How I Managed To Have My Student’s BBC!

This is a story sent by one of my followers. I run an erotic Instagram page called hotsexthoughts. It is expressed in her words only.

Hi all, I am Shruthi 40 year aged. I work as a professor in a government college. This is my experience with one of my students.

I was working as a professor since I was 26 years old. I was working in the same college from the beginning. I got married to a guy from our relatives when I was 29. We both live in different cities. So I used to visit home once for a week in the beginning.

I and my husband used to have sex every time I went home. I got pregnant within a year. We had a daughter. After that, my husband said that we no more need children. After that, he even lost his interest in sex.

Whenever I went home, he said it was not right to have sex when our daughter was around. Rarely we used to have sex. He started using condoms and it was not satisfactory at all. My daughter was living with her dad and grandparents.

My sex desires were increasing day by day. My friend said that it was common for a woman’s sexual desire to increase in the early 40s.

When the days were nearing for period, my desire would be at the peak. So I started watching porn and masturbating. When my finger couldn’t satisfy me, I ordered sex toys from an online store and started using them while watching porn.

I loved watching blacked videos. I loved the big black monster cocks of the black men. I used to imagine the big dildo as a black man’s cock and lick it and smash it hard inside my vagina.

Soon, those were not enough. I wanted to be dominated. I wanted someone real to lick my pussy. I wanted to feel an oral orgasm. But I was helpless.

I had a widowed colleague who got remarried recently. She was 38 and her husband was younger than her. I think he was 32. She actually married him because she was also feeling excess sexual desires.

Her husband was also an assistant professor at our college. Theirs was a love marriage.

She went for a honeymoon with him to Goa for a week. When she came back, she shared the experience with me. She explained how good it was to have sex with someone younger than her. He didn’t have any experience in sex. So she taught him everything. And in the next few days, he started dominating her in bed. Their sex life was so intense that they both were getting intimate even in their car while coming and going back to college.

I was getting jealous of her. Even though I had a husband, I could not enjoy.

So one day, finally I shared my problem with her. She asked me to divorce my husband and marry some other guy. I was beautiful enough to be married again. But I didn’t want to do that. I thought it would affect my daughter.

It was the beginning of a new academic year. Many new students came for admission. I was attracted to one boy among them. He was a boy from some tribal community. He was a very well built guy. I imagined him standing naked with his big monster cock erected. That mere imagination made my blouse tighter and my panties wet!

I decided I must have sex with this young boy. I was teaching English. This guy was from a rural language medium school. So he couldn’t understand English properly.

I made a plan. My plan was to invite him to my room saying that I would teach him English. When he comes, I would somehow seduce him and have sex.

My plan was giving me chills. My period days were nearing as well. My sexual desires were also increasing.

That night, I didn’t masturbate as I decided to hold my fluid for my handsome student.

The next day I asked him a question in the class. I made him stand up for not answering. I did this so that he should get angry and punish me badly during the sex! I imagined it and my pussy was wet in the class itself.

After that hour, I called him and asked him to come to my room that evening after college. He was living in a hostel. So he agreed to come.

I was waiting inside for him. I was watching from the window whether he was coming.

Finally, he came. I opened the door and went inside my room and lied down on my bed, reading a book. I was wearing a nighty. I pulled my nighty up above my waist and made my black panty visible from the hall.

So this student came. When he couldn’t see me in the hall, he looked towards my bedroom. The door was open. He saw me lying there, exposing my pantie.

Knowing this, I purposely put my fingers inside my pantie and started to finger my pussy and started to moan lightly! He was shocked.

He started to call me as ‘mam’ as if he didn’t see me doing this. So I woke up and went outside. I saw him standing there. I asked him to sit down. He sat down the chair.

I told him that I will bring him some juice and went inside the kitchen. I was visible to him from the kitchen. I bent down and showed him my ass clearly.

I prepared some lemon juice and took it to him. I put it down on a table in front of him. While putting it down, l leaned down and showed him my boobs! He started to stare at them. His dick started to erect.

Then I went to give the glass into his hands and I purposely made the liquid spill on his pants!

I apologized to him and started rubbing over his pants. I touched his cock in between. It was very erect. I could feel its size. I slowly rubbed over it more times. Now my student’s dick was completely ready. I realized he was also in the mood.

I removed his pants. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. So immediately, his hard monster cock hit my face. I started to suck them.

He was a virgin so he started to moan as I sucked him. He also gently pressed my boobs. After some time, I completely undressed him. I licked his nipples and chest. Those tasted very salty.

Then I took him to my bedroom. My well-built student lifted me and literally threw me on the bed. I realized he was a porn addict. He started to pull my nighty from below and started to lick me from my foot. He kissed my pussy above the panties. I shivered like a snake.

My husband used to fuck me only and he never licked me at all.

My student then removed my panty and started licking my clit. Then he inserted his tongue and played in pussy. It made me shiver more. I was about to get the orgasm. But he stopped!

He then came up and removed my nighty and bra. He bit my nipples. He did it very roughly until I screamed very loudly.

I begged him to insert his dick to my vagina. So he lied on me and inserted in missionary position. My student started pounding me hard. His balls were hitting my clit and making “phat phat” sounds. I couldn’t resist myself from moaning.

His dick was so big and hard that I was feeling like my pussy was being fucked for the first time. I was moaning so loudly.

My student fucked me in many positions for more than half an hour. Then he lied down and made me sit on his lap and held my back. He hammered me, moving his waist up and down so fast that I almost cried and had tears in the next 5 minutes. I was screaming and cumming at the same time.

We then both came together.

I was so tired. But he was ready to fuck me again. But I was not ready. I sucked his dick again and took his cum inside my mouth. He licked my pussy again to an orgasm.

The next morning, I had my periods. I went to college with pads. I decided not to see him because it might again make me wet and get fucked by him during periods.

But when I entered college, he came from somewhere and took me to an empty room. I told him that I was on periods but he was not ready to listen to my words!

It was a little early in the morning and not many people were there. He lifted my saree up, pulled my panties down, took off the pad, and started to lick my pussy! I can’t explain that pleasure to be licked during a period.

Then he made me bend down on a desk there and fucked me from behind. He smacked my ass and fucked my pussy so hard that I couldn’t even open my eyes.

After fucking me for 30 minutes, he made me turn and released his cum inside me.

I stood up somehow, put a new pad from the bag, wore my panties back, and kissed him again in the lips, sipping his tongue for a minute. And then I turned back to go to the staff room and that’s when I saw my colleague standing near the window watching all this, smiling!

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