Amazing Fuck With My Facebook Friend

Hi ISS readers! This is my first story on ISS. I hope you guys enjoy it! I’m Happy from Rajkot! I’m a fairly healthy-looking person. This story happened 3-4 years back. It is about an amazing fuck with my Facebook friend Priya (name changed) while traveling on a bus.

Let me tell you about how Priya looked. Priya was an average looking girl with 32-26-32. Her neck and shoulder area were as seducing as any other hot girl. We met over Facebook a few years back. Priya shared her secrets with me, what was going on in her love life and all.

We both were totally aware that we both are very much attracted to each other physically. She was studying in her college, and I was doing a job when this incident happened. We both were from Rajkot. We used to travel to Ahmedabad regularly – she for her studies and me for my job.

Finally, we decided to meet. We planned our travel together. We were ready for sex from being Facebook friends. We booked an early-morning ticket on the same bus. I booked 2 tickets in the last row of the bus. Amazingly for us, no one had booked tickets in the last row or the last second row. It was empty.

She had booked her ticket separately. She needed to sit somewhere else as her dad used to leave only after she boarded her bus. He wouldn’t allow her to sit next to a male.

As soon as the bus left and we were out of the city area, she changed her seat. I emptied the window side seat for her, and I sat on the next seat. We both, after seeing the empty rows of the seats, gave each other a naughty smile.

Me: So finally, we are here!

Priya was completely excited by now.

Priya: Yes!

Me: (With a wink) So should we start?

Priya: You don’t have patience at all!

Me: Who would have patience when we have waited so long for this moment.

With this, I just grabbed her face and planted a kiss on her lips. I licked her upper lips and then her lower lips one by one. We kissed like there was no tomorrow. Once we explored each other’s lips, I broke the kiss. I asked, “Have you ever tasted a guy’s tongue?”

Priya: “No, why are you making me wait so much?”

This time she took the lead and started to kiss me and wildly started to lick my tongue now. I didn’t take a step back and started enjoying the moment and kissed her harder and harder. We kissed for almost 30 minutes.

It was winter, and she was wearing a jacket. I removed it and started to kiss her again. While we were kissing, she showed me her boobs through her cleavage and teased me. I punished her with a harder kiss. “I’m going to punish you for teasing me.”

Priya: Okay, master! I accept whatever punishment you give to me.

I asked her to lick my dick, which was 7 inches long by now. She bent down on the seat and started to give me a blowjob. I took out a blanket, and we got wrapped up in that. I enjoyed the action.

While doing that, I lifted her shirt and started to explore her bare belly. I tickled her belly and navel. She was in absolute enjoyment. I then asked her to open her shirt, and she did it obediently as she was being punished. I wildly removed her bra and started to lick her boobs.

I pressed it hard enough, and since we were traveling by bus, I couldn’t let her moan. So I kissed her while pressing her boobs hard. She was in pain, and tears started to fall off from her eyes. But she was enjoying it too.

I slowly removed her shirt, shorts, bra, and panty. I asked to sit her on my lap and started stroking her slowly. She smiled in pleasure. I slowly started to stroke her harder and harder. We both were in ultimate pleasure.

I again pressed her boobs and licked them one by one. Her nipples were still erect. She was enjoying this painful satisfying punishment. I cum in her mouth. My unexpected lover gulped all of it.

She then wore her clothes and adjusted her hair. We again kissed for few minutes and licked each other’s tongues. That was one of the best moments of our trip.

Me: So, how was your experience with me?

Priya: I want it one more time.

Me: What’s your plan after we reach?

Priya: Nothing much. I was wondering if we could visit your place for an hour.

Me: Why not! (Excited as fuck!)

We reached Ahmedabad. I booked a cab, and we went to my place. In the cab, too, I held her from her belly and slid my hand inside her shirt. She said, “Even I don’t have the patience, my love!”

We reached my place. I shut the door and started to remove her clothes. This time it was even more erotic manner as we were in a comfortable place. I started to lick her body. I kissed her on her neck. She pushed my head on her cleavage. I kissed her boobs and went down to her navel.

I started to caress her belly, and she was in heaven. I tied her hands and legs. I tickled her harder and harder on her armpits and belly. She started to laugh and scream in pleasure. She begged me to destroy her pussy. I untied her and allowed her to wrap me in her arms.

I made her sit in the doggy style. I inserted my dick from behind and started to stroke. She moaned as I started to stroke her. I slowly started to stroke her harder, and with each stroke, she started to scream in pain.

She was screaming like Dani Daniels now. I was about to cum, so I took my dick out and put it on her face. I cummed on her face. We then lied on my bed for a few minutes.

After that, we decided to leave. We bathed together and kissed each other. I cleaned her body. She asked me to tie her bra, and I did that for her. I kissed her again and booked a cab for her. While she was leaving, she asked, “When are you going to the home town again?”

I understood what she wanted to say!

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