Sex With The MLA!

Hi guys! It’s me Additya here with a recent sexual incident that happened in my life.

I am not a fiction writer and I only write what truly happened with me.

So basically, I am from Pune. I have a great athletic body and weight around 70 kg and height of 5.9 feet.

One day, I got a message on my hangouts from a random guy. He asked me whether my sex stories were real and he also asked about my likes and dislikes. His name was Rakesh (name changed). He was very polite and made me feel very special. As I am a bottom, I love getting pampered by guys.

We exchanged our pics (without showing our faces) after some days. This guy’s body was outstanding, he had a muscular body. I asked him whether he use to go to the gym.

He said he didn’t go to the gym but he used to play kushti earlier but now he doesn’t get time for that either. However, he had maintained his body very well. In fact, the moment I saw his hunk body, my hands deliberately went to my asshole and I started fingering myself!

One day we were chatting and he asked me whether I was interested to meet him. I immediately said yes.

We decided on the meeting-day and I went to meet him that day. He had booked an expensive suite room. I wondered who he really was.

I reached his suite and knocked on the door. The door was opened by a very elderly man who seemed to be his assistant. As I entered the room, I saw 2-3 bodyguards standing around the corner. The assistant asked me to sit and left with the bodyguards.

After they left, I got busy on my phone. Then, after 10 minutes, the guy arrived. I was shocked when I saw his face for the first time. I realized I knew him.

Rakesh: Why are you looking so shocked?
Me: I guess I know you.
Rakesh: Ohhh. But I didn’t recognize you.

I told him who I was. And he was none other than MLA of our area!

Me: Please don’t tell my father about all this.
Rakesh: Don’t worry, I won’t tell anything unless you keep me happy.
Me: I need some time to think.

Then the MLA came and sat next to me and loosened his bathrobe. Oh my god! His body was what attracted me and made me come over. He saw me looking at his body. He came closer to me and started caressing my thighs. I said, “Okay, I won’t let anyone know about this, just keep me satisfied”.

He started kissing my neck. I got weak and started feeling his chest and muscles. The MLA got up and took off his bathrobe. His cock looked yummy. It was the perfect dick for my ass to get drilled!

The MLA held my chin and directed towards his cock. And in no time, I was blowing him hard. In the meantime, he got me undressed. After a few minutes, he came in my mouth. The cum was so tasty. (I still have the taste of his cum on my tongue).

Rakesh then made me stand and looked at me. He started kissing my stomach and my hips. Then he went up and was sucking my nipples and biting them often (which I loved).

Then he sat on the sofa and I sat on his lap. His cock was 7 inches long. I was afraid whether I would be able to take such a huge cock inside my ass.

When I sat, he showed no mercy and pinned me down in one go.

Me: Aahhhh…take it out, it’s paining!!

But the MLA was not in a mood to listen. He started drilling me. After some time, I started enjoying. Rakesh was still banging me real hard.

I then leaned to the front and offered him my nipples. The way he sucked them was amazing. No one had ever sucked my nipples the way he did.

Picking me up, he stood and banged me in standing position. I loved sucking his muscles and shoulders, he really had a great body. When we were in action, a bodyguard arrived and said to Rakesh –

Bodyguard 1: Sir, there is an important call for you.
Rakesh: Catch his ass and support Additya.

The bodyguard did as Rakesh asked him. The MLA was fucking me in standing position and the bodyguard was supporting my ass. And then Rakesh was talking on the phone. I couldn’t put my arms around his neck so I caught the bodyguard’s hips.

I was feeling a little embarrassed because the bodyguard was also from the same area where I lived. But Rakesh was banging me hard.

Then Rakesh was done with the phone and took me in his arms. And when bodyguard was leaving, I said to Rakesh –

Me: I want double penetration, I want that bodyguard too in the bed.

Rakesh: How many do you want? I said, “Two are enough for me”.

And then Rakesh called up his two bodyguards. Rakesh lied on the bed. I sat on him. One of the bodyguards started penetrating my ass and the other guard stood up and gave his cock in my mouth. The way these three beasts fucked me was really amazing.

“Sssshhhhh” “aaahhhh” were the only sound in the room. I was drenched in sweat and saliva. Then the bodyguard came on my face and left.

But Rakesh was not finished yet. He took me in missionary position and fucked me vigorously. He got up, sat on my chest and put his hard dick in my mouth and fucked my mouth like he was fucking my ass. He then came inside my mouth.

Then we lied there for a while.

After some time, I got up and took a shower and then left. But now the MLA calls me up anytime he wants and the best part is I have got fucked by all his bodyguards. Everyone is a beast, I must say.

So, this was a real incident, guys.

I am a bisexual male here. Girls, aunties, and boys from Pune can contact me my mail id – [email protected]

Please readers, do comment and you can message me personally as well. So, thank you guys for reading. I love you, muah!

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