Hot Shagging Experience In Classroom With Meena Teacher

Hi readers, this is my first story that I am posting here. the heroine of the story is my cum goddess – our computer teacher Meena. I completed my higher secondary in a private English medium school. I then joined college.

I started masturbating in the classroom itself watching my sexy teachers. When I moved to college, the first thing I was searching for was some sexy teachers for my ‘routine activities’.

On the first day, I was very disappointed as I couldn’t find any good looking teachers. So I waited as some boys said that our computer teacher was a bomb.

On the second day, we had our computer class and I waited eagerly to get a view of her with my throbbing cock inside my pants.

The first period after lunch was our computer period. Her name was Meena. The bell rang and without any delay, our computer teacher entered the class. OMG, I was out of the world! I couldn’t believe my luck in having her as my teacher.

She was in her mid-30s and fair-colored. She had 2 kids. At the first single glance itself, my cock started throbbing inside my pants.

My computer teacher was wearing a white color saree with black prints and black border along with a plain black cotton blouse. Her thick long hair was tied neatly and so her smooth skin on her back was clearly visible.

My computer teacher had a great pair of bubbly arms that were ready to tear her tight blouse at any time. The slight view of her milky white belly and side view of her fleshy breasts were killing me.

Her hair brushed on her buttocks whenever she walked. I was desperate to touch my rock hard cock for at least once but I was afraid to do that as the environment was new to me.

The teacher introduced herself and asked everyone to introduce ourselves. Somehow, I managed to rub my dick over my pants for some time watching the divine beauty Meena teacher. But that was not enough for me.

After the introduction, she moved towards the board to write something. Ahhhhhhh! Her fleshy ass cheeks were flaunting in front of my eyes. The bare skin in her back and her shoulder was glowing.

My eyes were grazing all over the sexy teacher’s body. Her white bra strap was visible over her thin transparent black blouse.

I was not able to control the situation and somehow I managed to get my hand inside my pocket. I was having heavenly pleasure as I rubbed my cock inside my pocket watching my Meena teacher’s back features. Her glowing fleshy skin was killing me.

My eyes feasted on her back and my hand was working in my pocket. I imagined pinning her to the board and rubbing my dick between her ass cheeks and kissing and licking her bareback. Uffff! There were slight sweat drops on her shoulder and back. I desperately wanted to smell there.

I was smelling and licking my married teacher in my mind. Suddenly, my cock jumped out of from the side of my underwear! Ahhhhh!! My pleasure increased as now there was only a layer of cloth between my hand and cock. I wished there was a hole in my pocket. I wanted to tear my pocket so that I can touch the bare skin of my cock.

Then I got a good hold of my cock and I started to jerk slowly. I was smelling my teacher’s hair in my mind.

I moved her thick hair to one side, exposing her whole broad back. I didn’t spare even an inch of her back and moved up. Uffff, the back neck area of hers! It was filled with small hairs and sweat drops. I wished I could take a deep breath from there.

After finishing writing in the board, the teacher turned towards us giving us a small glimpse of her bare tummy. I suddenly withdraw my hand and my cock was desperate to be touched. At any cost I wanted to cum watching my teacher.

I gazed all over her tummy, pussy region and well-shaped arms which were hairy. Her hairy arms drove me crazy. I was eagerly waiting her to raise her arms and show us a glimpse of her sweat patches on her armpits. (Usually, I don’t like sweaty armpits but it was different with Meena teacher).

I was eager to put my hand again into my pocket again but I was not able to do it as boys sitting near me was talking continuously to me. After sometime, I was able to put my hand again and started to jerk watching my goddess Meena.

I could have cummed any time, but I didn’t want to cum like that. I wanted to touch my bare cock. So I made a plan. I took my bag and placed it on my lap. Meena teacher started taking lessons but I was in no mood to listen. I wanted to fuck her there itself.

My cock was still out of my underwear and I was pushing it between my legs imagining fucking Meena teacher.

There was a chair lying in the floor, so she could not walk through us. She bent to take the chair and move it. Ohhhh my godddddddd! While bending, I was expecting a cleavage view but she shocked me by showing her whole belly and glimpse of her deep navel! What a view was that! Meena’s saree moved and I was in seventh heaven.

I could not take my eyes from her belly. I wanted to cum desperately. I slid my hand under my bag and slowly unzipped my pants. I wanted to touch my cock before she corrected her saree or else, I will lose the view.

Her deep navel was still visible. I inserted my hand inside my pants. Slowly, I touched my cock and started to rub my cock inside my pants. Suddenly, she hid her belly with the pallu and I was disappointed.

I was slapping my cock on her face and squeezing her breasts in my mind. Somehow, I managed to take my cock out of my pants and placed the bag over it.

I wanted to cum only when she gave me a good feast like earlier. When she passed by our side, I inhaled a whole amount of air in search of my teacher’s sweat smell. But instead, I got a sweet smell of her perfume.

The time was going so fast and it was only 5 minute for her period to end. I again slid my hand under the bag and got a strong hold on my dick. I started stroking in some pace and waiting for some Meena magic for me to cum!

I was shagging madly watching my teacher’s hairy arms, slight view of her belly, bareback, side-boobs, bulky ass cheeks, thick long hair and her hairy backside of her neck.

I was begging to her, “Please Meena please..Show me something..”

It was like my goddess heard my prayer. She had some itching on her back and she raised her right arm. Ahhhhhhh goddddddd! The moment she raised her hand, I splashed my cum all over my pants and the bag!

As I expected, her blouse was not wet but I got a good glimpse of the tiny hairs on her armpits as her blouse was so transparent. I jerked imaging sniffing her sweat aroma from her broad armpits and I cummed at that moment itself.

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