Journey Of Unsatisfied Strangers To FWB – Part 1

Hi Friends, let me take you through a story about 2 unsatisfied strangers. If you are expecting a hardcore action, wait for part two. This story goes with a romantic thriller. I am sure you will enjoy the slow romance of how we satisfied ourselves.

It’s a lockdown; everything around is at a standstill, apart from daily work sitting at home feeling bored. Especially Saturday afternoon is a pretty dull day after lunch. As usual, I was on a social chatting app trying my luck to chat with any sexy mind worldwide.

Oh, let me introduce myself. I am Jasvi, male, 30 years, working in a reputed company as a Manager. I am average built, with a sexy and romantic mind and with a great appetite for sex. Caught up in an arranged marriage from which not able to come out or live happily.

My wife is an open-minded person. Cool looks good enough from me. But sexually, we have zero compatibility. Sex was just a job for her. The frequency was once every two months after my many requests. In short, it was not going well for me.

I was depressed, and even after my marriage, my hand was everything to me. As I was depressed, I satisfied myself with porn and chatting, etc. My wife is aware of it, and she never minded as far as I am not disturbing her.

One day like all other many strangers, somehow, I hit up a person on the chat app. Initially, it was casual. I introduced myself and asked about the stranger. She introduced herself, 35 years old, married, working in a private company. It happened that we both are from the same city.

Initially, it was pretty casual speaking about hobbies, music, and movies. When I asked about her favorite song, she said, “Woh Lamhe…” The Imran Hashmi song. I said yes, I like the video too, with a wink. That is when everything started to turn interesting.

She asked me why do I like that video, and I just replied with a wink. She understood my meaning. She asked me about my marriage. I narrated my whole story. Finally, she understood that we did not have sexual compatibility. After hearing my story, she got pretty open and talked to me about her personal life.

She consoled me and told me she understands the pain of not having good sexual compatibility. When asked her, she narrated her story also. After her marriage, it was fine. But after her first child, her husband started to lose interest in sex.

He had a travel job, so mostly he is out, and he never cared about her physical requirements. With family stress, work stress, and no sex for years, she was depressed. That is when she began to come to these apps and spend some time relaxing her mind.

I was totally in the same boat with her, so we connected well. I told her I was happy to speak to her. Our speaking went well for a couple of days. One day as no one was at our home, we decided to talk on a video call. That is the first time I saw her.

When I saw her, I was delighted. She had curly open hair, average build, white skin tone, a dimple on the face, perfect C cup boobs with a push-up bra and a white T-shirt, Soft and smooth lips. I just said only one word, “HOT.”

She asked me what did I like about her. I explained every feature of her body and especially her sexy mind. She laughed and gave me a naughty smile. It was a good hint for me to say she liked me as well. We chatted on video call for a while, and I could not take my eyes off her throughout the call.

The more we got close, we started exchanging adult jokes and began to speak about adult content. As we both liked watching porn started exchanging good porn content. And one day, we started playing snake and ladder online to time pass.

To make it more interesting, I suggested it let’s make it striptease. If a person gets six, another person should strip a cloth. Finally, whoever wins, the other person should take off all clothes and do as the winner says. As evidence, both were supposed to send a selfie of stripped status.

As we started the game, we had exchanged a selfie. She was in a tank top, long skirt, and inners. I was on my T-shirt, shorts, and inners. It was her who got a first six. She asked me to strip off my T-shirt. Again the second six was by her, and I lost my shorts. Just left me with my inners.

She was laughing and enjoying the game. By the half-game, I aced two sixes in a row. It was her time to strip, and I was waiting. She took off her tank top and skirt. She sent me a selfie in which I could see her push-up bra holding her boobs tight.

I could feel both of them are trying very hard to come out of her bra. Hell yes, I was fucking hard looking at her picture. By then, she got lots of ladders was almost at the end of the game. But for my luck, I scored a six again, and she had to take off her bra. I was in desperate condition to see her without her bra.

Yes, she sent her picture. I could see her selfie without a bra. But she tried to cover both her boobs with one hand and take a selfie with the other. Her eye was winking, and a naughty smile on her face. It was magical. Her boobs were trying to come out of her hand cups.

It was fair I accepted her picture. The next move, she cleared the game. It was my turn to strip off my last cover. Yes, I did. I took a selfie. I was hell hard and dripping. I was clean shaved, and she could see my big size ultimately in the erect position.

She replied, “Someone is giving me a salute for my win.”

Me: Sorry, I could not help looking at your picture. You are so hot.

Out of the blue, suddenly, she asked me how often I masturbate/have sex. I replied 7 times a week, with a wink. She sent me a broad-eyed smiley and a heart-eyed smiley.

I said I want to see her naked too, for which I didn’t get a response for a while. After a while, I got a picture. She was naked. She started the mobile timer, kept in front of her wide-opened legs and touching her nipples.

It was a feast for me. I could see her gaping pussy. It was cleanly waxed and mature. She was dripping wet. I was in heaven looking at her picture.

I will continue the story in part two. So far, how did you feel about the story? Please leave your feedback at [email protected] You can also read my other story here.

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