Dream Of Fucking Colleague Neha Comes True

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well during the pandemic. I have been a reader of ISS since 2014. From that time onwards, I always dreamed of having sex and writing about it here.

Speaking of myself, I am an average built guy, age 25, with a height of 5 ft 11 inches and a dick size more than enough to please a woman.

My story happens when I first visited Bangalore for a job in 2017. After 5 days of joining, a girl from Delhi joined my company as a junior. Her name was Neha (name changed). She was 5’4 in height with a boob size of 36 and age 23. Immediately after seeing her, my blood rushed to my penis which erected like hell!

I started talking to her. I offered my new colleague girl coffee which she rejected. From that time onward, I said in my mind I will fuck her one day!

Days and months passed by, she was having trouble cooperating with other colleagues. So Neha started avoiding them. Finally, she turned to me and started spending time with me. Whenever she had a doubt, she will clarify with me.

Over days, we became closer. At home also we used to chat on WhatsApp. Slowly, the duration of our talking increased. We used to talk till 4 am and started sharing vulgar jokes.

One fine day while chatting, Neha said that she wanted to tell me something. From that moment, I knew she was going to propose to me. My colleague girl said that she liked me very much. I replied to her saying that even I liked her.

From there, we used to talk about spending our time together and also started talking about having sex. She did not agreed to it first. I had to try my level best so that I could achieve my dream of having sex with my sexy colleague.

Our sexual encounter started when she asked for a kiss. I without a hesitation said to her that I will kiss her in the lift. She agreed to that.

Later, we were waiting for everyone else to leave. Finally, we had a chance. I texted her to go to the lift. We both packed our bags and left the office.

After entering the lift, I gave a french kiss to my hot co-worker. She was aroused. I found my opportunity there to grab her breasts! She was stunned when I grabbed her breasts. She immediately moved away from me telling that all she asked for was a kiss.

I felt bad. We both went home. Later that night, I got a message from Neha telling me to book room in Oyo. I was like, “Seriously?!” The girl who pushed me away was now telling me to book room an Oyo room.

I said asked her why the sudden rush. She answered, “I know you can’t hold your horses for long. Even I felt like having sex.”

I immediately booked the room for the next day. I went out and bought some condoms. I was ready within one hour.

The time was not passing. I was so excited because I was going to fulfill my dream. I couldn’t even sleep that day. She said, “Don’t be excited now. Show all your horse power tomorrow!”

The next day arrived. We both took leave from the office that day. We met at the metro station around 11 am. My sexy colleague asked me whether I wanted to do this. I said, “Hell yeah!”

Since 12 pm was the check in time, we decided to have lunch first. After the lunch, it was almost 12. We went to the hotel and checked in. After entering the room, I closed the door. We started staring at each other. Neha asked me, “Why don’t we resume what we stopped yesterday?”

I asked in return, “So, can I grab your boobs now?”

She replied, “I am yours, baby. So whatever you want.”

Without wasting any time, I pulled the Delhi girl closer and started kissing her. I didn’t grab her boobs this time since I knew I have a lot of time.

While kissing, we lied down on the bed. After almost ten minutes of smooching, she asked me to remove my shirt. I told her that I can’t remove it alone and I needed her help.

She immediately removed my t-shirt and started licking my chest. It felt so good! I lied down there. After some time, I told her that it was my turn now.

I removed my colleague’s shirt. She was wearing a cream bra. I removed her bra too. OMG! The boobs I had been waiting for! Her melons were so huge that I started licking and biting them immediately. I couldn’t keep my hand out of her breasts.

Neha then stopped me and said that she wanted my dick so badly. And all of a sudden, she pulled down my pants and without wasting any time, she started sucking my dick. That was the first time my dick was being sucked! I could not explain the feeling I got at that time.

For 5-6 minutes, my horny colleague girl sucked my dick till I came. By that time, I pulled her pants down. She was wearing a pink lingerie. I smelled her pussy over it. It was already wet.

I removed that too and slowly inserted my finger in her pussy. She started moaning which made me to finger her faster. I pulled out my finger after some time. She grabbed my hand and put my finger back in her pussy and told me not to stop. She was enjoying it a lot.

Later I asked, “Don’t you want to see my horse power?” She said that she was waiting for it.

I went to my bag for taking the condoms. She asked where was I going. I told her I was going to get the condoms. She picked a condom from her purse and told me, “Even I am prepared.” It made us laugh.

Neha wore the condom on my dick. I asked her which position she want. She said that we will try missionary first.

Now it was time for action. I slowly kissed my sexy colleague and rubbed my dick on her pussy and slowly inserted in her. She started telling me that it was paining. I didn’t listen to her. I inserted my dick fully.

I gave her a few minutes to adjust my dick in her and then I started fucking my colleague girl. She repeatedly kept saying my name and asking me fuck her slowly. But I started increasing the speed. I was kissing her boobs at the same time to arouse her more.

I fucked my co-worker girl like there was no tomorrow. Finally, we both cummed together.

I took my dick out and I saw blood stains on the bedsheet which was full of her cum.

We lied down on the bed for some time naked. I was playing with her boobs. She again started fapping my dick which made me hard again. I asked her, “Shall we go for round 2?” She said yes.

Later that day, we fucked 4-5 times. We slept nude, and took a bath together. It was an erotic experience which I can’t forget.

After that every month, we booked rooms regularly and fucked until lockdown came. Now we both are in our own native places and working from home. I am in Bangalore and she is in Delhi.

I am waiting for my next adventure with other girls. My other dream is to have a threesome which I hope will happen soon. I always like to fuck girls elder than me.

Kindly ignore if any mistakes are there. Please let me know about the feedback of my story. I can be reached at [email protected] Any girls who have similar sex fantasies can email me.

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