Fucked By My Favourite Teacher

I am a girl from Belgaum. I had come to Bangalore for my education. My physique is 36-28-30. I always got a lot of sexual attention from everyone. I had a boyfriend in Belgaum who used to come every weekend to fuck me, but later he broke up with me because we couldn’t handle a long-distance relationship.

When I came to Bangalore, I was lonely, so I took up some extracurricular classes. There, I met a man who worked in HR and had an amazing body. He was married.

After a week of our classes, I had some suspicions, and I caught him jerking off in his cabin looking at my pictures. I was shocked and excited.

You can guess what would have happened next. We had amazing sex, right there in his cabin, and later, he became my boyfriend. We used to meet and fuck every Saturday morning. I had also been to his home while his wife was there. We fucked in his bedroom when she was in the kitchen.

He once fucked me on the road when we were out for a jog. We used to have the best sex, but only on Saturdays. On other days of the week, I always felt left out.

My engineering classmates were dying to talk to me, but I ignored everyone. Guys used to hug me and pinch my nipples, which I was ok with. Then, when I was in my 3rd year engineering, a cute teacher joined our department.

His name was Adarsh, and I couldn’t stop being attracted to him. I used to sit in the first bench during his classes. I kept on staring at his pants while he would teach. He had caught me many times doing so. I used to greet him whenever we met outside.

Then, time passed and we had our first internal exams, in which I didn’t write the test as I wasn’t feeling well. The second internal was scheduled on a Saturday, which I was really upset about. I couldn’t even concentrate on studying, and finally ended up deciding to first meet and fuck my boyfriend before giving my internals.

The fucking session with my boyfriend was so good that I forgot about my internals. I realized that I was late, so I rushed back to my college. I was late by half an hour, but I requested my teacher if I could take up the test now, and he agreed.

The test was in Adarsh’s cabin. I went to the teacher’s cabin and started to write the test. I had forgotten most of what little I had studied and just kept quiet.

My teacher came in and asked me what happened. I told him that I had forgotten everything. He laughed and replied, “Forgot everything but to fuck?”

I was shocked but I didn’t respond. When he asked me what happened, I got angry and told I him I didn’t know what he was talking about. Then, he came near me and turned me around. He said, “You really don’t know? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? You are not wearing a bra, and your boyfriend’s specimen is all over your boobs.”

Oh shit! I realized then that I had forgotten to wear my bra or to clean myself up before running back to college.

He looked at my papers and noticed that I hadn’t written anything. When he asked me again why I hadn’t written anything, I told him that I didn’t remember anything but the amazing sex I had just had that morning with my boyfriend.

He appreciated my love for sex, which made me even skip my tests. I noticed that he got kind of turned on, and he said that maybe I’d remember something if I had some more amazing sex. He told me that he loved how I stared at him during class.

Then, he told me that he had wanted to fuck me on ethnic day, when I wore a saree and a blouse with a low cut neckline. He said that he had finally got the opportunity to fuck me today.

He said, “I love your boobs. They are perfect. Your nipples look like they are always ready to be sucked.”

I looked at him and he smiled and sat in front of me. Then, he started sucking my boobs and I started screaming. He told me not to make so much noise so I kept quiet. When he asked me to remove my top, I asked him to close the door. He replied that everyone would be doubtful if we closed the door and then his job would be on the line.

So, I agreed and removed my top. He started squeezing my boobs and biting them. As he was squeezing my boobs, he told me how badly he had wanted to fuck me on our department’s annual day, when I wore a skirt. He also told me that he had noticed that I was not wearing any underwear that day.

He then pulled down the zipper on his pants and I saw that his dick was bigger than my boyfriend’s and I started sucking on his six and a half-inch dick. After five minutes of deep throating, he came inside my mouth and I drank his sticky cum.

He pulled down my pants halfway and positioned me in doggy style and started licking me. His tongue was doing an excellent job, and later he fucked me with his fingers. I was so wet and wide that he had to put three fingers in to fuck me.

Then, he thrust his dick deep inside me and started fucking me hard. He had held my hands together for support while fucking me in doggy position. I bit my lips hard as his balls were hitting me. He fucked me hard for six minutes and then turned me around to cum inside my mouth.

I cleaned his wet cock up with my tongue. He told me he loved my boobs and wants to suck them every day. He bit me hard on my nipples and said it was our love bite.

We put on our clothes and he told me all the answers to the paper, and I cleared the exam easily.

I didn’t tell my boyfriend that I had fucked my teacher to pass my exams. Adarsh and I met almost every day and fucked each other in college. We fucked every morning before anyone would come. Our campus was very large, so we had a place in the park to ourselves.

I loved this kinky relationship with my teacher, but then Adarsh went to another country for his studies.

Since then, it’s just been my boyfriend, and only on Saturdays. I miss my teacher, Adarsh, very much.

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