Cheating on my husband for the first time

Hi everyone. My name is Lata, age 32. This is my first story of cheating on my husband.  I read lots of stories on this site when I am free. Now I want to write my experience which happened one month ago.

To tell about me, my height is 5’8 and fair in color. I am not fat and not so thin. I always wear a saree and that too below my navel. Due to my family conditions, I was married to a guy. He is the first person I have slept with.

But, his behavior changed with time. He was addicted to alcohol. Now, he doesn’t do any work. He will be roaming all the time after drinking so much. I have an 8 years old daughter studying in a government school near my village.

Because of my husband, the entire family burden came upon me. Initially, I worked as a primary school teacher. Later on, with some people’s help, I got a small job as a personal assistant to a politically famous guy in our area. He assured me to give a good amount to manage my family.

He is around 50 years of age, of average color, and a fatty person. He has a family with two children. I call him Narayana sir. I joined as his assistant in June 2021.

We were so formal in work from the month of my joining. I noticed that he watched my navel and boobs when no one was present. But, I ignored it as this is not new in my life. From teenager to late 50 uncles, all will try to kill me with their looks. Some people in my village even asked me to sleep with them.

Narayana sir will talk formally with me when anyone is there. But, he started flirting with me when we were alone in his office. He sometimes tries to touch my boobs unknowingly. But I knew my limits, and I didn’t tell him anything.

Deep in my heart, his flirting words make me enjoy. I am sex-deprived. Even my husband fucks me once in a while. But he comes drunk, and I don’t enjoy the session. But, I never dared to sleep with anyone.

Very often, Narayana sir got close to me. He cared about my daughter and me. He used to give me extra money when I needed it. I was very happy working with him. But, I don’t have any sexual intention initially.

One day, we conducted a meeting with around 500 members at 9 am. It got ended at 2:30 pm. All people went from the meeting. Narayana sir and I are alone in the office. It was late for lunch. So he suggested I not go home as he will arrange food for both of us in the office only.

I hesitated to have lunch with him. But, he forced me to stay and ordered someone to get the food. Food came, and I served him. He told me to eat along with him. I hesitantly said okay, and we both started eating.

After that, I cleaned everything. We talked about the meeting and other financial details. His looks are so embarrassing. He directly watches my navel even he knows I am noticing. I got tense.

He first asked me to close the door as he wanted to sleep for some time. I said okay and got out of the room. He wanted me to lock the room and stay inside to make some financial calculations. I felt something awkward. But, as I am doing a job under him, I have to do as he says.

He sat in the chair in front of the office table and closed his eyes. He asked me to sit on the chair beside him and do calculations. I could feel he was continuously watching me from the backside. I wanted to go from there, but I had to stay.

He started asking me various questions about financial matters. But none of his questions are reasonable. He shifted to my family matters. He inquired about my husband’s behavior, daughter studies, and other things.

He asked me, “Do you like your husband?”

Me: What difference does it make if I like him and don’t like him.

He: Why are you saying that? Is he not good with you?

Me: He is a good person. But he forgot all his responsibilities about his family. He doesn’t mind what his daughter and wife are feeling. He will always be drunk. That’s why I am doing this job, making some money for my family.

He: oh!  Is he even not coming to you?

I understand what he meant. He is asking about my sex life. What should I say? I am sex deprived?

Me: (With shy face) He comes often. But…

He: Hmm. But?

He suddenly brought his left hand back and placed it on my hip. I was sitting left-side of him. So, my bare waist is in his hands. I felt a sudden jerk and looked into his eyes. He sees with complete lust. I said nothing and stood from the chair and went to some distance.

He came to me and dragged with the waist. My boobs are crushing on his chest. Both hands are around my waist. We are looking at each other. He started pleading with me seductively and kissing my neck. His hands were doing magic on my waist.

I was resisting and trying to get rid of his hug. But, he held me very tight and strong. My mind is full of thoughts. Morals and sexual feelings are doing their battle. Yes, I want to be fucked. But, I also think about my husband and daughter.

Am I also thinking, what if anyone knows about this? Narayana sir is a reputed person in the locality. I can’t sleep with him.

He started pressing my medium-sized boobs above the saree. He is tickling on my belly button. He continuously asked me, “Only once, Lata, please.” I was saying, “Sir, please, Sir. This is not good. We are doing wrong. You have a big name in society. Please stop Sir. I can’t cheat my husband.”

He is not even listening to my words. He unpinned my saree pallu on the shoulder. He kept his head in the cleavage and both the boobs. To be frank, my resistance is also decreasing. My pussy started oozing its juices and became wet.

He came to my navel area and kissed me all over. He is bitings my side hips and belly button. I was getting crazy with his moves. This is getting so intense and pleasurable. But, I am not fully convinced to sleep with him.

My entire navel area is glowing with his saliva. My blouse also became wet on the nipple area. He has bitten there. Biting on nipples will give high to any woman. Unknowingly, I also started supporting his moves. How long can even I hold my feelings in front of a man?

We are still in a standing position leaning on the wall. Slowly, he started unhooking my blouse and kept both my boobs out of the blouse. He started pressing and biting on my nipples.

I am slowly resisting and moaning about his actions. He is saying, “I love you, Lata. You are so beautiful. Please.”

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. I was scared and thought my life was finished. I am shocked he was not at all scared. He stopped sucking my boobs and asked me to dress up in the attached washroom quickly.

He opened the door. Around 3-4 people came to meet him. He said he was sleeping. I can hear all their conversation. I was really in fear of how to get out from there. I dressed up and waited for the moment to get out.

It took nearly one hour. Then they went, and Sir asked me to come out. He said, “Don’t worry. Nothing happened.” The time was already 5:30 pm. I said, “I will go home.” He also said okay as anyone can come in the evening time.

My mind is full of thoughts that what I did. What about my husband and daughter? What if someone knows? I was walking to my home thinking all of this.

At 7 pm, he called me.

He: What are you doing?

Me: Nothing sir. I just completed my bath.

He: Was you scared when those people came?

Me: Yes, Sir, we did wrong today. I didn’t expect this from you.

He: You are beautiful, Lata. I wanted to fuck you since you joined. Today, I couldn’t control it.

Me: Then why didn’t you say to me before?

He: If I say you, you would have slept?

Me: Not like that. I even observed you many times watching my boobs and waist.

He: You have a sexy navel Lata. Your boobs are perfect in size. Your color, height, body, and everything made me mad these days.

Me: What if your wife knows this?

He: My wife already thinks, I am fucking you. If I am late to home, she will think I came fucking you.

Me: (I was shocked) Really?

He: Yes, we will have some fights also because of you.

Me: So, that’s why you made it true today? (Laughingly)

I became comfortable with him. After a series of thoughts, I decided to get fucked by him. He is a strong person. I will get much satisfaction after many days if I let him.

He: Lata!

Me: Tell me, Sir. (Flirting way)

He: Come to the office once.

Me: What? No, No, No.

He: Please, Lata, our office will be busy all day time. Now, no one will come here. This is a perfect time.

Me: No, My job is to serve you in office timings. Now, it’s late.

Even I want to go and get fucked. But, intentionally, I was teasing him. I was enjoying his pleasing words. He only orders me. Now, he is pleading.

He: Please, Lata.

Me: But, what should I say to my husband and daughter?

He: Tell them some important work is there in the office.

Me: No, Sir, please leave me. I cannot come now. Anyway, you enjoyed it enough today.

He: That’s the reason. You ignited my feelings. Now come and cool them.

After half an hour of talk, we ended the call. I took my daughter and left her at my relative’s home. I didn’t say any reason to her. Meanwhile, my husband came fully drunk. I fed some food to him and made him sleep. As he was deeply drunk, he woke up only in the morning. The time is around 9:30 pm.

I wore a silk saree and tucked some jasmine flowers in my hair. I started walking to the office. I was very excited that night. I felt like a slut going to get fucked by a person other than her husband. But I loved this feeling.

The office was pitch dark, but the door was not locked. I entered the office room. The room is full of AC and Sir is waiting for me. He made the entire setup in the room. He even arranged a mattress and pillows.

When I entered, he locked the room and hugged me with all the lust. He started pressing my boobs and kissing my navel. I switched off the lights. He carried me to the mattress and dropped. He became nude in no time.

He came to me and started to remove my dress one by one – first saree, blouse, and petticoat. I don’t wear a bra or panty. He made me nude. I am only having my mangalsutra on my chest. Jasmine flowers made the room effective.

He is on top of me. Shy in me was completely disappeared. I was not at all resisting. He was not in any hurry. He slowly turned his tongue around my nipple and belly one by one. This is arousing me extremely.

He kissed every inch of my body. He was enjoying every fold of my skin. He inserted his middle finger in my pussy. I moaned. He slowly moved his finger and gradually increased the speed.

I was in the clouds when he was doing like that. I was moaning loudly with extreme pleasure. He didn’t stop until I released my juices. I never get this experience from my husband. I felt relieved for some time.

I took his dick in my hand. It is not so big, an average one. He asked me to give him a blowjob. I knew what blowjob meant, but I was not interested. He didn’t force me then. I massaged his dick for some time. He is ready to fuck now.

He came between my legs and inserted his dick inside my pussy. I felt ultimate pleasure when he entered. My pussy lips contracted to hold his dick. He started fucking my pussy at a slow pace. I was moaning softly.

He increased the stokes. Our thighs are meeting with great sounds. My boobs are jumping with his rhythm. I was moaning louder.

He stopped and immediately made me in the doggy style and again fucked me with harder strokes. My boobs are hanging in the air and jumping. He held my waist and fucking very hard. I held my left boob with my hand and pressed my nipple myself. I didn’t expect him he be this much strong.

He again made me in missionary. I already released juices when I was in the doggy style. We have been fucking for 20 minutes. He is still fucking with force in a missionary position.

He finally released his load after fucking 30 minutes. My pussy is filled with warm juices. I never fucked for 30 minutes. He gave me the pleasurable satisfaction of my life. I want to say to my husband that this is the real sex.

He got tired and slept beside me. I gave him some water. We both relaxed for some time. Then I started picking my clothes. He objected to me doing so. He said, “you are not going anywhere this night.” I was shocked. I pleaded with him to get home as my husband may get up.

He didn’t listen to my words. I unwillingly agreed to his words. He sipped some alcohol, and we were talking. After two hours, he again fucked me. This time he fucked for 45 minutes. My hip pained so much to hold myself in a doggy position. But he is giving me memorable satisfaction.

I woke him at 5 am as I wanted to leave before the light came. I switched on the light and wrapped my saree. He woke up, and I said that I was going.

He was again tempted by seeing my belly in the saree. He stood up and kissed my belly. I was leaning on the wall. He said he couldn’t control it when he saw me in a saree. He turned me towards the wall and lifted my saree with the petticoat.

I bent slightly by holding the wall, and he inserted it from the back. We again made it for half an hour. This morning’s sex keeps us satisfied throughout the day. My husband used to fuck in the initial days of our marriage. Now my boss is fucking.

I adjusted my dress and left the office. I can’t imagine that I went and slept with someone other than my husband. But, that night is a memory for me as I discovered cheating was fun, indeed!

That day, I didn’t go to the office. Luckily my husband was still sleeping when I reached my home. He doesn’t know all this even now. My Sir is fucking me in the office when no one comes. We will have quick sessions mostly. Now I have become a real personal assistant to him.

So, this is the story that happened in my life. Please don’t judge me based on this. I am not a slut. You can comment on me at [email protected] But, please don’t ask for my pictures. I really can’t share. Thank you.

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