A Secret, Risky Affair With Hot Colleague

I have been reading a lot on this indiansexstories2 website, secretly hiding it from my girlfriend. This is the first time I am posting. So I hope you all will be kind with me and enjoy the little sex encounter I had with a friend.

During my college years, I was in a relationship with my current girlfriend. While everything was enjoyable, we were in a long-distance from each other and hence I would get attracted to other hot girls too. I never did anything actively from my end to engage in flirting or sexting but I use to be on the lookout for opportunities.

I loved sexting and used to enjoy that with my girlfriend but over time, it started to get a bit dull.

I had a colleague with who I was not very close friends. She was tall, with a curvy figure, and would often wear tight jeans and a top revealing her cleavage all the time. I would always get excited whenever I see her but we would only smile at each other occasionally and maybe say a few words.

One day, I and my colleague met in the college hallway and kind of ended up going to lunch in the cafeteria together. She was looking very hot.

Me: You look really good.

Her: Just good?

I already assumed she was hinting at me to say more.

Me: If I am being honest, tum sexy lag rahi ho as usual.

Her: As usual huh? Tum notice karte ho mujhe bahut? Maine dekhi hoon. Bata du tumhari girlfriend ko?

Me (trying to keep things light): Arey, nahin nahin. Aise hi keh raha tha.

My hot colleague started laughing at me. I told her that we should meet more and exchanged our numbers. We then started texting each other.

After some days, we started flirting. I would tell her how hot she looked and that if I was single, I would have already asked her to be my girlfriend. My colleague seemed very easy going and said that she didn’t care if I was not single.

The flirting started to escalate even more. We would mostly just text. Whenever I got a chance, I would text her and she would do the same.

We didn’t speak much over the phone and enjoyed flirty texts. She would send a selfie of what she was doing and then it would include her cleavage and I would comment on how sexy she looked.

After a couple of weeks of flirting, we eventually met at a common party which was our first meeting outside the college. My colleague was wearing denim shorts and a top with lacy threads. We smiled at each other and started talking.

The lights then turned off and slow dance music started. Everybody started dancing. We just ended up being a pair and started to slowly move together.

My hands were around my colleague’s waist. We were close and could feel each other’s warm breaths. We both could feel each other’s heart racing. I kept a decent distance.

We were already down a few drinks and were tipsy. We then started to get closer.

My hand started to feel around her lacy top. It was dark so we were assured people wouldn’t notice as everyone else was drunk too and in their worlds.

My hand started to touch her more. I was playing with her top and touched her back which was a little bare. Our bodies rubbed against each other slowly.

I looked at my colleague with a lustful look and she did the same. But we had to be careful too and not let others get any hint of what was going on.

She started making her moves too. She brought her body closer to mine. I could feel myself touching her denim jeans now. My colleague started to push against me more. Her boobs were rubbing against my chest. We were keeping a little distance whenever we felt that somebody was watching.

I wanted to grab my hot colleague’s ass so badly but didn’t want to take a chance. Her lips were just an inch away from mine and we could both feel the same intensity and desire of wanting to share a smooch.

Suddenly, we just couldn’t hold it any longer and decided to sneak out to the terrace.

We were just so hot with desires and I couldn’t even wait until we got there. So, right in the stairs, I started to kiss her lips! It was so intense and passionate and she returned the same.

I pressed my body against her and continued to kiss her lips. I rolled out my tongue inside my colleague’s mouth and started to suck her tongue. My hand wrapped around her ass in the hot jeans. She started to kiss back hard and started sucking my tongue and was moaning.

We knew we didn’t have very long. I started to touch her all over and pulled her top. But she stopped me because somebody could come any time.

I grabbed my colleague’s ass and squeezed them. We continue to deep kiss and lustfully licked each other’s saliva.

I whispered to her that I wanted to fuck her. She wanted it too but we knew it was too risky and will have to wait for that.

I turned her around and started to rub myself against her ass in the hot jeans. She looked so hot in those jeans and I was drooling at just the way it looked.

I continued to dry hump my colleague’s ass. I put my hands around her top and squeezed her boobs. I pulled her lacy straps down and I could see her black bra inside and that got us both agitated even more. But we knew we had to stop and keep things secret.

We then heard some people making noise at the terrace and we were both gasping for air. We were so aroused but we stopped. I fixed her hair and clothes and gave her a long smooch.

We went to our apartments after that hoping nobody noticed anything. I texted my colleague and ended up sexting late in the early morning hours. This was our first sexting but it ended up being so hot because of that earlier encounter.

She said she loved sexting too. We spoke about how hot our affair was and agreed to keep it secret and continue it.

I hoped you liked reading my first attempt. I will have many more to offer based on the feedback I receive.

My Hindi is not so good so wrote mostly in English. I am open to suggestions and also open to connect with similar minded people.

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