How My Fantasy Dream Came True

This is my first attempt at writing a story about my fantasy dream. So if any mistakes are found, please ignore them.

Let me introduce myself first. I am Arjun (name changed), age 21. The man who led me into this world was Deepak. He was a nice guy of height, about 180 cms and had a fit body.

Now coming to the story. This all happened when I was 19. I am staying in the college hostel to pursue my degree. This is the place where I met my master Deepak. Deepak was one year senior to me. We had shared the same room.

It is the first time I am staying away from my parents. So, Deepak is the man who helps me to remove my depression and break my anal cherry. Later he becomes a very good friend of mine.

This all happened on a rainy day. As it is very cold outside, I had gone to bed earlier. After I had completely fallen into sleep, I feel like someone was lying beside me. After some time, I feel like there is a hand on my body.

I didn’t care about it as I think it may because he was sleeping. But after some time, I felt like his hand was moving all over my body. I waited some time to know if it was done intentionally by him. After some time, I found his hands on my cock, then suddenly a shiver passed through my body.

It clearly indicated that he was playing with my body and I liked the way he was doing it. Then I don’t know what happened. My hands are not in my control. All of a sudden, my hand moved towards him. I touched his cock through outside his shorts. Then I understood that he was not wearing underwear.

Then he came closer to me and asked me if I like it. I said yes. He then asked me that if I have any such experience. Then I replied to him with a yes. And continued that I had done with my cousin when I was at home. I always had a fantasy of sucking a cock.

Then he slowly turns me towards him and comes closer towards me. He planted a beautiful kiss on my lips. That was the first kiss I got in my life on my lips. He sucked my lower lips for about 2 minutes, and now I slowly enjoying it. I, too, show participation in it.

I respond to him by sucking his upper lips. Now my lips entered completely into his, and we exchanged our saliva. He then slowly moved his hand through my shorts and pressed my ass. I can feel my cock inside my underwear, waiting to jump. We broke the kiss.

He moved his hands towards my t-shirt and removed it. Now we two are in just shorts, and I can feel his huge cock touching mine through shorts. He lowers my shorts and touches my little dick, using his hand over my underwear. I feel like I am in heaven.

He now starts playing on it through my inners, and I started to caress his dick too. Now he lowered my inners and removed his shorts, which led our dicks to meet each other. I started stroking him, and he started playing with my ass. He entered one finger into my ass hole and kisses me to make me silent.

Then he started playing in my ass, and I gave him a good handjob. He released on my hand, and then he removes his fingers from my ass. He holds my hand lifts it towards our faces, and he sucks his cum from my hand completely.

He puts his finger into my mouth, which he had put on my ass. We had continued with a deep kiss exchanging our saliva and his cum. He gave me a hand job using his hand and made me cum on his hands.

Now he spread my cum on his hand all over my breast. He comes lower, and he started playing with my left boobs at first and started sucking it. This made me very horny because he started playing with me. He cleaned my cum completely from my left breast.

He now moved towards my right one and while he was sucking my nipple. He inserts his two fingers into my ass. I feel helpless, and I don’t know what to do. I like pleasure very much, and I am in very much pain as well. After he cleans my cum from my body completely, he kisses me.

Now it is my time to return him with pleasure which he had given me. I moved towards the lower part of his body and takes his 6-inch cock in my hand. I slowly put my finger into the tip of his dick and played there for some time.

It is time for oral pleasure, and I started to suck his cock on its tip and caress the balls with my hands. He then held my head and let his huge dick enter completely into my mouth. I feel like I will die. Then he released it slowly and started to mouth fuck me.

He shoots his huge load of cum on my mouth, and I drink it completely. Now it is time for the final act. My ass hole was waiting for his huge dick to enter. I started sucking his balls and cock to give it a boner. Instantly it gets a boner.

Before fucking my virgin ass, he spits on his fingers and completely inserts his three fingers into my asshole. I cried in pain. He put my inners in my mouth to keep me silent.

He inserted his dick slowly into my ass, and I feel like I am in seventh heaven. He pushed his huge cock completely into my virgin asshole. It is very painful for me.

Now he started to stroke his cock in my ass, and slowly my pain turns completely into pleasure. He fucks me there for five minutes and shoots his cum inside my asshole. He turns me towards him, and I made suck his cock once again clean.

I found that I had cummed very much during this act. I cleaned my cum on the floor using my tongue. We, too, kissed each other for another five more minutes and hugged each other naked.

I will come with more stories. If anybody likes my story about gay love with my friend at a college hostel, please spare some time and give me feedback on [email protected]

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