Bangalore Bang Saga 1 – My Colleague Reena

Hi to every single hot lady out there in Bengaluru, Kerala, Tamilnadu, and Hyderabad.

I am based out of Bangalore but I  travel to Tamilnadu often to meet my friends.

I am Karthi, working for a startup in Bengaluru and 27 years youngster. Normal body with great stamina and right size dick that any lady merits.

My partner, a year senior to me and keeps up her body very well with standard exercises. Her 34D boobs and an awe-inspiring abdomen can turn on any person to gaze at her benefits (34-30-36 = 100 perfect). She has a decent ass too which she shows off wearing tight outfits.

We know each other at work and talk regularly throughout our break times and I compliment her consistently about her dressing sense and her physique in a roundabout way which she enjoys constantly and urges me to talk more n more.

One such Saturday, we were altogether finished with our work by 2 pm and figured we could go out for some great lunch and afterward, we went to Nandini palace lodging in Koramangala.

Subsequent to having great nourishment, we chose to head home. On returning, I just inquired to her whether I could invest some more energy with her at her place as I had no particular plans at home.

My colleague concurred and we figured we will watch a motion picture together on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

We reached her house which was nor so distant from the lodging. She went to change and came back after 15 minutes wearing a straightforward top and shorts which were very short and uncovering her inner thighs.

My eyes got stuck to my colleague’s sexy legs.

Me: I wish you could come to work wearing these outfits and I will never bunk office.

She: I also wish yet I would prefer not to see folks gazing at my legs constantly!

Me: True, that will be an act of aggravating their lust.

Me: But don’t prevent me from appreciating your legs today, please. 🙂 They look extremely decent and you are too beautiful in this shorts and top.

She: Alright Mr. Karthi, it’s your day, have a ton of fun 😀 (giggling)

Me: Wow, you are a darling.

She: Why don’t you get into a relationship and get a lady for yourself with the goal that you don’t need to demand somebody like me for anything?

Me: I am not intrigued by connections but I am a carefree person and I need to keep it straightforward for the time being.

She: Yes, I also detest those genuine connections which are all rubbish nowadays. I wish I knew this before and wouldn’t have dated my ex.

Me: Why stress now over your ex now? There are many folks behind you in our office itself including me!

She: Hahaha – Nice, I will consider it.

Me: I wish I truly get the chance to date an attractive lady like you.

She: Why do you consider me? Am I soo hot?

Me: You are very attractive and your figure causes me to go insane at work. You keep up yourself quite well.

She: Indeed, that I do to make you all go insane!

Our conversations were going smoothly and then we moved to individual talks and afterward, I got somewhat underhanded for some time.

We were sitting together on the couch and were very near one another. While speaking, I was holding her hand and this got us somewhat close and our eyes met on many occasions.

I was holding her hand all the more tight and we were all the more close with one another. She began lying on my shoulders and I was kissing her hair from the top. This continued for some time and the warmth was on in the two of us.

We both looked into each other’s eyes and I began kissing her lips, gradually giving her a profound kiss. My hands were holding her face and we were kissing consistently for some time.

Then I was over my colleague kissing her lips, nose, and eyebrows. Meanwhile, my hands were all over her back feeling her body and was attempting to get inside her top.

Soon, my hands were completely inside her top and this made her top move upwards. I was feeling her midsection on my jawline while kissing her neck, and ears.

My colleague removed her top sooner or later and I got the opportunity to see her exquisite boobs which were of flawless size and shape. I couldn’t stop feeling them and began kissing them hard.

My hands were running on her boobs, pressing them hard. The next moment, I was sucking my colleague’s one boob and pinching her areola. She began groaning and this made me suck her boobs harder one by one.

Her hands were on my back pulling off my shirt. We were semi-naked making out with each another. I was over her uncovered boobs feeling her body and kissing her frantically.

She had the option to feel my dick which had gotten hard over my pants. She was trying to unfasten my pants.

I helped her by relaxing my pants and brought down my zip. She had the option to put her hand inside and feel my dick over my clothing. I was sucking her boobs and kissing them frequently all this while.

We then got up from the couch. I asked her to take my cock out completely and play with it. She stood up from the couch and knelt down. I sat back removing my pants and underwear, showing my fully erect dick to her.

My colleague grabbed my cock and I guided her face towards my dick to suck it. She took the dick gradually into her mouth and began sucking it. This feeling was amazing as it was my first bj.

Initially, my colleague was sucking my cock at a slow pace preventing me from cumming. After a few minutes, she started sucking my cock faster and I was pushing her head towards me more and more.

After a minute or so, I discharged my spunk inside my slutty colleague’s mouth and then she took my dick out of her mouth. I could see my semen spilling from her mouth.

This whole scene helped me to remember some pornography scene and I was planning to screw my colleague’s pussy hard next.

I made her stand up and again pushed her to the couch. Quickly, I was over her, kissing her and tasting my own cum from her mouth. Then I went down kissing her neck, stomach and winded up in the middle of her legs fingering her wet cunt.

My colleague’s wet cunt was so welcoming. I brought my mouth close to it and started sucking it. I could taste a few juices and I kept sucking it more and more. She began pressing my head toward her cunt. I was holding my head tightly while I was sucking her pussy.

I sucked her for a good 20 minutes and then she needed me to fuck her hard.


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