Steamy Sex In The Shower

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In my last story, I told how Mahesh and Charles fucked me at Mahesh’s house. Charles had left. Mahesh and I took a small nap in Mahesh’s bedroom. We woke up at around 10 PM. Still, in bed, I felt pulsations in my man pussy. I wanted more of the steamy sex.

Over the last two nights, I had become a gay slut for my friend who desired hot cocks all the time. Mahesh was in his undies while I was still wearing stockings and lingerie. Mahesh got up from the bed. Took out his bathrobe from the closet and went towards the washroom.

He stood at the door, looked at me, and asked if I wanted to join. “You go ahead,” I said, and Mahesh went into the washroom. He kept the door open. I was still feeling tired but was horny too. I laid on the bed for some time.

I could hear the sound of water running from the shower on Mahesh’s hot body. The sound was having some effect on my body. I wanted to be under the shower too. Rubbing against Mahesh’s body.

I got up from the bed, and while I was still in stockings and lingerie, I headed to the washroom. I saw Mahesh standing under the shower, naked. Hot water running all over his sexy back and ass. His back faced me.

I did not take my clothes off and went under the shower. Held Mahesh’s chest from behind and started kissing and smooching his neck. My hands went down to his cock, and I started squeezing it. It began to get hard. I started stroking it, it came to its full glory.

I was still smooching his back while stroking his cock, standing behind him. Mahesh turned around. We both looked at each other and started kissing. He cupped my ass while I held his neck, and we kept kissing for long under the hot water. His tongue and my tongue were exchanging saliva.

He took my bra off, broke the kiss, and started fiddling with my nipples, looking seductively at me. He squeezed my man boobs and bent a little to suck them. I held his hair and started moaning. He was using his tongue to circle around my nipples and then bit them hard. I let out a loud shout.

He laughed, looked at me. I gave out a teasing moan looking at him, and he went back to sucking my man boobs. He left a lot of love bites all over my white hairless chest. He did the same to both my nipples. He came back up and started kissing me wild.

I held his cock and was stroking it. We broke the kiss now. I started licking his chest with my tongue. I went to his nipples, licked them, bit them, and sucked them. I was working on his cock with my hands simultaneously. He pushed me down. I knew what he wanted.

I got down on my knees. My mouth was right next to his monster cock. He handed me a loofah and a shower gel. I spread the shower gel on his cock and started rubbing it with the loofah. Foam covered his cock. Then he let a stream of water flow through his cock.

All the foam was gone, and there it was, a fresh, good smelling, clean cock in front of me to make love too. I started sucking it hard. Started taking it deep from the beginning. Then I held it with my hand and started stroking and sucking it together.

Mahesh was holding my head hard and was moaning loud with every movement of mine. Once, he held my head tight and forced all his length inside my mouth. I got choked. He pulled out and pushed his cock again deep, full length in my mouth. He did this 10-12 times.

After that, I started stroking and sucking him harder. I was spitting on his cock, talking dirty to him, his cock, making seductive noises, and kissing his cock profusely. I started stroking it even harder now. He held my head and shivered and came.

His cum was over my face. It was flowing down with water, and I collected as much I could and ate it looking at Mahesh. He pulled me up. Made me turn around. Took off my stocking and g-string.

He started rubbing the loofah with shower gel all over my body. My chest, neck, arms, crotch, ass, and even my man pussy. He cleaned my whole body. I felt his hands all over my body. He was hard again. He said he wanted to do raw without a condom. I wanted that too.

We both went out of the shower. He threw me on the bed. Came over me. He brought his cock near my mouth. I sucked him, made it wet. He asked me to turn around and bend. I did the same. He spat on my ass, licked it. Made it wet. I was now craving for his cock.

He spat on his cock too. He put his cock near my manhole and pushed it in. It did not pain this time. In fact, I was enjoying it from the very first stroke. He kept banging me. I wanted him to go hard. He increased his speed and kept going for a long time.

He took out his cock and asked me to turn around. I did that. I was on my back now. He took my legs, kept those on his shoulders, and started banging me again. I loved this position. “Why didn’t you fuck me like this before? It is so hot. Yeah, baby, right there, keep pushing, aaah,” I said.

He held my neck by his hands and started pushing his cock deep in me. “You want more baby, hmmm, tell me, you are my slut, say it, you are my slut.”

“I am your slut, I am your slut baby, show your slut some good time. Yeah, right there, keep hitting me jaan, I am your slut baby.”

We kept talking dirty. He said he wanted to cum inside my ass. I said I want him to do that too. Yeah, baby. He came close to me, kissed me wild, and with one push, he let out his cum in my ass. I felt the warmth of his cum inside. He lay in my man pussy for some time.

We were exhausted again. Went to sleep and got up the next morning. We took a shower together again the next morning, just fooled around in the shower. I got dressed and went to work. He said he will have a surprise for me once I return back.

What was that surprise? I will tell you in the next story.

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