Fulfilling Fantasies With My Teacher – Part 1

My name is Ramesh, and I am currently working in an IT company in Chennai. This is about fulfilling fantasies with my with a lady who happened to be my class teacher. Her name was Swati, and surprisingly young for our junior college.

She came in as our new computer science lecturer and was later made our class teacher. She was about 28, had a heavenly structure that got our boys ogling at her. She had a surprisingly slim waist and an enormous ass. Her face was damn perfect. She was dusky, pretty, and had an amazing smile.

I was a very studious guy, and most teachers have a good impression of me. I mostly take care of attendance registers, book submissions, etc. I used to occupy the first bench mostly.

This was even helpful when I had a closer look at Swati’s ass when she took classes. Days went by. One day we were in our computer laboratory when this incident happened, the first-ever encounter.

I occupied the last row. The guy in front of me called Swati ma’am and told her that the PC was not switching on. She bent down to switch it on. I caught the glory of her super-perfect ass in a perfect closeup. Still, fate had its ideas.

I was so immersed in the scene that I forgot to notice that she caught me ogling at her ass. She suddenly touched her posterior by reflex and was staring at me to death. I thought my life was over. She’s going to take this to my parents and the junior college management. I wasn’t able to breathe, and my heart was racing.

She slowly strolled to me, sat next to my empty seat. She pulled the mouse. I had typed a few lines of code in the code editor. She erased it all and typed, “What were you seeing?” I replied, “Nothing, ma’am, I am sorry.”

She interrupted and signaled me to type it. I typed, “Nothing ma’am, I just saw what happened to the CPU?” She typed, “It didn’t seem like it.” I couldn’t answer, and I was sweating heavily.

I couldn’t face her, and then she did a daredevil act. She raised a little from the chair, caught my hand, placed it under the chair, and sat on it. I couldn’t believe what was going on.

I went, “Ma’am…,”

She signaled, “Shh,” made a horny wink, bit her lip, and mouthed the word “Enjoy.” I felt the heat of her enormous butt under my hands. She started grinding her ass on my hand, and my dick formed a tent on my pants.

She took her finger, made it wet with her saliva, and touched the tip of my tent. I was about to climax as it was too much to handle, I closed my eyes, and she stopped. She again mouthed, “Don’t cum.” She said, “Wait,” and went back. She went to the board.

She was teaching something. She also caught me seeing her ass again and bit her lips. The class was finally over, and she told me to stay back. My friends went off, and Swati told me to meet her in the restroom after 5 pm. I was very excited to see her.

I sneaked into the common restroom on the ground floor, and she wasn’t there. I called softly, “Swati ma’am.” Then I heard a bathroom lock open, there came out my teacher.

She had her make-up on and had applied a heavenly perfume to her neck and armpits. The smell of her sweat and this scent gave a different erotic aroma. She came near me, was correcting her hairs in the mirror, and asked me.

Swati: Why aren’t you seeing my ass now?

Me: Ma’am, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to.

Swati: Cha, stop, I gave you my ass to enjoy, and you’re still afraid, loosen up, man.

I saw slowly below, her green saree was tightly wrapped, and she wore her saree surprisingly low. It was way below her navel, giving me an even perfect shape of her ass.

Swati: So, keep staring at it all day, just come near me and touch it. Otherwise, I am leaving.

I hurried and went near her, touched her hips from behind.

Swati: Ahh, that’s like a good boy.

I knelt behind her and felt her ass on both my hands. I slowly squeezed it as Swati ma’am was hissing.

Swati: Do you want to know how my ass smells like?

I was still caressing her ass cheeks over her saree.

Swati: JUST SAY IT, do you want to?

Me: Yes, ma’am, yes, I want to know how your ass smells like.

Swati: Then what are you waiting for? Do it.

I buried my face in between her ass cheeks. It smelled heavenly. I could feel her perfume on the saree. I saw her facial expressions through the mirror, and it was heavenly. I started kissing and licking her ass over the saree, and she told me to stop and get back up.

Swati: It’s enough for today. I have a small gift for you.

I wondered what it was, and to my surprise, she lifted her saree, removed her panties, and gave it to me.

Swati: Keep this, smell it, lick it and enjoy me today. I’ll give you what you want when I feel you deserve it.

Me: But ma’am, I just wondered if I can see your ass?

Swati looked at me with horny eyes and said: Is it so?

Me: Yes, ma’am, please…

Swati: I can’t, then you won’t let me go home today. You will ask if you want to lick it, then it’ll go on for hours. Remember you are talking to your teacher.

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am.

Swati laughed and asked her to lick her boobs over her blouse. I removed her pallu and licked her over the nipples, and the smell of her armpits was too much to handle. I lifted her hands and also smelled and licked her armpits.

She was moaning and stopped me, “Stop, this is exactly why I told you I wouldn’t show my ass,” and pushed me away from her with closed eyes.

She kissed me on my lips and walked away. I knew she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and that made me even horny. I saw her ass swaying as she walked through the corridor.

My teacher knew my weakness and exploited it. She teased me to death. I couldn’t control it, and her words made me leak without even touching my cock.

In the next part, there’s more about how Swati ma’am teased me during the class and how she deflowered me in her home. Please write your feedback about my erotic day with my computer teacher to [email protected] Thanks!

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