me: Getting ready.
Anu: Shall we speak for some time or if you want you can sleep.
Me: Yes we can talk.

Anu: I have been seeing you for more than 2 months. Why were you staring at me daily in the morning?
Me: You were looking good and you are hot too. So I used to stare at you.
Anu: Will you stare at anyone, who is good and hot?
Me: God gave eyes to admire beauty, so I do and admire beauty in any form.

Anu: Nice answer
Me: Why were you staring at me in the café? I noted you checking all over me
Anu: I was casually looking at you and nothing intentional.
Me: (smiley)

Anu: It getting late and I need to get up early. Good night.
Me: Good night.

Next day morning I saw her at the bus stop. She was wearing a maroon color chudidar and she was gorgeous in that. That night, I sent her a photo of an angel dressed in maroon color.
Anu: ?
Me: My morning has been blown away by this angel.
Anu: Come again?
Me: Just my day was made seeing this angel and nothing needed more than it.

Anu: Are you trying to flirt with me?
Me: It’s not flirting, but its praising beauty or complimenting the admiration
Anu: Thanks, and nice words used by you and your wife is lucky
Me: You also lucky too.

Anu: How am I lucky? My husband has not praised me like this.
Me: I didn’t say about him, if you didn’t give your no, I couldn’t have expressed my words for you.
Anu: (kiss smiley)

Me: Good night, have a romantic dream.
Anu: Let’s see who is coming in my dream.
Me: Good. Let me know tomorrow.
Anu: Good Night.

Next day morning, I gestured who came in your dreams and she replied no one. I made a sad face and she laughed and went to school. That night she texted, she had a dream about the coffee shop incident and I was there. I was very eager and asked to describe.

She said she was there with her kid and I was the waiter there. They ordered milkshakes and I was serving them. While placing it, it fell on her and her dress was completely spoiled with the milkshake. She was shouting. In the next scene, they were in her home and I was washing her dress.

I was laughing and said I missed it. She asked me what I missed. If I was little early in her dream, I could have bathed her also before washing. She didn’t reply after this for about 30 minutes. I realized I said something stupid and was afraid she will stop talking.

After that, she replied, if it’s your wish to do it in your dreams and 2 smileys. That I confirmed that she is ready for banging and the time is to be fixed. I replied as I can dream about that. But if its dream comes true scenario is well appreciated. She replied, she will think and say.

2 days after, she called and asked what my plan is this weekend. I said nothing, will have booze and sleep. She insisted to plan a movie with her kid and dinner. I said ok and booked for an animation movie, which her kid will like. We went to movie and had dinner and it was around 10.

I dropped them at their apartment and was about to leave. She called me and whispered, “Shall we make the dream come true?” I was in stroke and couldn’t believe what I heard. I asked her to go first and I will be back. I rushed to
nearby pharmacy and bought a pack of condoms.

I went to her home and she made her kid sleep in the next room. She has changed into a silky robe. I could see and her inner linings in those. I lifted her and took her to the bed. She was looking into my eyes and kissed me on my lips. I dropped her on the bed and kissed her deep.

We both kissed like sex animals and our lips were glued for about 15 minutes. We both exchanged all that’s in our mouth. I bit her hard and she was bleeding little in her lips. The tension was building and our mood increased each second passed. I removed my clothes and was in underwear.

I groped her melons and crushed them over her bra. She started moaning and she rubbed her hands on my crotch. My manhood started bulging in my shorts. I cupped her melons and sucked them over the robe. She pushed me down and she came over me. She slowly went down and kissed my dick over the shorts.

She removed her dress and was naked. Then she removed my shorts and freed my dick. It was standing like an iron pole and full of blood rushing to the tip. Without any effort, she took the entire length in her mouth and sucking it like a candy. She was licking and sucking my dick for about 10 minutes.

She was covering every inch of my dick and her saliva was flowing from top to bottom. I was not able to hold and after some serious sucking. I exploded in her mouth. She drank fully and was sucking every drop which is still inside and yet to ooze out. I never experienced such sucking until then.

I pulled her down and I started kissing all over body. I started from the neck and moved to her melons. I couldn’t grab it in one hand. I cupped her melons sucked, licked, pinched and bit them. Her white melons became pink color as I handled them hard.

Her pink nipples were wet in my saliva and were spreading over her boobs. I sucked them like an infant and she was moaning louder in pleasure. I moved down to her love hole and it was cleanly shaved. The smell around her pussy is heavenly and made my dick grow even bigger.

I first licked her pussy walls and then inserted my tongue. Her pussy was wet and warm. She clutched the bed in pleasure and I started sucking and licking her more. She couldn’t control her mood and was moaning heavily. After 10 minutes of sucking, she reached her limit.

Her love juice started flowing. Her first orgasm was strong and she was pouring more. My entire face was covered with her juice. She couldn’t wait anymore and begged me to enter into her. I didn’t want to do it. Suddenly, I placed my dick head on her entrance and rubbed it against her lips.

She was tempted more and caught my butt and pushed me inside her. Her hole was little tight, but in a heavy pushing entered her completely. My dick was inside her and her walls were clutching my dick tight. Her love hole was squeezing my dick in way to suck out my entire load.

Slowly I started moving inside her in missionary position. My dick was going in and out in rhythm and she closed her eyes in pleasure. I increased my speed. She was moaning very loud and it echoed inside the walls. I pumped her for
about 10 minutes and turned her over in doggy style.

Both our bodies were shining in the light as it passed on the sweat in our entire body. I pushed my dick deep inside and fucked like a dog. My strokes got stronger and reached the edge of her pussy. I grabbed her melons and increased her mood also. I kissed her back and licked the salty taste of her skin.

Our bodies were rubbed and the heat was spreading all over the room. She had her second orgasm and I can feel her juice flowing over my dick. I fucked her with her juice inside. I was about to release my load. I released inside her a heavy load of my semen.

Both fell on the bed and were breathing heavily. My dick slowly shrunk and came out of her pussy. A mixture of juices was flowing from her pussy and flowed down her thighs. I hugged and kissed her on the neck and slept off. Early morning before her kid wakes up, I grabbed my clothes and started for home.

It was a beautiful sex session and we enjoyed a lot that day. After that we had sex 2 or 3 times and then she left to Australia with her husband. After that, I lost contact with her. I still remember the sensational sex we had that day.

Hope this story was good one and made you horny. For real sex experience contact or inbox me at [email protected]

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