Detention With College Principal

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“This is not expected from you, Sid. You are one of our most brilliant students and in the last month. You have been missing lectures, attending detentions almost 2 times a week. What happened?” the Principal of the college asked Sid.

Talking about the Principal – her name is Babita. A hot Bong who had perfect assets 34-28-34. Babita is strict and loving at the same time. Babita was wearing a normal saree, low waist, deep neck blouse flashing her chest, and a bit of portion above the boobs.

A pallu covered her chest but not too much for the ogling eyes. The college had a strict saree attire for the female and a formal pan-shirt for the males.

Sid stood quiet in front of Babita. He had no clue what to say as he could not confess the truth. After all, both the teachers can turn around and blame Sid that he forced himself upon them.

“I am asking you something, Sid. What is the reason that for the last month you have been in detention almost 10 times?” asked Babita, “If you are not answering, I will have to ask Mamta and Swati.”

“No, miss. I… ah… well, I was getting detentions because I wanted to study more. In detention, I get time,” Sid lies.

Babita was not satisfied with Sid’s answer. She gets up and walks to Sid. Sid watched the low waist saree, exposing her sexy milky navel and belly. The right fats at the right place on Babita’s BONG body made Sid hard. Sid is a nerd, but he always appreciated the beauty of a woman.

He never lustily watched a girl, but since his detentions with hot teachers, his view changed. He puts his hand in front of his crotch. Babita watched him do that, and then she did something that Sid had not expected. She showed Sid the video which Mamta had watched on Swati’s phone. Sid was scared to shit.

“Kids like you make our college stand in terms of grade. If anyone outside finds out about this video, it will degrade our college reputation,” Babita said with a higher authority tone.

“Sorry, Principal ma’am,” Sid lowered his head and said.

“You have already shamed me and, of course, Swati and Mamta by getting detentions. Do you have anything to say about it? Recording your teacher sucking on your huge BBC.”

Sid nodded his head. ‘NO. ’ Babita then walked back to her chair and sat on it. Instead of crossing her legs and sitting. She sat with both her legs flat. Looking at Sid, “You been a bad boy Sid. Misbehaving with your teachers. Come here and lay on my thighs, on this lap.”

Sid looked at Babita. He had no other choice. He went to Babita and was about to lay on her lap, but she stopped him midway. She signaled at Sid’s pants, “Take them off and then lay on my lap.”

Sid without saying anything. Unbuckled his hook and pushed his pants down. Babita looked at Sid, who was now in a t-shirt and v-shaped underwear. Her eyes went wide when she saw the front of his crotch. She saw his underwear holding his heavy balls and the big dick.

Babita: How do you fit it in there? When I saw Swati’s video for the first time, I did not believe it. But watching this underwear holding those heavy balls and black mamba, I believe it now.

Sid: Yeah, when I get hard, it becomes problematic to keep it inside. Then I have to push it down my pants. So, it looks like a snake around my thigh.

Babita: Oh, mama! Sit on my lap. I need to punish a bad boy.

Sid lays over his belly on Babita’s lap. She kept one hand of her on Sid’s back and moved her head, looking at the ass she had in her grasp. She licked her lips once like a hungry MILF.

She moved her hand over Sid’s exposed naked ass cheeks and spanks him. She repeated it 2-3 times on the same spot making it red. Sid felt the spank.

Babita: Swati told me that you are a bad boy. Are you a bad boy, Sid?

Sid: I am a bad boy, ma’am. (feeling the spanks)

Babita: (spits on her hand and then spanks) Umm, Sid, does it hurt?

Sid: Aah, yes, ma’am. (takes his glasses off) It hurts.

Babita: Mmm, does it, you fucking nerd. (spanks again) Swati told me every inch and every depth of your detention story. (spanks again) So, I decided to see how good are you in detention. Yeah, baby?

Sid: Yeah, ma’am. (gets a hard-on because of spanking) I am a bad boy!

As Sid was getting spanked, his crotch was rubbing against Babita’s lap. She felt his hard dick rising. She grabbed Sid’s underwear elastic with both hands, saying, “Lift your butt.” Sid did as he was told and lifted it, making it easy for Babita to take his underwear off.

She took it off and then looked at his underwear. She sniffed it from inside, smelling the aromatic aroma of Sid’s dick, “It is strong. Do you wash your dick daily?”

Sid said, feeling his hard dick free and now rubbing on Babita’s saree, “Yeah, every night I oil it, and in the morning, I spend 5 minutes massaging my dick, making it clean.”

“Ummm, that is a very nice routine, Sid. Don’t ever stop doing it,” said Babita.

Now, Babita puts Sid’s underwear away and looks at his naked ass. She moves her one hand all over his ass, feeling the rough ass skin. With her middle finger, she starts caressing Sid’s ass crack and pushes in a bit. She moves it inside his butt and then takes it out, licking it.

Babita thinks, ‘Swati was right. His dick is so huge. My husband is not even half of this. Oh, I can feel his dick rubbed against my saree. I wonder how he feels his dick skin on my saree.”

Babita slowly moves her hand on his balls, then towards his dick, and grabs the hard rod. Sid feels it, and he lifts his ass. Babita smiles, watching it. She starts jerking his dick like she is milking a cow with one hand from below.

Babita jerks his dick for a while. Then they change their positions. Sid was now sitting on the chair naked with no t-shirt, and Babita was on her knees. No pallu covering the chest and no saree around the waist. Only in a petticoat and her deep-neck blouse.

Sid was enjoying Principal’s tongue around his hard cock. Babita was slurping his cock like a loving bitch girlfriend. She held his dick, lifting it up and then sucking his balls. Saliva drooled down Sid’s balls.

Sid thinks, ‘What good have I done that the Principal of my college is sucking my dick in her cabin? Aaahhh, these past month has been so good.’

Babita thinks, “This nerdy boy is enjoying the time of his life. Now, I will make sure that, along with Swati. He also fucks his Principal.”

Babita got up, and she stepped back and untied her petticoat, making it fall on the ground. She turns around, showing Sid her back and curvy ass. She moves her hand behind and, in a seductive way, unbuckles her blouse from behind. Babita stood in front of Sid in her blue net bra and blue panty.

She gives Sid a smirk and then takes her panties off. She throws it away and walks to Sid. Sid was rock hard. Babita walks to him and leans forward, jerking his dick. She looks at him in his eyes.

Babita says, “You sat on my lap. Now, I will sit on yours.” Saying this, Babita slowly sits on Sid’s lap, taking his dick in her pussy. She opens her mouth to moan, but only hot air leaves her mouth. She feels the dick entering her tight pussy. She stops midway does not completely sit down.

Sid: What happened, Principal ma’am?

Babita: I have never gone so deep. This is my first time.

Sid smiles and takes control. He puts his hand on Babita’s shoulder and pushes her down. Babita gives a loud moan as she takes the whole dick in one go. Both sit in that position for a while. Later, Babita looks at Sid, feeling a bit of pain in her pussy.

Babita: You bastard, at least you should have told me.

Sid: Move that ass, ma’am. (Sid spanks her ass)

Babita gives him a naughty smile and starts rubbing her ass over Sid’s lap. Sid feels his dick massaged by Babita’s pussy walls. Both student and Principal looked at each other like Fuck Partners. Babita grabbed the chair’s back support and started bouncing.

Sid felt the sudden rush of lust in Babita’s movement. He puts his hand on her back. Babita starts bouncing hard. The chair moves a bit as she bounces. Sid feels the urge to push it deeper in her. So, he pulls her close and stands up from the chair.

Babita holds Sid by his neck. She wraps her leg around his waist, and Sid moves to a wall. He puts Babita against the wall and starts pushing his dick up, giving hard shots inside her pussy. Babita was madly caressing Sid’s hair. They both looked at each other.

Sid pushed his big dick up her pussy and saw the pleasurable pain on her face. She kept her hands over Sid’s cheeks and pulled him close for a smooch. They both kissed and fucked against the wall.

Swati knew that Babita was going to fuck Sid. As Swati and Babita were close friends, they shared everything. But Swati didn’t know about Mamta being fucked by Sid. She decides to talk to Babita, unaware that Babita was busy with her student.

Swati walks to Babita’s cabin and opens the door. She looks inside and gets shocked. Sid was kissing Babita all over her neck. Babita was hanging with her legs around Sid’s waist, boobs crushed on his chest. Babita looked over Sid’s shoulder that Swati stood by the door watching them.

Swati gave Babita a smirk. Babita signaled Swati to leave and come later. Swati nodded to it and closed the door slowly. As Swati was about to leave, a few students came to her. She asked them.

Swati: What are you doing here?

Student 1: Miss, the Principal ma’am, had to sign this form for our camp trip to Nashik.

Swati: Yeah, come later. Because Principal ma’am is cumming. I mean she is coming to meet you personally later and talk about the camp.

Student 2: Ma’am, you have to come.

Swati: Of course, I will come.

Swati was handling the kids outside. Babita was already lying on the table inside the cabin. Sid was pumping his dick inside her standing. He had grabbed her thighs and was fucking her like a machine in and out.

Babita was moving like a sex doll, her boobs jiggling with every force of pumping in her pussy. Sid watched the Bong Boobs going up and down in the blue net bra.

Babita thinks, ‘Oh God, he made me cum twice. Ah, that bitch Swati, bitch did not tell me that this nerd takes control while he fucks. I thought I would dominate him, but he is the one making me act like a sub.’

Sid: Say something naughty, Principal Babita.

Babita: Yes, master.  What naughty can I say? I am glad you entered me, Sid. Even my husband never made me cum twice in one round.

Babita uses her hand and gets up. She put her hands around Sid’s ass and spanked him hard. Looking him in the eye, she says, “You Nerdy boy, fucking your Bong Principal. Your every push will give you high grades, baby. Go deeper as you always top your class. Make me have a top-class orgasm. I am about to cum.”

Babita moves her hand over Sid’s ass cheeks and presses them like a boy presses a woman’s boobs. She pushes his ass forward so that Sid goes deeper. She suddenly falls back, and her thighs start vibrating.

With both her hands in her hair, she reaches a vibrating orgasm. Sid knew she was cumming. He did not stop fucking her but continued.

Sid: Ma’am, I am cumming.

Babita: Don’t cum inside me.

Babita was weak on her feet. She was unable to get up because of the orgasm she had. Sid took his dick out and climbed up on the table. He kneeled close to Babita’s face and jerked. “Yeah, give me that cream, Sid,” Babita held Sid’s thighs.

Sid, with a loud moan, came all over her face. He pushed his big dick in her mouth. Babita lifted her head and sucked the dickhead. She later pushed her head between his thighs, sucking his balls. Then she shifted a bit below and also sucked Sid’s ass crack with her tongue.

Babita was licking his ass and saying, “No one has ever given me so much pleasure. You deserve this ass licking. Till today all the students said that a student licks teacher’s ass for marks. Today a Principal is sucking a student’s ass for his excellent performance.”

After a nasty fuck in the cabin. Both of them get back in their clothes. Babita deletes the video she had and sits on her chair. As she sits down, she closes her eyes and gives a soft moan.

Babita: You made my pussy sore, Sid.

Sid: Sorry, ma’am. This is a huge dick. I used to hate it.

Babita: Are you an idiot? This dick is the best. Whenever I call you, come to the cabin. Also, take care of my black mamba. I don’t want anything to happen to that.

Sid: I will take care, ma’am. Ma’am, if you don’t mind me asking for a favor.

Babita: Go ahead, do you want the next semester’s papers? You cannot have it.

Sid: I am smart to crack the next semester. I wanted allowance in the library section. It requires special fees, but I want to take one book from there. For that paying, a month membership is too much. If you can….”

Babita pulls the drawer, muttering, “Nerd,” and signs a paper. She folds it and hands it to Sid. Sid takes it and leaves the cabin. As Sid leaves, Swati enters the cabin and, with a smirk, sits in front of Babita.

Swati: Wasn’t my information worth an increment in salary?

Babita: You got it bitch. You got it. I had the best fuck in my life.

Babita smiles and rests her head back on the chair. The pleasure she had earned from all the fucking was seen on her face.

This is how Sid got lucky yet again because of detention. Who will Sid fuck after the Principal? Or where will he fuck? Find out in the next part. If you like the story, tell me down in the comments which part was the best.

Till next time, be safe and be happy. Bye.

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