An Erotic Day With My Biology Teacher

I am a 26-year-old engineer living in Thrissur (Kerala) as of now. I am here to tell you about my biology teacher. Above 6 feet in height with a fairly athletic build.

This experience happened around 1 week back when the state was in lockdown. That morning, I planned to go to the supermarket near my place, which was 2 km away. I walked to the supermarket. I wasn’t able to get out much because of the lockdown, and I wanted some fresh air.

I had bought what was required and was about to leave the place. I saw a familiar figure entering the store. I couldn’t recognize her at first because of the mask covering her face. Also, it had been over 7 years since I last met her. But I was sure she was my biology teacher from school, who was my first crush.

She noticed me staring at her and called me over. She immediately recognized me, and we chatted for a bit. To give a brief depiction of her, she was in her late 30’s and had a voluptuous build. Her big breasts and tight ass were the highlights. Her face sort of resembled the actress Nayanthara.

Me, as well a lot of my friends, had a huge crush on her back in school. When she realized that I was walking, she told me that she would drop me back at my place in her scooter. She won’t take no for an answer. I was hesitant at first as my home was farther than hers but finally agreed to it.

She told me that we would get down at her place first, and I have to help her unload the stuff she bought. She said it wouldn’t be that heavy for a muscular guy like me, grabbing my right bicep while saying so. I just chuckled nervously and played along.

Her ass was rubbing against my dick on the ride back, and this garnered a reflex erection. Since there were some potholes on the way, I could feel her ass bouncing. It was as if it was coming closer to my dick. Even then, I thought it was purely coincidental.

I was afraid she would notice my dick against her butt. But she didn’t say much throughout the journey. Once we reached her place, I carried all the stuff she bought into her house. She told me that she was alone for the past 6 months as her husband was in Dubai.

He couldn’t come back because of lockdown, and her son was in boarding school. She jokingly said that I should be at her place from time to time to help her around. She then said she would get some snacks to eat and asked me to sit in her living room for some time.

After 5 minutes she came back with some tea and biscuits. She sat on the opposite sofa mine, and we began to talk again. At one point, she expressed that she had regular fights with her husband over the phone. The fact that she doesn’t have a man in her life had been frustrating.

She almost started crying when she said this. I immediately got up and sat next to her on her sofa. She then told me she hasn’t had sex for over a year, and she was aching for it. On hearing this, my dick went into reflex mode again and transformed into its 6-inch form.

She saw the bulge in my jeans and just smiled. On the way here, she said she noticed it rubbing against her ass. She jokingly asked me if I remember the chapter on human reproduction from class 12 biology. She placed her hand on my left thigh while doing so.

My dick was throbbing at this moment, and I couldn’t help it anymore. I kissed her on the lips. Just a gentle kiss to gauge her reaction. She kissed back without any hesitation whatsoever. We then spent the next 2 minutes exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues.

She gradually unzipped my jeans and grabbed my manhood with her left hand. She then told me to stand up. After removing my jeans, she was able to see the 6-inch beast in all its glory. She said that she had been craving this for the last year and that I shouldn’t stop her. I told her I’m hers for the day.

She then stroked my dick with her arm a bit and gently kissed it. She started licking the tip and massaging my balls. She then started sucking it as if it was a lollipop and I was in cloud nine. I asked her where I should cum. I could feel my load cumming.

She said she wants it in her mouth. Almost immediately, I came in her mouth, and she drank every last bit of my cum. She started kissing my cock again and licking it. I thought I’ll take the initiative from now on. I told her that I’m not done with her, to which she smiled.

I picked her up in my arms and carried her to her bed. We kissed on the way there. I removed my shirt and asked her to remove hers. I so enticed her that she commanded me to tear her clothes with my hands, to which I agreed. I ripped her dress and her undergarments.

My dick started throbbing again, and I lay on top of her. We started passionately kissing again. I then went for her neck and could see she liked that. I started kissing every inch of her body except her breasts and her sweet spot so that she craves for it.

After this, I grabbed both her breasts with both of her hands and squeezed them gently. I started licking the tip and then sucked hard. She was enjoying every bit. After I was satisfied, I went for her sweet spot and started licking that area too. I licked her clit and darted my tongue in and out of her vagina.

With my hands, I kept her legs apart. Once I knew she was ready, I took my soldier and thrust it in her hole, slowly at first. She grabbed onto my shoulders, and I grabbed her tits again. I started picking up the pace, and she started moaning. I began kissing her again and darting my tongue in and out of her.

She asked me to slap her ass, which I was happy to do. After a few minutes, I commanded her to get on top of me and ride my dick. She then did so, and I cupped both her breasts again. We then went into missionary position and finally did it in the doggy style.

I was about to cum again, and this time I came on her stomach. I then fingered her hole until she had an orgasm of her own. We spent the next 10 minutes lying beside each other, just hugging, kissing, and enjoying the warmth of each other’s naked bodies.

She asked if I could do one more round, to which I instantly said yes. She said we would have lunch first. She then made lunch for me. We sat at her dining table and had lunch together, both of us still completely naked. She said she wanted to do something creative during sex as it was boring with her husband.

She exclaimed that she wanted to be my sex slave for the afternoon. I could do anything with her. I had a few ideas in my mind and wanted to surprise her. She also said that I could cum inside her if she wants to do her sterilization surgery 2 years back.

I told her that I wanted to look in the kitchen for some stuff and wait for me in her bedroom. After getting the things, I wanted I went to her bedroom and was greeted by her thick body. Her legs spread wide for me. I took 4 small sheets and told her that I would tie her to each end of the bed.

After doing this, I teased my dick in front of her face. As she was going to suck it, I pulled it away. I wanted her to crave every bit. I had taken some chocolate syrup I took from her kitchen and poured it over my dick. I told her not to suck it yet.

With syrup dripping from my dick, I first made it rest against her forehead and then her cheeks followed by the rest of her face. Her face was covered in syrup at this point. I then put it just above her mouth and told her to lick it clean. She did so without any hesitation whatsoever.

I had put my dick in her mouth. I could feel her tongue touching each part of my organ. She sucked with more vigor, and after a bit, I took my dick out and lay on top of her again. I licked the chocolate sauce from all of her face clean. I then spat it inside her mouth.

I then poured some syrup into her vagina and started licking it clean. She was moaning and gripping onto the bed tightly. I poured the syrup over her bush and thighs and licked those areas too. After this, I got the coconut oil I took from her kitchen and poured it all over her body.

I could see the excitement in her eyes while I was doing it. I poured it over my body as well. After this, I lay on top of her. We began kissing again. With the oil, my body was slipping and sliding against hers. My dick was moving up and down her crotch. I then started sucking her breasts again.

I placed a couple of ice cubes on her breasts and watched them harden. I began sucking them vigorously and biting them. Since she was tied up, I was only getting a lot More moaning as a response. After being satisfied with that, I took my dick and stroked it against her thighs.

I was teasing her about what was to come. I then put my dick inside of her hole and started moving it in back and forth. The oil and the remnants of the syrup helped in avoiding any friction whatsoever, and it was gliding in and out. I then started kissing her on the lips.

While I was doing this and cupping my hands on her breasts. She ordered me to cum inside her this time, and she wanted to savor every bit. I kept on kissing her, feeling the taste of chocolate on my tongue. My hands against her ice-cold breasts, and my dick covered in cum, syrup, and oil.

After reaching my peak, I came inside her. She told me she was about to climax as well. I didn’t stop fucking her even after I came and went on till she had an orgasm as well. She moaned loudly and bit on my neck as she reached her point.

After both of us were satisfied, we lay against one another for the next 10 minutes. We were kissing and hugging each other with a cocktail of fluids in between us. After this, I untied her, and we both had a bath together. I fucked her once more in the shower.

After this, I told her it was getting late and that I had to go. I gave her my number and said to her that she could call me whenever she needs ‘help’ in any matter. She smiled on hearing this and bit her lip.

Just as I was about to leave, I kissed her on the lips one last time and said goodbye. I knew this wouldn’t be the last time I would see her and that we’re going to have a fun time this year.

I hope you enjoyed my experience of erotic sex with my hot teacher. In case any of you want to contact me, I can be reached at [email protected] I hope to have more experiences with more ladies, especially from Kerala.

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