A Beach Vacation

This happened 2 years back, my wife and I (JP) planned a beach country vacation with my ex (ND) and her husband. we have been friends for close to 4 years now. As they stay in Dubai and we in Mumbai we all decided to meet directly at the location.

It has been almost a year since I saw ND and the anticipation was almost killing me. They reached a night before us and shared some breathtaking pics of the resort we were booked in. As we reached they came to meet us and we had lunch together.

A brief about ND she is tall and thick at right places with flawless skin and long hair. Seeing her again and hugging her gave me an instant hardon. I and my cute little wife retired in our room. My wife pointed out that I am constantly thinking and preoccupied with something since we have reached here.

I laughed it out saying the place and the view are just mesmerizing. But my mind was constantly thinking about ND. In the evening we all went out for the city tour on a self-drive. ND came out wearing a thin white top giving a view of her pink bra and yummy 36D boobs.

Her ass was just too wobbly in her skin tight jeans and I was too tempted to grab and spank it. As we reached by the resort we all retired with a plan to hit the bar by the evening.

With an open beach bar, I reached first to get the best tables and with GM (my wife) taking her time to get dress. I saw ND coming alone towards me. She was wearing a floral thigh-length dress showing her long and smooth legs. We hugged again and I took an extra second to feel her.

All the old memories of lovemaking came rushing back. She understood and gave a naughty smile. Slowly everyone joined and I and SB (ND’s husband) began our whiskeys while ladies clinked the wine glasses. The evening went laughing, sharing stories.

Then GM said she is feeling dizzy and tired and wants to go to bed. ND said she will drop her and come back while the guys on the 5th peg. SB started to check out a skinny babe aking me to rate sexy babes. I said, “I like my girls a little thick,” and we laughed.

ND came back and joined us. SB was by then very drunk and started commenting on the skinny girl. I could see ND getting annoyed and asked him to wind up the drinking. As SB started to get up and walk he collapsed on the sofa. ND‌ and I carried him to his room and put him up in the bed.

I started to leave and then ND said I should stay for some time and chat. We chatted sitting on the king-size bed and while her husband is fast asleep. ND started to open up. I was not sure if it was the wine or closeness that she started sharing how SB doesn’t find her attractive anymore.

I jumped on the opportunity saying if I had a wife as sexy as her, I won’t stop making love to her. She blushed and opened up more, asking me about my sex life, which was to be fair ordinary with PM. I told her that sex was ok but my fantasies are suppressed.

She inquired if she can help to which I said she may not be up for it. She looked pissed off and said she is a big girl can handle the hard stuff. I told her I have a fantasy to tie up my girl, blindfold her and rough her up.

I was surprised as ND‌ got up, brought ties and blinder, and handed it to me saying, “Show me what is your fantasy.” I can’t believe my luck and immediately got to the task. I blindfolded her and tied her both hands to a hook on the wall. I dimmed the light.

I went near to ND smelling her sweet perfume and spoke in her ears, “I will fuck you to the fullest in front of your husband, you fucking tease.” She pretended to be scared saying SB will get up and go crazy. I was in no mood to listen.

I was feeling her amazing smooth body, pinched her nipples as they grew hard. I licked ner neck making her moan. In a swift motion, I ripped her dress apart making her scream. She was now in her black bra and panty scared in anticipation of my next move.

I went down on her navel which was thick and deep. I kissed it, bit the skin around it, and took my tongue deep in it. My hands were pressing her soft boobs taking them out of bra and pressing her big brown nipples. She was moaning loudly as I removed her panties and put my hand on her trimmed pussy.

I realized it was crazy wet almost dripping. Without waiting for a minute I put my mouth on her pussy and started licking all that wetness, she was almost shivering. I stopped and went up and kissed her giving her the taste of her on wet pussy. It was time to show the bitch what she signed up for.

I slapped her boobs and pinched her nipples. She screamed in pain, as a wife I believe she never got abused this way. I turned her towards the wall and there was her big jelly ass in is full glory. I slapped it tightly and the other hand pressed her nipples and boobs very hard.

The spanking sound filled the room and her soft ass got red by each hit. I put my finger in her pussy from the back. I vigorously fingered her while covering her mouth on the other hand. This was too much for her. She cummed all over my hand with a loud moan, her juice was yummy.

With her energy drained, she begged to untie her and take her to bed. I took the rope from the hook but didn’t untie her hands. I threw her on the bed right next to her drunk husband. With her pink pussy in my full view, I jumped on to eat it like a hungry tiger.

I was pressing her boobs with soo much force that she was screaming to stop. This was too much for me. I was about to undress when she stopped me and asked to take her to the beach in the middle of the night. It was her fantasy to make love on the beach.

We both left the room with her in a bathrobe towards the connected beach. As it was full moon night the sky was well lit. As we reached the beach she came and kissed me. I was in no mood for foreplay and started fondling her and removed her robe. She was glowing in her full nakedness under the moon.

I too removed my clothes, we started rolling on the beach with waves hitting us. With my dick full-on I started penetrating her wet pussy with force. She was spreading her legs to let me in screaming my name, “Fuck me JP, fuck me, I am your bitch.” Within minutes I came and so did she.

After a few moments, we realized where we are and what has just happened. Quickly we got dressed. I left ND to her room and went back to mine. The rest of the vacation went by without any action. But we exchanged a few smiles remembering the incident. I am again waiting for an opportunity to repeat it.

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