Dubai Trip Well Spent! – Part 2

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Hi, this is Rahul. This is a continuation of my story about my Dubai trip.

My hot friend and I were enjoying kissing and some foreplay. It went on for like neither of us wanted to stop, and suddenly the bell rang. We reluctantly stopped, and a string of saliva was between our mouths. She was gasping, and the look in her eyes changed. Her eyes were filled with lust. She just wanted to get fucked.

She just stormed to the door angrily. She left me in the room with a hard-on and an elevated heartbeat. I was listening to who the person was. It was a delivery guy, and he brought the grocery items that she had ordered. She took those items and came back to the room to get money to pay him.

She was furious as well. I slowly went behind the main door in such a way that the guy doesn’t see me. I slowly slid my hand under her clothes and started to touch and feel her ass cheeks. Then slowly, I made way with my finger and began circling her asshole. She got a shiver.

The guy didn’t recognize anything suspicious, and he was counting the money. I wet my finger with my saliva and then shoved my finger into her ass. She gave a squeal and held the door tightly. The guy suddenly noticed this and asked, “Any problem, madam?”

She was controlling her moans and said, “No, Nothing, just hiccups.” And then finally, the guy left. She closed the door and locked it. And she held the door handle with both hands and bend further, giving me more of her spread ass cheeks. She was bending and standing supported to the door.

I was kneeling behind her and fingering her little asshole. I began to run my tongue on her wet pussy. She gasped in feel and arched her back and gave her ass to me. She took off of the T-shirt she was wearing when I was still licking her pussy and fingering her cute little asshole from the back.

She was moaning like hell and began to raise on her toes. I started to lick long from her clits to her asshole while fingering even harder. She reached her one arm behind and held my hair and pulled my face to her pussy more. She squealed like an animal. She was so damn sexy.

After some time, I took my fingers from her ass, and she gasped as she turned towards me and started to kiss me. She was short that as I was kneeling, our heights were equal now. We both were kissing wildly. I began to suck on her tongue and lips.

She then made me stand and pushed me to the wall near and pulled my shorts completely down, and threw it away. My cock sprung out and was aching to be sucked. Just as it wished, she bent down and started to wet kiss my cock and balls. Pushing me to the wall, she took my cock into her small mouth.

It was a sight to see her head bobbing up and down on my cock. My cock was getting pumped up more and more by her great blowjob. I supported my back to the wall and held her bobbing head with both my hands and began to fuck her mouth.

I began to push further in the deep throat that she began to gag and drool over my cock. We did this for some time. I carried her in arms to the bedroom and dropped her onto the bed. I, too, got into bed and laid down next to her. I was now on the bed naked with a sexy naked lady about to climb on me.

She climbed on me like a cat and came to my fat hard cock. She held it with both her hands. She just used the tip of her tongue to lick the head, circling it, and then gave it a nice lick. Precum oozed out immediately while I moaned and got wild.

She held it tighter whenever I tried to get up. She started stroking it slowly as she went down and started to suck my balls. I did my best not to cum from her actions. She sucked it hard, and she licked the entire shaft from the base to the tip. She took it all in at once. I was surprised.

She was literally gagging and drooling on my cock. She kept doing it for some time, and then she took her mouth from my cock. My cock was covered in her saliva. The tip was having a strand of her saliva hanging from her mouth. She again started sucking on my dick, licking every bit of precum that came out.

She was sucking it like a fucking pro. She licked my shaft every once in a while and got back to sucking me dry. I was moaning and trying to stay calm. Finally, as she was deep throating me, I was about to cum. I stopped her and sat up and turned her over onto the bed.

She was laughing. She knew she established control over me. I needed to turn the tables. I moved and laid down between her thighs are began to lick her pussy really wild. She began to moan loudly. I felt her body was shivering when my tongue was flicking her wet swollen clits.

She was moaning and panting so loud. I then put my tongue deep into the inner walls of her pussy. She started oozing a lot of fluid from her pussy. Her hands and legs were thrashing as I kept licking her. I slowly lifted her ass a bit and parted her ass cheeks and started to lick her asshole too.

Then as I began to fingers her pussy, she held me and said in a pleading voice to go inside her. I started to rub on her wet pussy. And slowly moved it up towards her clit. Her smile disappeared. She started to moan as my tip was rubbing hard against her clit.

Suddenly, in one go, I pushed my dick deep in her pussy. She moaned when my naked, raw dick was ripping through her pussy. And I went so deep that I felt I hit her womb. I took it out, and I thrust it even deep. I kept doing it, increasing my pace and hitting her crotch with my balls.

After a few minutes, I was banging her with her tits bouncing to and fro with my strokes. She was moaning loud, and the bedroom began to smell with our sweat and pre-cum smell. I went even wild and keep fucking her, going faster and faster.

She started to squeeze her tits as she bit her lips and moaned my name out loud. She was leaking on my dick that it made a huge wet patch on the bedsheet below us. Her eyes were rolling back and were half shut. Her voices brought out the best in me. I sat on my knees, lifted her hip, and started thrusting more.

She arched her back as she took in all of it with pleasure. I was fucking her like crazy, and we fucked for a long time in that same position. Even in AC, we both were sweaty and covered in our sex wetness. We took some time to catch our breaths, and then I pulled my dick out of her and stood by the bed.

She was down on the bed with her pussy dripping and panting heavily. I caught her both legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I spread her legs wide open and gave a few licks and spat on her pussy. Then I rubbed my dick again on her pussy along with my spit and entered her.

She gasped and opened her mouth in a big O as I began to thrust her to and fro. I bend again to take her lips into mine. She locked her arms around my neck tightly. I put my arms through her leg knees and got hold on her ass cheeks. I then lifted her up from the bed.

She locked her legs wrapped around my waist. I stood straight and with one hand on her ass cheek. The other hand grabbed her hips and started to bounce her up and down on my dick. Her hair was flying everywhere, and her bubbly firm tits were bouncing. She was being fucked in mid-air, and it drove her wild.

She kept moaning like crazy. She locked her legs around my waist tightly and arched back as I held her ass and kept bouncing her on my cock. I felt my dick hitting deep in her as she leaned and hugged me tight, still in mid-air. She started to suck my neck skin hard and drawing nail marks on my back.

She was making love bite on my neck, and that made me high as fuck. I took her to the wall nearby and pinned her against it. I kept her back pressed against the wall and began to ram my cock in her pussy more vigorously. I started giving her deep, hard thrusts, and she squealed like an animal.

She was moaning loud, trying to pull me closer, her nipples her hard pointing and rubbing against my chest. It was heaven. It was so hard to not cum. My naked raw dick, thrusting inside her wet pussy, rubbing against each other. It was so hot and so fucking pleasure.

She then said, panting and gasping air, “Don’t cum inside. It’s not safe.” I badly wanted to cum deep in her. But I didn’t want to cause her any trouble. I fucked her holding her in mid-air on the wall. After some time, I lifted her off my dick and placed her on the floor when I couldn’t hold back myself from cumming.

She was so fucking hot. I wanted to fuck her even more. I didn’t want to cum yet. But she just flipped our position and pinned me to the wall and straight away got on her knees. She took my cock into her warm mouth and started to suck my cock wild. I was on the verge and knew I couldn’t hold anymore.

The view from my point was so hot. Her hair was waving as her head was bobbing to and fro on my cock. By supporting my back on to the wall, I held all her hair together to get a good view of her sucking my dick. I held her head still and began to thrust my dick in her mouth and began to mouth fuck her.

She was flicking her tongue over my cock tip, playing wild and crazy with the tongue as I kept fucking her mouth. I couldn’t hold back more. I held her face and sunk my dick deep into her throat. I kept it still as I began to shoot my hot cum into her throat.

She began to gag on my cock and tried to pull out. But I held head on my cock and pumped more as I cummed. My hip thrust forward in each wave of intense cumming. She kept both her hands on my thighs and tried to pull off her head. But I held her head still till my last drop of cum was out. And then I left her.

She pullout quickly and was panting. There were a few drops of my cum on her lips and chin. She looked exhausted and played on the floor, tired. I came towards her and kneeled down near her. I lifted her up in my arms. She was lying like a sex doll in my arms.

Then holding her in my arms, I started to suck on her firm tits. I kept playing with her nipples with my tongue. She was swirling like a snake in my arms. I took her to bed and made her lay, and I laid next to her. Switched off all the lights and put over the blankets. It was completely dark.

I again began to suck her nipples one by one. Then slowly, I started to move through her cleavage down to her belly and navel. I began to lick and play with my tongue in her navel and kiss around her belly. Then I moved further down and started to kiss her waist as I reached her crotch.

I spread her legs apart and laid in between her thighs and just gave a good nice lick over her pussy. She was delicious from all the fuck we just had mixed with her sweat and aroma. I gave her some good licks, and I started to eat her pussy vigorously. I started to devour her.

I took her pussy lips into my mouth, and I started to slurp on them. She held my head and started to play her fingers through my hair as she moaned with pleasure. I took my tongue tip out, and I started to rub her clit. I pressed it against her with my tongue tip, and she was going wild.

She was dripping onto my mouth, and I was not wasting a single drop of her juices. I was sucking and playing with her clits in my mouth. She took off her hands from my head and began to squeeze and twist her own nipples. She kept both her legs on my shoulders, locking my face on to her pussy.

I shoved my tongue in her pussy, and I started wiggling it inside. She was now screaming. It was too much for her. She couldn’t speak. She had trouble breathing. I was sucking her while my tongue was inside her pussy, rubbing against her walls with the tip of my tongue. She pushed my head deeper.

She was shivering. She was about to cum, and finally, with a loud moan, she squirted all over my face, with her legs shaking. She was literally shaking on bed. Her legs loosened on my shoulders and shivered wildly. Then she jerked up from bed 3-4 times and then eased down. I moved up and laid next to her.

She was still looking hot, sweaty, and messed hair, sore red lips from our kisses. We checked the time, and it was over 1 am. She moved into my arm, and we slowly slipped into sleep naked. Even though I dozed off after a great fuck, sleeping next to a hottie was impossible.

I woke up with an uncontrollable urge to pee. I got out of bed and walked to the washroom, pissed, and walked back and got into bed. It was dark with a slight of light coming into the room through curtains giving amble vision. I laid there thinking of the things that happened.

I found my dick charging up again, and in no minutes, my 8-inch cock was standing rock hard. I checked the time again, and it should 4:15 am. I looked at her, and she was sleeping. I moved the blanket off her. There she was, sleeping in a sexy posture with both hands above her head exposing her firm tender tits.

Her one leg straight and one folded up half exposing her hairless fair pussy still sore. I couldn’t control myself. I spread her legs, went down, and laid between them. I began to lick her pussy again. I licked up and down her slit, finally taking her swollen clit into my mouth.

I lightly ran my tongue around it and slowly started to slide a finger into her pussy. She moaned in sleep, and her hips started to rise and fall along with my tongue game. I took one hand and spread her pussy. I began to finger her wet clit with two fingers while still sucking and licking her clit.

She still didn’t wake up but made small body movements. This time I didn’t want to waste time on foreplay. I came up, lubed up my dick, and positioned it at her pussy, and gently pushed in completely. Her eyes half opened, but still sleepy. I took her both lips into my mouth and started to fuck her pussy.

She woke up and began to moan as I kept ramming deep into her pussy. I did not change any positions, just fucked her in that same. Now we both were well into it. We kept on smooching as I kept on banging her pussy. She suddenly said, “I’m cumming,” and her eyes rolled back, body jerked, and legs shivered.

She got her second orgasm. I, too, was nearing. Since she got an orgasm, she wanted me out of her pussy and tried to pull me out. But I held her firmly to the bed and kept ramming her. She said, “Please, don’t do it inside.” I pulled out my dick and gave it a few strokes. I cummed over to her belly.

I shot further waves where it spread to her boobs and belly, filling her deep navel with my cum. I stood out from the bed and took a few tissue papers, and gave her to clean. I watched her wiping my cum off her and cleaning her deep navel. We were done for the night and dozed off again naked.

I stayed with her for a week in her flat. She would leave at the office at 8 am and would return at 7 pm. When she was away, I would have some beer or whiskey, watch movies, workout, or browse on the net. When she returned, we end the day having sex.

She was awesome. We fucked on the dining table and even on the kitchen floor. We would roam around naked at home, take a shower together, and fuck under shower. After a few days, I left Dubai for my home. It was my best vacation with her, and I would never forget about this in my life.

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