Tenant To The Hot Indian Lady Professor

“Management Down! Down!”

“Free Accommodation for Students!”

These were the slogans the students used to protest against the University Management due to the recent plumbing problem in the fifth-floor bathroom which resulted in the flooding of the whole floor last night.

The university issued a notice announcing that the students of the fifth floor must evacuate their rooms for a week to renovate the bathroom and fix the plumbing problem. Everyone was upset. So was I. I lived on the fifth floor too!

The political students, the time-pass students (even if they didn’t have a reason to) were protesting while the actual victims were convincing their friends on the other floors to share their rooms with them. I was upset and went directly to the head of the department’s room to complain and provide alternate accommodation.

I opened the door to his office and noticed not one but two people in the room. One was the HOD of the CSE dept. of our university sitting on the other side of the table as usual and the other was a beautiful stranger I had never seen before.

She might be in her mid-thirties, a little chubby, neither fat nor slim. She wore a beautiful light-blue saree and her bouncy pitch-black hair was left afloat. Her eyes were blue and she had a sharp nose. She was hot.

I asked the HOD the permission to come into the room and he said, yes.

HOD said, “Ma’am, this is Sam, one of the brightest students of our campus. And Sam, this is Professor Apoorva, she will be teaching IPR subject this semester.”

I wished her “good morning” and she wished me back.

Her voice was very sweet, a little high-pitched and her lips were voluptuous.

Then I got to the point, “Sir, there is no vacancy in the hostel and I have no place to stay tonight. I came to ask if you could find me alternate accommodation.”

He said, “I am sorry to hear that, Sam. I wish I could be of any help but it is not my decision to take. I will talk to the Dean and request him to book rooms in the nearest hotels for the week.”

“He can stay with me..”, she said.

I was confused and surprised for a second. Then she said,

“I mean, there’s a vacant portion in my house and I was looking for ideal tenants anyway, you can stay if there’s no problem..”

I was over-joyed! “Thank You, ma’am! Thank you very much!”

Later that evening, I reached the address she gave me, It was a two-story independent house with a big garden in front. I opened the gate, walked to the porch, and rang the bell.

The door opened and I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. The beautiful professor in the Morning turned super hot!

She was wearing a tight gray batman t-shirt and a tight jeans-short. I could see how big and juicy her boobs were and how hot and milky her thighs were. She smelt her and her fragrance was intoxicating. She tied her hair into a bun and a pen to hold it there.

My mouth opened a little in the shear shock looking at her transformation. She noticed why I wasn’t uttering a word.

She laughed and said, “Sam! Come in.. Have a seat!”

I shook off the shock and walked into her home, leaving my luggage at the door.

She offered me some water and said, “I know you are surprised to see me like this. I am a woman, you know. I am not the old mature type..”

I asked, “You look very..”

“Hot?”, she laughed.

“Yes, Ma’am”, I smiled.

She said, “Oh c’mon, Ma’am here too. Call me Apoorva..”

She said that the apartment upstairs was where I had to stay. The stairs were outside, beside her main door. She helped me with the luggage and showed me the rooms in the apartment. It was a single bedroom apartment. It was spacious and furnished. There was even a TV in the apartment.

The evening passed and I was hungry. I planned to go to a nearby hotel and have dinner. But as I was leaving, I heard her shout at me, “Sam.. where are you going?”

“I am going to get some dinner.”

“Shut up and get inside! I thought I told you about dinner!”

I went inside and we started having dinner. “Kabir Singh” was playing on TV.

I was surprised to know that she drank! She brought beer from the fridge and offered me some. I declined out of respect but she insisted.

She then began talking, “I was married, you know..I even have a son.”

I anticipated that she would’ve been married but didn’t guess that she had an eight-year-old son.

My beautiful professor then said that she divorced her husband for cheating on her and they share the custody of the son and it was the husband’s turn to keep his son.

After a while, she accidentally spilled some beer on her t-shirt and I could see her erect nipples through the stains! I had an instant boner and I was trying very hard to suppress the urge. But she noticed the bulge in my pants and smirked a little. At that moment, I didn’t know that she understood my dirty intentions and was enjoying it.

She then dropped the TV remote, maybe intentionally and bent over to pick it up.

I could see the young professor’s sexy tight ass. I couldn’t control it anymore and the boner I had was clear as the bulge in my pants expanded.

I was startled as she slid her hand slowly on my thighs. She was looking at me longingly with her seductive eyes and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I pulled her closer and started kissing her.

We kissed for almost a minute and then she held me by hand and pulled me into the bedroom and started kissing again. She slid her hands into my pants and squeezed my ass. This turned me on further. I glanced as her milky boobs started bouncing as I pulled off her t-Shirt.

Then I pushed her on to the bed and pulled her shorts down. Our beautiful professor’s pussy was clean shaved and looked delicious.

I started kissing her feet and moved up gradually. I was teasing her by kissing her thighs and kissing around her pussy. She was very agitated and started pulling my hair onto her pussy. I started licking her clit and she started moaning. My right hand on her thigh and left hand squeezed her tit. She was pulling my hair with both her hands.

“Oh yeah.. Owu”, she continued moaning.

Her eyes filled up and the moaning intensified as the lady-juices started oozing out of her pussy. I then made my way up and bit her nipples slightly. Her body twitched.

She then shouted, “Give it to me, Sam! Give it to me!”

I seized the moment as she was totally submissive at the moment. I slid my dick inside her tight pussy. It was pure bliss! I started rocking the dick in and out and she moaned and she held my back tightly. I could feel her nails digging into my back but the ecstasy of the erotic bliss outweighed the pain. I bit her upper lip as she moaned louder.

Apoorva then pushed me aside. I didn’t understand why.

She then let her hair loose and sat on me. She took my dick into her hand and slid it into her pussy with a whimper. She then started riding my dick, with her hand on my chest for support and I squeezed her boobs with both my hands.

“Sam..Ahhh.. Ah.. Sam..Sa.!!” she moaned as she had her second orgasm.

Apoorva got off my dick and started sucking it with her sexy mouth. She had killer looks and she sucked harder and I could feel her teeth at times. I held her head with my hands and started pulling her hair as I neared the climax…

Then I pulled my dick out of her mouth but my horny professor continued rocking my and took my cum on her face. We cleaned up in the shower together and spent the night in each other’s arms.

It has been a month since we started our secret affair. I didn’t move back to the hostel. I continued to stay in the upstairs apartment paying the rent with sex.

I heard my doorbell ring as I was getting ready for classes. I opened the door and stared at the Police officer looking at me furiously.

She was over 6 feet. Her busty tits and hair tied into a bun made her look sexy. Her tight in-shirted Khaki Police Uniform made her look sexier.

She furiously shouted, “Are you Sam?”

I was wondering why she was here and replied, “Yes”, in a confused tone.

“You are under arrest!”, she said furiously.

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