Fucked House Owner’s Married Daughter For Rent

Hello friends, I am Raj from Orissa, and I am a regular reader, and writer of my real story. This is the best place, where I share my sex stories and make my mind cool.

Again, I am introducing myself. My name is Raj and I am from Bhubaneswar. Due to corona, I lost my job. At present, I am working as a male escort provider at Bhubaneswar, Konark, and Puri. The corona changed my life and I had no choice except that. I don’t like to take borrow money from others and I stayed in a rented house.

I live in a rented house in Bhubaneswar. It was a house with one bedroom, dining, kitchen, and bathroom. This story happened in May and my wife and 1.5 years old son had gone to my wife’s mother’s house.

My house owner’s family consists of a 65 years old male, 60 years old female, and 34 years female who is newly married whose name is Puspa. This is the story about how a male escort fuck the house owner’s daughter.

I was residing there since 2 years ago, and I was also close to my house owner’s family and his daughter. Her educational qualification was MA in History. In the corona period, she got married to a guy, who was residing at Gurgaon and was working in a software company.

During her project work, my house owner’s daughter was using my computer. She use to send many emails to her mail ID from my mail ID. So she knew about my mail ID well.

Puspa was in her mother’s house for 6 months. After her marriage, somehow I came close to her, and sometimes, she would call me to her house and chat.

One day my house owner’s daughter gave me her phone to see her in-law’s family photos. I found some of her photos with bra and panty in it and some intimate videos of her! I saw those videos and I told her, “I have seen your all photos and videos which are good, and beautiful. And in some of your photos, you are looking hot and sexy.”

Puspa – Really? Tell me which photos were hot and sexy?
Me – I have some work. Let us discuss this in the evening at Teresa.

I wanted to avoid her. I don’t want to meet her because I was doing a male escort job and that I wanted to keep it a secret. And from her mobile, I found that she was a regular reader of Indian sex stories.

During the evening, my house owner’s daughter called me to Teresa and I did not go and avoided her. But she came to my room. She directly came to my bedroom and sat on the bed.

Puspa – Now you tell me in which photo was I looking hot and sexy?
Me – I have seen all your photo and videos. So, you can check and understand.

My house owner’s daughter checked her mobile phone and asked me, “Have seen my videos?!”

Me – Yes.
Puspa – Don’t tell anybody about this.

Me – Ok, no problem.

Puspa then asked about my sex life.

Me – Everything is ok but now my wife is in her mother’s house and I am missing my sex life.
Puspa – I have seen your name on indiansexstories2.net site. Is that you?

Me – Yes, that is me and now after I lost my job, I am working as a male escort. So, don’t tell anyone about this, or I will be in trouble.

I just avoided the topic and diverted her mind to another topic about her friends. More than one hour passed and her mother called her.

On the next day morning, her parents went to her relative’s house. My house owner’s married daughter called me and asked me to come to her house for lunch and dinner.

At 11 am, I went and when I pushed the door, it was open. I directly went to her bedroom and sat there. Puspa was in the bathroom taking a bath.

She then opened her bathroom and came out in a black color bra and panty. After seeing me, she was shocked.

My house owner’s daughter told me softly, “Hey, why did you come to the bedroom? You should have sat in the dining room.”

I left her room and felt very guilty. She wore her black color saree without closing the door. I was sitting in front of her bedroom and I could see everything. After seeing all these, I was very horny but I control myself.

My landlord’s daughter then called me to her bedroom and sat there. She started to chit-chat. It was 1 pm by then. I told her that I was hungry and let’s have lunch.

During lunch, Puspa asked me some questions.

Puspa – Have you paid this month’s rent?
Me – No.

Puspa – How much do you take for your service?
Me – Not a huge amount, let’s leave this topic.

Puspa – I have read your story and I was excited. I need physical pleasure. I am sexually hungry for 6 months. If you help me, then I will give you 3-month rent as a discount.

I was shocked but excited after hearing the offer. In the middle of the lunch, I just pulled her and put my lip on her lip. And I took up her by my shoulder to her bedroom.

I pushed my tongue into her mouth and started the game in her mouth. My house owner’s daughter pushed me toward her. She slept on the bed and during the lip kiss, my hand was on her boobs, slowly squeezing them over the blouse for almost 15 minutes. She inserted her hand in my pants. Soon, my penis was in her hand and she started squeezing the top of my penis.

After the lip lock, I started to open my house owner’s daughter’s saree and blouse with my mouth and face. She was very excited and moving rapidly and it was very difficult to manage her.

She then got up and removed my shirt and then my pants. She inserted my penis in her mouth and started sucking it deeply.

After 10 minutes or so, I pulled my penis from my horny house owner’s daughter’s mouth and started to suck her boobs over the black bra. After 10-15 minutes of sucking her boobs, I started to lick the lower part of the boobs to her navel and from navel to the upper part of her panty. This type of foreplay continued for about 15-20 minutes.

After about 20 minutes, I started to lick the house owner’s girl’s vagina over her panty. During that time, she was fully wet and precum was coming out.

Thereafter I slowly opened her panty with my mouth and started licking the upper part of her vagina. I put my middle finger in her pussy. When I put my finger, she started moaning, “AHHHHH..FUCK ME..BABY…”

Her ass was very sexy. She was slim and was looking very beautiful in the nude. After about 5 minutes of fingering, I licked the house owner’s married daughter’s vagina deeply. There was no hair on her vagina. When I licked her vagina, she was very excited and moaning with excitement as she was starving for touch there.

Finally, I inserted my penis slowly into her pussy. While fucking my house owner’s daughter, she was constantly telling me to fuck her faster and harder. After some time, she cummed but I didn’t. She told me to keep fucking her any way I wish until I came too.

I told her to take the doggy position. Then I slowly inserted my penis and fucked her for a few more minutes till I cummed. While cumming, I held her both boobs and kissed her wildly. I slept on her naked. When I woke up, the time was almost 6 pm.

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