Divorced Office Colleague Fucked In Oyo Hotel Room

Hi guys! After my first experience with my college professor here, I am again with another real experience of mine seducing a divorced office colleague and satisfying her needs.

Her name is Madhu and she is 28 years old. She is 5.7 feet in height and has a huge booby and fleshy navel.

When I joined the office, she was my colleague but in a different team. I didn’t focus much on her as I didn’t have any sexual intentions with her. And later after a few weeks, I came to know that she is currently in the divorce process and she has a kid.

We got closer to each other after a few months and we were part of the same lunch gang. Then we became travel buddies.

One day one of our friends took the day and we had to travel together. I sat beside her in the bus. That was when my hands and my divorced office colleague’s body started to have the physical itch. Madhu’s body’s touch had a small effect on me and gave me an erection.

Then the next day we played TT together and while playing, I noticed that my office colleague didn’t wear a dupatta to cover her boobs and whenever she bent down, I had a good view of her tits.

We started getting closer and she started being more open to me about her divorce and life and how her life is empty without anyone. I was thinking of a plan to seduce and fuck my divorced colleague. Since then, we shared our contact numbers. I used to send her some memes and make her laugh.

Then the right time came. I bought a car and I was planning on going for a long drive. It was a Saturday and my co-worker was occupied with our office work. Her family had left for a temple visit along with her daughter.

Her work got completed before the scheduled time. As her family had left, she was sitting Idle in her house. At that time, I told her that it was boring for me so I was planning for a day-night return trip to Pondy.

Madhu said she too was feeling the same and asked me if she can join me. Then the devil inside me started playing tricks. I readily agreed and went to her house to pick her up.

While going on the way, I bought some condoms from the medical shop. We left for Pondy. We were talking, singing, and enjoying the ride totally. Then we went to see some places. I held her hand when we were walking the rocky beaches.

It was going to be late evening. I told my office colleague we’ll have dinner here and we can start off with the night ride to Chennai. Madhu said, “Okay,” and I took her to a bistro restaurant and we had our dinner together.

While she was eating, I asked her about her old stories and convinced her to try some liquor. I was able to convince her that she would enjoy the feeling and also forget her tensions and worries.

Madhu agreed but told me that she had never drunk liquor before. I told her that when mixed with coke, she would not even know the taste and think that she was drinking coke.

My office colleague liked the coke and drank it fully. After some time, Madhu was in a mellow mood. She was telling me about her emptiness and stuff. I told her to stay here for the night as we both are in drunk mode and it is risky to travel during this time.

I opened my Oyo and booked a room in a couple-friendly service apartment. We went to our room and I gave her another coke mixed with rum. She was relaxed now.

I went near her and rubbed her head and then her neck on the pretext of soothing her. Then I made her lie back on the bed. I ran my fingers over her face to gauge her reaction. She was enjoying it and letting out small moans.

I started undressing her kurthi, and then her leggings. She was co-operating as she lifted herself to help me. My sexy divorced office colleague was in her skirt, bra, and panties now.

I ran my hand and kissed her lips and her boobs. Then I removed her clothes completely. I took my phone and took a picture of hers for my memory. She tried to cover her nudity shyly.

I then removed my clothes and dimmed the lights. My colleague was looking at me with a smile on her face.

I went near Madhu, kissed her from toes to her lips, licked her belly button, and kissed her fleshy navel. Her boobs were firm and round. What a sight it was! I was playing with her boobs – licking, chewing them for milk. It was lactating after some sucking! I drank the milk from her boobs. It was an awesome feeling.

Then I kissed my colleague’s pussy lips. I took some vaseline and applied it on my penis. I spread Madhu’s legs wide and kept a pillow underneath her pussy to get an elevation. I then took to the missionary position, and rubbed my cock over her pussy. She was moaning. Her pussy was wet.

Slowly, I inserted my cock into my office colleague’s pussy. It was going inside slowly. It was a little tight at first, but then after 5 strokes, I inserted my cock completely into her pussy.

I started giving harder strokes. With each stroke, I was going deeper inside. After 20 minutes or so, I came deep into my divorced office colleague’s pussy. Since this was my chance, I didn’t want to waste on that. So I took my cock and started to ride again.

I tried all the pregnancy positions and pushed deep till my cock touched her womb. I filled her pussy with my seed all the time. I was doing it till 4:00 AM in the morning. I might have fucked her about 5 times and filled her pussy with my sperm.

After that, I didn’t dress. I slept beside her keeping my penis inside her pussy and was hugging her.

It was around 10 am. We both woke up and she was in shock as we both were nude and my penis inside her vagina and her vagina was overflowing with my cum.

Madhu rolled over and got out of the bed. I got up and told her that it was an accident as both of us were drunk. She then calmed down.

I told her that I too was in an alcoholic state and apologized to her about what had happened. I told her that I was sorry.

Later we started on our journey back and I dropped her home in the evening and said, “Sorry,” to her once more.

After a few days, Madhu came and told me that she was feeling sick and vomiting. When she tested, she was pregnant. She bought some i-pills and aborted that baby as she didn’t want to have complications. Later I quit that company and we lost touch.

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