My Married Office Colleague Savita

Hey friends, This is Akshay Ganna back here to narrate another true life experience of mine. I am 40 now with a nice well-built athlete body structure. Even now many sexy girls ogle me and dream to have a nice fuck with me. I too have a very strong lust for good-looking sexy girls. Well, in short, I am a naughty horny bull.

This real-life incident is with a married girl by the name Savita. She comes from a very conservative family from the north of Karnataka and is been married for a few years now. She had been a very good and open friend of mine in the office and as time went on she told me many things about her personal and married life.

It had been 2 years of her marriage and she had not conceived. There had been immense pressure on her from both the families to have the baby. But her husband was not so active sexually. She even told that sometimes she feels like killing herself for not able to conceive.

As days went on, she kept sharing her daily life and feelings and we got very close to each other. It was then when I started looking at her with my lustful eyes and decided that I will soon take this married woman on my bed and fuck Savita very hard and make her the mother of my baby.

Savita was 5 feet 2 inches by height, medium fair complexion, sharp nose, black eyes, chest long black hair.

There were many times I have ogled her, especially in those days when she comes in my favorite kurta combination of turmeric yellow and light red. In that kurta, I can see the perfect roundness of her breasts from the side view and it had a bit different type of neck cut.

While she is working, I used to go stand near her and peep at her cleavage. Sometimes the kurta cleavage use to be open so much that I could even see the bra holding her inviting round breasts. When she walks, I could see the round bum shape over the kurta material.

In short, in that dress she looked to me like the goddess of pure lust; and many times made my penis get hard instantly imagining my chance sometime to fuck her to the ultimate orgasm.

Sometime back, her mother-in-law broke her leg accidentally in the native. She had to attend to the family and started to work from home from her native. It was that time when I started to miss Savita in my life. She has been always a good friend and companion.

My desire for making love to her increased day by day in her absence. I started calling her on the phone and started talking to her daily, sometimes we used to chat late at night. But one day, I accidentally told her that I love her and lust for her body.

I told her that many times I have masturbated imagining having sex with her on my bed, in my bath shower, and on my kitchen table. She was a bit shocked and just kept the phone.

I tried calling her few times but she did not pick my phone. I don’t know how many times I would have masturbated in those few months, imagining her under me and fucked the empty bed like a Horny horse.

It was the month of Nov 2017, when she came back to the office to work. She has been avoiding me and my eye contact every time I tried to look at her.

It was almost 2 weeks since she has been ignoring me. On Nov 25th, 2017, being a Saturday only 2-3 employees had come to work. There was no one near her bay area. I took this opportunity and went to her. OMG, she was in the same turmeric yellow and light red kurta.

She looked at me walking toward her but kept her head down on the laptop and continued working as if I was not standing next to her.

From the top, I could see her kurta neck cut open and could clearly see her cleavage and she was wearing a dark red bra that day. I was feeling my tummy twist in excitement and just wanted to lift her and fuck her on the office table.

Me: Why are you avoiding me? I am sorry if I have hurt you.
Savita (looking at me and said in a surprise): Oh, I was busy, I totally forgot, I should have spoken to you.

Me: There was not a single day – morning, afternoon, evening – all the time we have been talking and sharing, now you don’t remember me? Haaa.

Savita: Hey, nothing like that, chill. It is that I am a bit busy, so..

And she looked back at the laptop pretending to work.

I took all my courage and just said it, “Is there anything wrong if I love you, lust for you, and want to make you a mother of my baby?”

Savita (turning to me in anger and yelling): Akshay!!! Please, this is not right.
Me: Why, am I a bad guy? I love you Savita, I want you to be happy.

Savita: You are not a bad guy, but what you are thinking is a bad thing. I cannot do this, I am married, please understand.

Me: If you were not married, then would you have had sex with me?

Savita (getting up and looking again in my eyes with anger): I never thought that you are a guy who lust married women. I like you, but I am married. Yes probably if I was not married, I would have had married you.

Me: I love you, I want you, I want to make you the mother of my baby!

And taking the chance, I held my married colleague’s head with one hand and waist with the other and pulled her to me. I kissed on her lips and pushed her to the desk crushing myself on her. I moved my one hand up to press her breast from the outside of her kurta.

Savita tried to push me away and kept her lips tight. After a few more times of fondling her breasts, she let a moan and loosened her lips, and stopped pushing me. It was then for the first time she kissed me.

We passionately kissed each other for a few minutes. My hands went up and down the length of my married colleague’s neck, chest, breast, tummy, waist, and butts. I pushed my hands from the bottom of kurta and felt the bare skin of her back and then the tummy.

Then I pushed my hands up to press for the first time my married co-worker’s breast over the bra. I pushed my hands behind to unhook the bra and make some free space to cup her bare breast under the freed up bra.

As we were kissing deeply, I fondled Savita’s breasts lightly pinched her nipples with my thumb and pointer finger. I could sense the lusty gasp in Savita as we were passionately kissing.

I slowly slide one hand and stretched her pajama with the panty band with my thumb and pushed my hand inside to hold her bare butt and squeeze them. Savita twisted her body in my hold, trying to push me but not breaking the kiss. The sexy office woman wanted to resist but also wanted me to love her.

As she was twisting, accidentally my hand slipped from her butt to the front and my hand felt the thick jungle of her pubic hairs! My finger touched her wet vagina.

Savita tried to close her thighs to avoid my fingers exploring her vaginal lips. I kissed deep in her mouth and squeezed her left breast making her inner lust flow out. My colleague relaxed a bit spreading her thighs a bit, allowing my fingers to gain better access to her wet vaginal outer folds.

Then I pushed my middle finger in to touch the pink wet entrance of her vagina. I slowly rubbed Savita’s vaginal pink folds and could feel her juices flow on my fingers.

Savita rested her butts on the table and slightly expanded her legs a bit more and gyrated her hips as I was kissing her deep and fondling her breast with one hand.

My other hand was rubbing her vaginal lips. I slid my middle finger inside and inwards her wet pinkness. I felt the spongy g-spot; I tapped on it and lightly rubbed it.

Savita’s body shivered and she let out a grunt. The married woman had a big orgasm with waves of pleasure flowing out in the form of orgasmic juice out of her vagina and onto my fingers.

Soon I had my fingers wet with the juice of her love. Savita took a few short gasps of breath and let out a lusty grunt while still kissing deep, and feeling fully satisfied.

When Savita slowly got her consciousness of what was happening between both of us, she pushed me away in shame and adjusted her pajama, and was putting the bra hook.

At that time, we heard the sound of the door opening at a distance! Savita adjusted her kurta without hooking her bra and without tugging the lace of the pajama. She sat down on the chair looking into the laptop as if something has been troubling her. I too looked into the laptop as if I was helping her.

The floor boy walked around and started cleaning the desks and the floor. I was happy as I was able to go the distance with my married colleague Savita, but felt unhappy also as my penis was still staving for her hole.

I told Savita that I will wait for her in the evening and will send her a text. I went back to my desk.

I went to my desk and send her a big heart on WhatsApp and then a kiss icon. I could see that she had read my message but was not responding. So, I sent her another message,

Me: You were awesome while I kissed you for the first time.

No response from Savita.

Me: Can I book a hotel room and we go there to continue?

Savita (after 15 minutes): Akshay, it just happened. Please forget it, it is not right. I am a married woman.

Me: So what, are you happy? Are you getting what you should be getting?

No reply from Savita.

Me: I want to make you a mother and make you happy in life. Tell me if I should book the hotel room.

Savita: No, a big NOOOO. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Please leave me like this, bye.

In the next part, I will describe the way I finally got the first real fuck with my married colleague.

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