Fresher Gaining Experience – Part 3

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We got down the cab. I was all hard after all the play in the cab and she was all wet and dripping. I was still wondering why she asked me to get down with her. She held my hand and pulled me towards the dark part of the road which was close to a public park.

As soon as it was dark and no one could see us, she started to grab my dick on top of the pants and starting rubbing it so hard. She pressed the entire length of the dick with her palms. She vigorously rubbed my dick trying to press my balls.

She was like a woman possessed who wanted to extract every drop of cum my dick had to offer. I was hard for a long time already and it did not take me long to cum in my pants. It was probably the biggest load of cum I ever sprouted out of my dick. It stuck in the underwear and the wet patch in my pants was visible.

She: You made me all dripping wet in the cab. Now I have you all dripping in your pants. You go back like this to your house. It’s my revenge on getting my panties wet.

She winked, gave a devilish smile and ran to her PG. I was still gathering my thoughts and coming to terms with my cum filled underpants and pants. How I was supposed to go home. Finally, I took an auto and kept my bag on my lap until I reached home.

After a while, I was laying on the bed thinking about the events that happened. Then I get a message from her.

She: Hello wet pants!

Me: Hello wet panties!

She: Oh well, to be honest, my fresh panties are again wet thinking about the cab ride.

Me: That makes me feel quite thirsty.

She: What do you mean?

Me: Well I could use some juice. I am feeling quite hot here.

She sends me a pic of her pink panty, with legs wide spread, skin so smooth and soft. There is a little wet patch on the panty with her finger pointing over the patch. I sent a pic of my tongue stretched all-out.

She: Really, you think you can lick my pussy off.

Me: If I could get it wet, I can get it dried too.

She: So it’s a deal then, tomorrow you walk the talk.

Me: Sure but you need to walk in with tight yoga pants and no panties.

She: Deal.

She sends a pic of her panty which has a bigger wet patch than earlier. I send her a short clip of flipping my tongue.

Me: Eat you tomorrow.

She: Hang in there, tiger. (sends a couple of nudes) If there is some juice left in your balls, these should get it out.

Me: I am already working on it.

I send my hard dick in my hands’ pics. We stop texting and go back to shag over selves to sleep.

The next day dawned. But I could not pick her up as I had left my bike at the office. So, we went separately to the office. We were busy the whole day and there was no time for much shenanigans until it was time to leave the office.

She wraps up and comes to my desk and says –
She: Take your bike and take me to your place.

She knew I lived alone. We got on to the bike and started to go towards my place. She occasionally would rub my dick to get just a little excited but would stop as soon as I got hard. I rode as fast as I could and reached my place. I opened the door and we both got into the house.

As soon as she got into the house, she threw her bags away. She removed her top and laid on the bed spreading her legs wide. The yoga pants made her pussy line visible and there was a small spot of wetness.

She: Come you little hungry bastard. Feast on my pussy. You said you were thirsty. Quench your thirst and lick me dry.

I kneeled between her legs and grabbed her by her waist. Brought my face between her thighs and started licking the pussy over her pants from bottom to top. She closed her eyes and arched her back thrusting her waist up. I stretched my tongue to lick up the pussy from bottom to top.

Biting her pussy lips every now and then which made her squirm. Her camel toe got wetter and wetter inside her pants. She had her waist up and she pulled her pants down herself. I dragged those yoga pants to her knees and below and there it was her clean juicy pink pussy.

I wanted to smell it. So I rubbed my nose on her pussy. She grabbed my head and pressed my head deeper into her pussy. I took my nose out and started licking her bare pussy. She started gasping and moaning. She pushed my header harder up her pussy.

I flicked my tongue over her pussy. I used my fingers to split her pussy wide and dig my tongue deeper.

She: Ah! you know how to drink your honey pot. You are one hungry tiger. Feast on my pussy.

Me: I will. I am gonna dry it all up and suck all the juice out of your pussy.

She: Yes baby. this pussy is yours. Mark your territory with your tongue and teeth.

Me: Oh yes. I am gonna mark every inch of your body as my territory. No one else is allowed to touch it. (I slurp on her pussy). This pussy is mine. (I squeeze her ass with hands and leave a mark of my nails on her ass cheeks) This ass is mine.

She put her both legs on my shoulder and brought her pussy very close to my face. I was grabbing her big ass and squeezing it while feeding on her pussy. She would squeeze my head between her thighs and use her hands to push my head deeper into the wet pussy. I kept sucking her pussy hard.

She: I am gonna cum, baby. You are gonna get drenched in my juice.

Me: Bring it on, babe. Squirt on me, on my face.

She: (with loud moan) My god!

She squirted every last bit of her juice and then slowed down. I licked all her juice and slowly got up. I just crashed on top of her. Even when I had eaten her pussy, squeezed her tits, fingered her ass, I had never kissed her lips.

We were both so lost in lust that we never bothered to even kiss. I grabbed her head and leaned towards her and planted a soft kiss on her lips.

She: So, now you remember my lips.

Me: Well I save the best for the last.

She: Oh my. But it’s not the last, I haven’t even tasted your hard dick. Your dick has not filled any of my holes. (saying so, she moved her hand down and grabbed my hard dick.)

Me: Of course it’s not the last. I have just marked my territory. I am yet to rule my territory.

She: (still holding my dick in her hand) Of course with such a hard weapon you can rule as long as you want and whenever you want.

Me: (kissing her lips and grabbing her tits) Let me mark your lips too. (I bit her lips. Let me mark your tits as well (and I grab her tits and scratch them)

She: Ah!

To be continued. if I get enough encouraging response.

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