Passionate Sex With Exotic Teacher

I am Vijesh (name changed) from Pune. I am going to share with you the real erotic sex I had with my exotic teacher. I was pursuing junior college at that time. I had a very sexy teacher whom I used to stare at. I was in love with her big ass and boobs.

She was fair with a figure of 34-26-38 at the age of 40. I am a big fan of women with big thighs and ass. Since I saw my teacher, I used to imagine her on my bed. I even don’t know how many times I masturbated thinking about her.

This is a story about my first encounter with my teacher. One fine day in the classroom, she bent forward to pick the book she dropped and unfortunately caught my vision concentrated on her boobs. She immediately noticed my eyes full of lust, and maybe she was well aware of it.

After that incident, I decided to concentrate on my study only, but something else was waiting to come my way. She caught me alone and told me to meet her at her home on Sunday. I reached the address she provided and was very nervous about the replications.

To my surprise, she was alone at home on that day. She welcomed me with a smile on her face. She was wearing pink leggings and blacktop. She told me to sit on the sofa and bought the water for me. After some time, she said, “I know you must be thinking what next.”

I was afraid and was about to confess my mistake. But she continued and said, “Tell me honestly, what you admire most in me?” I was in trouble and decided not to speak about my dirty feelings. But she said she knew the answer very well.

She wanted to see if I accepted the fact and spoke the truth or still wanted to lie. She said things would not be good for me if I kept lying with her. Gathering all my courage, I said, “I like your .. .” She said, “What?” I said, “Your ass and boobs, madam.”

There was a smile on her face to see that I spoke the truth. Now she decided to blackmail me and fulfill all her sex desires from me. She said I had to listen to her orders or make my parents stand in front of the principal tomorrow. I was afraid and accepted to do anything for her.

Now it was her turn. She came close to me and started taking off my clothes. I was happy to have all this happening with me. But was also worried about what exactly will it be? I was naked and was lying on the floor as per her orders. She came close to me and removed her clothes, standing in just panties and bra.

Oh, My God. What a view that was. Milky thighs, white and stiff boobs with perfect size, deep belly point, and a lot more. The lust started building in me, and I went to touch her thighs. She resisted and reminded me about my promise only to listen to her orders.

She came close to me, kept one right foot on my chest, and slowly pressed my chest. After some time, she pressed a little hard on my stomach. I was afraid whether she wanted to stand on my stomach or what. But something more horrible was waiting for me.

She came right over me and removed her panty. She had clean-shaven pussy. Then she started lowering her hips and slowly sat on my stomach. Oh my god. She was more than 65 kg and sat with full weight on my stomach. I was finding it difficult to bear her weight. My face started turning red which she noticed immediately.

After 5-10 minutes, she moved up and sat on my chest. By this time, I was able to smell the pre-cum smell of her wet pussy. She closed her eyes and bounced on my chest for a while. Then she asked me to open my mouth and sat on my mouth with full weight pressing her pussy on my mouth.

She ordered me to lick it and started doing the same with all my desire. Licking pussy has been one of my strong desire right from the start of my sex life. I licked her pussy like a baby licking boobs. Her eyes were closed, and she was pulling my hair hard on her pussy.

She was moaning heavily. After 15 minutes, she told me that she would cum and I should gulp all of it without wasting a drop. She came very forcefully with thick and warm cum flushing in my mouth. I took it down my throat. After some time, she opened her eyes and said, “Very good job.”

After some time, she turned her face towards my legs and brought her asshole to my mouth. My lips and tongue were already tired, with pussy licking for about 15-20 minutes. But she was not in a mood to understand. She used both her hands to spread her ass cheeks, allowing me better access to her asshole.

The musky smell of her ass was enough to bring energetic passion in me. I started licking around her asshole. She shouted at me and forced me to put my tongue inside her asshole as deeper as possible. I used my index finger to make her asshole wide so that my tongue could enter inside.

She continued moaning with some dirty words and was putting all her weight on me to make sure my tongue went deep in her asshole. After 20 minutes of licking, her body was shivering, and she exploded a massive orgasm. Her thick and warm cum was all over my chin and throat.

She cleaned with her hand and got her hands licked by me. She was exhausted and asked me to go to her bedroom and rest for some time. She went inside the kitchen and came to the bedroom. I was lying naked on the bed, waiting for her. She picked her panty and asked me to open my mouth.

I took her panty in my mouth and was looking at her surprisingly. She then said that it was her time now to return the favor to me. Since all this started, my dick was rock hard and was desperately waiting to enter into her warm mouth. She asked me to spread my legs.

She came in between my legs and lowered her mouth to kiss the tip of my dick. Oh my goodness. What a feeling that was? Slowly she started with strokes and was pushing my dick to her throat. I was in heaven. After 10-15 minutes, I realized that I was going to blast.

She noticed the change in my body language and took the full length of my dick down her throat. Her forehead was touching my lower stomach. At this time, I came to know why she ordered me to keep her panty in my mouth. I was about to shout, and she wanted to keep me silent.

I exploded in her mouth. The quantity of my liquid was about half of the glass for sure. She drank it without wasting a drop. After some time, I got control of my breath. She removed her panty from my mouth and wore it. The panty was a little wet and hotter, being in my mouth for a long time.

She went to the washroom and came back in 5 minutes. She asked me whether I was ready for the real game or enough for the day. I was not going to stop without hardcore fucking in her pussy and ass. I replied to her that this was my warm-up. She smiled and removed her bra.

Her boobs were firm and big with brown color nipples. She kept her left leg on the corner of the bed and asked me to sit on my knees close to her. She pushed my head on her pussy and asked me to lubricate her pussy. I did licking for about 5-10 minutes.

Then she was lying on the bed spreading her legs. I came between her legs and guided my dick on her pussy. I slowly pushed my dick inside. It went inside quickly as she had her pussy licked before. I started with slow fucking and increased my speed after some time.

I bent on her and licked her boobs. This time she was allowing me to do whatever I wanted to do. In a short time, I got the speed and took her legs on my shoulder. She was moaning badly and realized that my speed was little more than her stamina.

She asked me to stop as she had multiple orgasms in 10 minutes. But there was no mercy from my side this time. I gave a good amount of hard strokes. I was about to cum and asked her whether to cum inside or outside. She said, “Fill my pussy with your love.”

I increased my speed and came like anything. I kept my hand on her mouth to restrict her shouting and delivered all my energy inside her pussy. I was lying on top of her. She was exhausted, like she climbed a mountain in one breath. I was worried about her uneven breathing and got off her.

I was lying beside her. This session was followed by her riding on me after 15 minutes. Then doggy-style hardcore fuck where I poured even more power by holding her shoulder from behind. After these two sessions, she spoke the first sentence, “Enough for the day, please.”

I was exhausted too but held all the power for servicing her asshole. But I realized that this would not stop today and said Ok to her. She could not even walk properly. She followed me to lock the door on my exit from her home.

It was very fortunate for her that my strength and desire matched her desperate need for satisfaction. I understood that she likes stomach fetish and rides on the tongue to explode multiple times in my mouth. Also, she like the dick reaching the deepest possible point in her ass and pussy.

This continued for a long time. She used to call me to her home at least thrice a month. My parents were also happy to see my teacher taking the extra practice for me without charging anything. In my next encounters, I learned more dirty desires of her, which I shall write in my next story.

I am thankful to all of you for reading this story of hot sex with my mature teacher. Now I am stronger than earlier and can make any woman realize what pussy licking orgasm is called. How great it feels getting asshole fucked with a warm and long tongue.

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