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Howdy ladies and gentlemen, I am Jacob. Some readers may know me. But still, I am a 25-year-old working as an IT technician in Mumbai. I am a normal guy with a good look. This is an incident bit long back. Enjoy the story about the honeymoon videos, and drop your comments.

Life was going well, as usual, routine, but okay, and I was busy with work. I have many colleagues, one of them is Preeti (name changed). She is a bit dusky in color, curvy, and has a good figure of 36B boobs with brown areolas. Her grin is like a badass. The rest of her is under the box for her own privacy.

I don’t have relationships with many of the people in the office. But I know Preeti through Ram, who is her fellow colleague and was my college mate. We have talked and had a good friendship with smiles and talks usual through WhatsApp.

One day, in the evening, we were chatting and having coffee. She requested me to check her laptop. It was getting very slow and having hanging issues. I had left her hanging for 2 days for some other work I had pending. I requested her for 2 days, and she told me it was fine.

I had taken leave on that week. On Thursday, as I was doing some things in my spare time, she called me asked me if I was free. I told yea. She told her laptop was not working. She asked me If I could come over and check it out. I switched off my PlayStation and got freshened up and left for her house.

I reached her house at 1 pm. She invited me in. Her child came out and hugged me, asking for chocolates. It was a tradition between us. I would bring him Dairy Milk Silk every time I see him. I did bring it and gave it to him. He was happy and started playing.

She greeted me and gave me a cup of tea, as she brought her laptop to me. I was looking through the issues on the laptop. Apparently, the whole laptop had been infected with a computer virus, which crashed the OS each time. I suggested her to change some of the things to keep it from happening again.

She begged me that she wanted to get it fixed today itself. I then returned to my apartment and grabbed the OS disc and went to hers. She was busy with her child, trying to make him sleep.

Then I was stranded in her living room on the couch, opening each and every folder and checking them. Then I opened her marriage album. She was a bit leaner back then. Then as I was leaving the folder. I noticed something strange. I clicked the folder and looked down at the bar.

I saw the folder size was about 12GB. I got curious because there weren’t any wedding videos. I ravaged through the folder as I found a hidden folder in her marriage photos album. I opened it, and there were a lot of honeymoon videos. I played a random video(maybe 3rd ) on the folder. I was shit amazed by what I saw.

Wow, the smiling and carefree married colleague I know was standing in a bath towel. When her husband asked her to remove the towel, she flaunted her beauty in front of the camera shamelessly. She opened the towel, and I saw her completely nude.

She was very sexy and seeing her big boobs and brown areolas up close turned me on very badly. I gulped down my lust as I opened another video named Honeymoon _5. There she was in the chair, calling her hubby. Her hubby asked her to show her pussy.

She showed it, and then he asked her to play with it. She started to finger herself as she fondled her own boobs. Watching that video made me really hard. I loosened up my pant, so it doesn’t hurt my dick. I opened the next video. In that video, she was riding him moaning, her boobs shaking.

He kissed her, she was enjoying it. I kept the volume low, from the first video, so she doesn’t hear. I got lustful and turned on so bad, I looked through all the honeymoon videos one by one. These videos gave me how much naughty she is inside.

Suddenly she entered the hall. I got scared I closed the video player, she told me her child slept.

She – Is it done?

I – No. Actually, I couldn’t. I think you have some important things on the laptop. You check and tell me if you should delete them.

I turned the laptop to her side and showed her the folder of videos. She acted naturally and took the laptop, and opened the folder. By the thumbnails itself, she understood as her eyes immediately became wide open as she was totally shocked. She looked at me in embarrassment and shock.

I laid back in the couch and looked her from top to bottom
She – Did you open anything in this folder?

I – Oh, no! Actually, it is not my fault, I was just checking all the folder in a laptop for anything important, as I soon as I understood what it was, I closed it.

I gave her a naughty grin and checking her out. She was smoking naughty. She understood from an expression that I had seen her videos. I decided to play my card.

Me – Da, this folder is affected by the virus, so I may have to delete it.

She was little in sadness. Her facial expressions changed as she begged me in a light voice, “No da, please try. I need this folder kept. So don’t delete it.”

Me – Why do you worry so much, you can always make new video daily? (with a naughty smile)

She –  (She was a bit taken back and was silent for 15 seconds) No. it’s not that. I can’t be this good anymore. Please try to recover the folder.

After a few minutes of her convincing, I reinstalled OS and recovered the folder as she asked. Then I was super hungry. She served me some food. As we were chatting after food, I felt the need to ask.

Me – Why did you need that folder so badly? Did you lose interest or is too busy, and is that why you can’t make videos now?

Then she gave me a naughty grin and smiled and asked me, “So you did watch the videos?”

I –  Not exactly like that but a little. I’m. Sorry. I hope it’s okay.

She – It’s fine (and she smiled).

I – You are still so beautiful and smoking hot, I might add.

She – Hey, Jacob. Can you keep this between us, Please?

I –  I will, hotty. From today I going to call you only hotty. (with a naughty smile)

She smiled at me and told me when we are alone, you can.

I – Okay, hotty. You still didn’t answer my question, why can’t you make them now?

Her face frowned and looked down. She told me he is always busy with work and lost interest in it. Nowadays, she suspects him of having an affair as he has been more secretive lately.

Me – I am sorry.

She – It’s okay. (with a sad face)

I – But why would he lose in interest in such a beautiful and caring woman, If you don’t mind can I ask what happens when you are in bed with him?

She looked at me for a few seconds. Then she felt like she could trust me. She told me he would just open his dress, stroke it like a brush, and would wrap it up like it was some work he had to do with no passion and sleep.

I – That’s worse. A beautiful girl like you should be adored, felt up, and even have her breasts caressed and orgasmed. I would definitely do that.

She was taken back and shocked. But she smiled and said, “Oh, really?”

Me – Yea, why not? I would take time with your body and make you feel cloud nine, before even putting it in. I am sorry If I being too straight forward.

She – It’s okay, go on.

We were sitting on the sofa, near to each other.

Me:- Well first, I would place my hands on thigh like this. (I placed my hands on her thighs,) then I would rub it slowly like this. (I rubbed her thighs slowly upward).

She:- Then?

Me:- Then I would caress her face like this and slowly kiss her like this.

I then took her chin and slowly directed my face to kiss her. I kept my hands on her cheeks as I gazed into her eyes. Our eyes were looking at each other with love, passion, and lust. She kissed me back.

Soon I was sucking her lower lips, and she was sucking my upper lips. We were exchanging our saliva. Our tongues rolled into each other and kissed romantically. I sucked on her lips with passion. I rubbed my hands over her body. As we kissed, she took me to the guest bedroom.

I kissed and licked on her neck as her hands rubbed wound my body. I then kissed her nape of the neck and then on ears, and even on her neck. She loved it as she made the sound of satisfaction as she breathes out each time the sound came. She pushed me on the bed and lay on me.

We undressed each other throwing our dress one by one away on the floor. I then kissed her again. Her 36D cup milky white breasts were locked away from me in her bra. I kissed her on the top of her bra and dropped my tongue into her cleavage. I removed her bra hooks with my teeth.

I then went to her neck and started to give her love bites. She then played on the bed and grabbed the sheets in small ecstasy. I never moved my lips away from her body. I kissed her nipples one by one, sucking them, rolling my tongue around then. Slowing, putting them around my tongue and pressing them.

Her groans and moans started to fill the room. They were like fuel to my lust, my hands took hold of her big breasts, they were a bit handful. I squeezed both her nipples for milk. My mouth sucked on them. I then pinned her hands to the bed. I kept on sucking and biting her nipples, encircled my tongue around them.

It made her gasp bit more, and her moans rose as I bite her nipples. My fingers went down and forging a path into her pussy. I moved my fingers to her clit, rubbed over it, using my fingers. I then kept my hands on her nipples, squeezing them, as my tongue dropped into her clit, licking them and sucking it.

As I sucked her clit, her groans were made with a low voice. I started to finger her tight pussy. As tongue did its job on her clit. I put in two fingers into her pussy and started fingering her. She was gasping and started taking shallow breaths. She was crawling in pleasure in bed and moaning.

I then, for a moment, moved my mouth to suck on her pussy, lick her pussy juices. I stretched her pussy lipa and entered into her pussy with my tongue. I licked her insides. She was in a moaning mood, as she held my head and pushed it between her legs.

I pushed in my tongue. As I thrust my fingers in, I found her g-spot. I then rubbed it with my fingers bent and distanced. I rubbed it with more rigor, my mouth went back to playing with clit. She was panting and moaning Preeti was wriggling, scratching up the bedsheet, moving recklessly in her own bed.

She had a shivering orgasm. After her orgasm, she got even wilder. She gave me a naughty smile. After that, I then took out my thick hard cock, I widened her legs a little, slowly pushed it in. She groaned as it went in. Her pussy was wet and tight.

As it went in, her pussy lips unraveled skin of my cock, then sucked into her pussy. Her pussy walls wrapped around me. Then, I started pumping her. She was moaning and panting louder than before. I then increased my pump speed while playing with her boobs and kissing her all over her body.

She wrapped herself, her legs interlocked around me, pulling me closer. My broad chest rubbed on her nipples and squeezed her boobs. I played on her, tightly hugging her as I thrust into her pussy. She panted and moaned like a lewd woman.

I increased my pace more and more, took her boobs in my hand and fondled them. My thrust became fast and deep. She again wriggled on the sheets and moaned. Her voice broke with my every pump. I gave her three to four hardcore pushes after pausing for a moment, making her moan in excitement.

I squeezed her tits in my hands, licking and biting her nipples. My things kept banging to in her ass as I thrust into her pussy. After some thrusting, I asked her to sit on my lap as I sat on the bed. She started riding me and while her boobs bounced around.

I then pressed and played with her boobs. I pressed them hard, and sucking, pulling her nipples, She moaned in little excitement. I gave her love bites in her neck and her boobs. She took the stronghold of my shoulders and started to ride on my dick with my full force.

I pulled on her nipples. I lowered my hands to rub on her clit bit hard as she moaned with a heavy voice. I drilled into her pussy. I grabbed her ass cheeks with a hard grip. I matched her thrust and gave more force into it. As she moaned and moaned, her voice became heavy, and she came on my cock.

I could feel the hot wetness, gushing around my cock. It wasn’t over yet. We fucked around for another 20 minutes. As I was about to cum I asked her where I should cum? She told me that she wanted it in her face, I then took it out at brim of cumming and poured it into her mouth.

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Guys, thanks for reading my long story. It got lengthy because I wanted to explain every minute details of the scenario. In our next part, I will continue explaining our wild sessions and what happened afterward.

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