Steamy Sex With My English Teacher!

Before I start my story, I want to tell you something about myself. My name is Rihaan and I am 24 years old. I am a resident of Bangalore. I am studying now. My height is 6ft. Today, with the sex story that I have brought before you, I hope that you guys will enjoy it.

By reading this story I assure you that you will be aroused throughout the session This story is from the time when I was 18 years old and studied in junior college. I also had a girlfriend in college at that time. Her name was Akriti. She was very fair and had big busts and a huge ass

I kind of liked her very much, and never forced her for sexual pleasures. Most of the time we used to exchange texts and we would rarely meet. But one day out of the blue she asked me if we could have sex. At first, I hesitated. I did not want to disappoint her.

But then we had a cracking sex session. She was a virgin which caused a lot of pain to her We both used to have a lot of steamy sex sessions whenever we get a chance. But after some days we broke up. Well, that’s fine I moved on.

So after this, my board exams were nearing and I concentrated on my studies. After the exams, I got a few days off. During this, my parents forced me to join any certification or summer class which I agreed to. After thinking for some time I decided to join the spoken English class.

I would not need to do much as I am already know how to speak English pretty well. My teacher is absolutely cracker. She is married. I will tell you about her. The name of the teacher was Suman and she looked very good for a teacher. Her figure was also very good.

She had huge tits and her ass was fully capable of erecting anyone’s cock. Though her ass was not big it was chubby which used to make my cock erect whenever I see that. I got more interested in attending the class only because of her. Usually, she gave us grammar tests which I easily solved.

Eventually I was in her good books. I use to daily fantasize about fucking her and masturbate daily for being a good student. I always got the privilege to enjoy myself. She would not give me any work. So in the meantime I used to crack lame jokes. To which she also laughed sometimes

Sometimes I would reach her home earlier than other students. So one day when I visited her early, as usual, she opened the door. To my surprise, she was wearing a black saree and was looking like a sex goddess.

Mam looked at me and said, “Today you have come very soon. Come, let’s sit I will bring you a cup of tea.”

I said ok and sat in the hall. She came to give me tea and bent down. My bastard eyes were waiting for this moment. My cock cracked as soon as I got a glimpse of her sweet succulent boobs from her deep-throat blouse.

Today big boobs were visible to me than necessary. I started staring at her big juicy boobs. Maybe madam caught me watching her tits.

Mam – What are you looking at?

Me – No, nothing, Mam. (nervous)

Mam said with a shrug – Why are you afraid. Do you like it?

Guys, hearing this, my cock stood up in pants and I tried to hide it. Mam clung to my chest and I started rubbing her boobs over my body. After a moment, I put my mouth in the middle of mam’s tits and started kissing. Madam engulfed me in her chest like a child.

I opened her legs with my hand and began to grope the area of her pussy from the top of her sari. Mam spread her legs. The next moment I put my hand down and lifted her sari and started running my hand on her bare thighs. Mam grabbed my hand with her hand and put it on her pussy.

Mam did not wear panties inside. Now I inserted my finger in her pussy, and started pressing her with my two fingers. Mam’s sighs started coming. It must have been just two or three minutes that some students rang the bell from outside.

Mam rescued herself from me and picked up the cup and went inside. I also put the finger of my hand in my mouth and started tasting the salty nectar of madam’s pussy.

After a few moments, the students came. I opened my book and started pretending to read. Madam too changed her clothes and started teaching us all. I was thinking that if these bastards had not come today, I would have extinguished the fire of madam’s pussy.

Well, I had already got the job of extinguishing the fire of madam. I had made sure that I would dig mam’s pussy with my cock someday

On the second day when I went for coaching, I came an hour and a half early. That day she looked at me and said with a wink, “Today I was waiting for you, I had just made tea for myself, but you drink tea. I will come.” As soon as she left, I first closed the gate and made up my mind to fuck madam.

She came back after some time and now she wore the same black sari. I got mad at seeing her in a black sari.  I found her very sexy in black clothes.

She came to me and said, “My king, how do I look?”

I could not stand and I filled her in my arms and said, “You are looking deadly.”

I caught her and kissed her around the neck, and while kissing them, I removed her sari. Mam also wandered around and got her sari opened. I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me. Madam came closer to me.

When I started kissing her back, she grabbed my head and started pressing it. She got hot and started caressing my head. Then I opened her blouse. I got very delighted when I saw her big and smooth boobs stuck in a mesh bra. I felt as if a crook has trapped my pigeons in a trap.

I also opened her bra and gave freedom to my pigeons. Madam’s milk seemed to be very adorable while spilling in the open air. I looked at the beauty of those boobs for a moment. I immediately put her milk in my mouth and started sucking it very hard.

In the sexy voice of Suman, she moaned and began to sizzle. I was sucking one of her tits in the mouth and pressing the other one with my fingers. She was rubbing my head’s hair. I used to enjoy sucking both of the boobs for a while. Mam was super excited and tried to press me into her breasts.

After this I removed all my clothes. We were both looking at each other’s private parts without clothes. My cock was very smooth. I had cleaned my jungle of cocks today. After a long time there was a chance of getting a pussy, so the ground was cleared.

The situation was exactly like that of Suman. Pink pussy was tickling. Perhaps mam did make up her pussy as well. Her pussy was smelling great due to a fragrant powder When I looked at mam, she spread her arms and took me in her arms. We both started enjoying each other’s long kisses.

Mam grabbed my cock and said, “Don’t be late, honey.”

She then started to grab my cock and spit on it. She rubbed it for a while and pushed it inside her juicy pussy. The feeling was heavenly. I grabbed her hair and started to fuck her in a mighty force She started moaning. I grabbed their tits and started fucking her while licking them.

I was pushing the whole cocks in her pussy till the root and was pushing them in and out. For a while I kept fucking Suman madam. Then I pulled the cock from her pussy. Madam looked at me, so I started fucking her by making her a bitch.

Then after 15 minutes of hot sex I fell into madam’s arms. I fucked her well, and she is also very happy with my fuck. My cock is very big and thick. After this we both quenched each other’s thirst many times. Madam was very happy with my cock that many times she asked me to fuck her all night.

So hope you guys liked my story. If you liked it please provide me some feedback at [email protected]. This will help in sharing my other experience, and please don’t ask me any personal information of my teacher

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