An affair with married office colleague

As I wrote in my earlier story of Jasmine and me, things were moving well. We had our occasional meet-up at her place, skipping office. She is a horny girl and demands my presence at least twice a month. I didn’t mind as my wife was away post-delivery at her parents’ place.

Jasmine’s blowjobs were a thing to look forward to for me. She loves getting naked, going on her knees on the bed to take me in her mouth. Her heavy breasts dropped down, and erect nipples were rubbing my thighs.

It’s been a year or so when something unexpected happened. Nisha, She had joined my company about a year back. Since we are from the same state, she quickly became part of our office friends circle. She was a good friend, had good conversations. I never felt anything different towards her.

Nisha is a mother of two but has maintained a good athletic body. One fine day, she abruptly messaged me in an office chat. She asked if I felt the same about what she has for me. Trust me, my heart just skipped a couple of beats. I don’t know why, but I replied yes. From that day, things got heated up.

I am an ordinary guy, tall and above average. I honestly never understood why either Jasmine or now Nisha is attracted to me. Nisha started insisting on going for coffee breaks without other colleagues and walks after lunch. It was just holding hands initially to leaning on to my shoulders.

One day, while walking through the office car park, she asked for a kiss. I wanted to kiss her cheeks, but she smooched me. Man, that was different. More than me, she enjoyed the kiss. I knew it by the way she moaned.

These became a regular thing. We would be escaping our friends and going to the parking lot or staircases for wild kisses. I had to take another sim card to keep our conversations a secret. We usually have role plays sexting to each other on Whatsapp or Telegram.

I have masturbated numerous times while chatting with Nisha. I know on the other end. She is rubbing her vagina or pinching her nipples while laying naked on the bed.

Sexting became our thing, especially with Covid lockdown. We all went to work from home. Post lunch is when we chat with my wife and kid sleeping. It is the same at her end, with her husband working from another room and the kids asleep.

One of such conversations are like:

Nisha: Kutta, you came into my dream today, and it was crazy.

Me: Aha, what happened?

Nisha: We were in a hotel, and I was in my saree. You pull me onto your lap, and we are kissing.

I already have a boner by now and pull down my shorts.

Nisha: Your hands are naughty and running over my blouse beneath my saree.

Me: Nisha, I wish I was there.

Nisha: We are kissing crazy, and you remove my saree. Kutta, I am in my petticoat and blouse.

Me: Nisha, I will remove the blouse and bra.

I badly wanted to see her boobs. After repeated requests and pleading, she sent me a pic of her breasts. My god! Perfect round melons with very dark hard nipples. I wanted to get my mouth around them and couldn’t wait for the lockdown to get over.

Nisha: Kutta, please delete it. I am shy.

Me: Sure, Nisha, but tell me what else happened.

Nisha: Your hands are so strong, and they are pressing my breasts. I am begging you to bite my nipples.

Me: I will, Nisha.

Nisha: I remove your shirts and Jeans, and my hands are inside your underpants.

Me: You like them?

Nisha: They are hard, and I can’t wait to get them in me.

Nisha: Kutta, what do you want me to do? I have never taken it in my mouth.

Me: Whatever you are comfortable with, Nisha. But I will eat you.

Nisha: What do you mean?

Me: I will lick your vagina and put my tongue inside and make you cum.

Nisha: Chee. No kutta, no one has done that to me.

Me: Really? I will do it for you then.

Nisha: Kutta, something is happening to me.

Me: Same here Nisha, I have my cock in my hands. I can’t control it anymore.

We both cum while chatting. This is a regular thing now until the lockdown was taken out. I had one month’s assignment in another city, and before I went, I met Nisha.

We drove to the airport, which is a good hour’s drive. All the while, we were kissing and cuddling until it started to rain. The rain was so bad that I couldn’t drive and had to park the car off-road with hazard on. It was just perfect for us, and with seats pushed back.

I had Nisha on me, and we were kissing with our tongues sliding onto one other. I found Nisha’s hands trying to open my zip, and I helped unzip them and pulled my cock out. She was stroking them while we kissed. My hands were playing with her butt inside her jeans.

It had never happened before, but I was about to cum in no time and knew it would be embarrassing. I moved her hands off my dick and made her lay back. I slowly lifted her top and was greeted by her pink bra. She undid the bra, and I had those breasts I had been longing for.

I was crazy, mad, playing with them, sucking her nipples, pressing them hard, and pinching them. All she said was, “Kutta, bite them for me.”

I pushed two fingers into her vagina, which were dripping wet while biting each nipple. Kissing her on her lips, neck, and back to her breasts while fingering her, it was so hot out there. Nisha was moaning.

I knew I had a rhythm with my fingers. She screamed and shivered for a few seconds. I knew it was done. We kissed for a few more minutes and dressed up. Drive back was all giggles and planning a full day in a hotel. We wanted to fuck each other in a shower, in the bed, on the couch.

If not for another lockdown, we would have fucked multiple times. It is not easy to manage a family and two-timing with Jasmine and Nisha. But this is my life now, and as difficult as it’s been, things are fine to date.

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