An Erotic Call With Neha

This story revolves around a reader of one of my stories. I had developed a friendly relationship with her time. She surprised me one evening with a request that I could not turn down.

I am Vikram Jindal, a resident of Mumbai city, aged 28 years. This story is set back when I was 24. I had an average body then, standing at a height of 5 ft 10 inches. An average non-circumcised cock at 6-7 inches length and 2-3 inches thick (haven’t measured) and a lover boy look.

Neha was 34, with a plump body at 36D-34-38, fair complexioned, shoulder-length hair. A hot face with slim lips, standing short at 5ft 2 inches, with big and beautiful eyes. She was in a relationship back then. But the guy had been using her for sex which she was aware of.

She had bonded with me. She liked the fact that I would be there for her whenever she wanted to chat about something. Neha and I had on several occasions done a roleplay. Because her boyfriend would just use her, arouse her and leave her unsatisfied.

Then she would do a roleplay with me to help get over the feeling by stimulating herself to an orgasm. One day though things changed between us. It was a Saturday night. Her boyfriend had done the usual thing with her and she needed me to be there.

She pinged me but I wasn’t online then. So she dropped me an email, surprisingly with her pictures. We had never seen each other before. I was not ready for this move by her just yet. Still, I must say I was quite excited to see her pictures.

Judging by her dressing she did not seem to belong to a very good financial background. But nonetheless, she was a bombshell. Since I have a thing for plump women I got further aroused by what I saw. I went online on chat and pinged her,

Me – Hey.

Neha – Hi, Did you get my mail?

Me – Yes, I did.

Neha – So?

Me – So, nothing I am here.

Neha – I had sent you my pics. Am I not good enough for you?

Me – Well, you look amazing, I did not honestly expect to meet someone looking like you on chat.

Neha – Did you get an erection?

Me – Haha, you were in a churidar kurta. How could that give me an erection?

Neha – Oh so now even you will not like me because I am fat.

Me – No I did not mean that. I did like you and I felt excited but it’s just that it wasn’t enough to give me an erection

Neha – Oh like that? Wait a minute.

Me – Sure.

And she sent me a selfie of her with her earphones on. Standing in her washroom which had simple white tiles and dull white light. With a wide smile on her face, kajal in her eyes and smeared red lipstick (probably from her boyfriend).

Her hair was open. She had just a black bra on which was barely able to contain her huge boobs and showed a lot of her cleavage. Now, of course, this sight got my heart beating fast but it wasn’t enough still to get my john to wake up.

Me – Wow!

Neha – You like that?

Me – Of course, I do, they are so big.

Neha – Did this get you erect?

Me – Starting to.

Neha – Lol.

There was a pause for a few minutes. Then she sent me another 4 pics of hers. This time it got my cock half erect instantly. The 1st pic had her back facing the camera and she had unhooked her bra from the back. The 2nd one had her facing the camera.

She had pulled both her bra straps down leaving just her bra cups to cover her boobs. The 3rd one had her standing without the bra and her hands covering her boobs. The 4th one was a selfie again with her nipples covered by her hair. They just peeped out of her hair.

Neha – Now?

Me – Wow that’s a sight I did not expect.

Neha – Did you like it?

Me – Yes I did. But why did you have to show me your face?

Neha – Because I trust you. I am not asking for your pic. I just wanted to submit myself to you tonight.

I was bowled over at how she could develop such a deep connection with me. She trusted me with a naked pic of hers and did not want anything from me in exchange.

Me – Neha, I am blank. How can you trust me so much?

Neha – Since the past 3 months, you have been there for me whenever I pinged you. You have always been decent with me, I just don’t have a reason to distrust you.

Me – Can we talk?

She called me immediately on the chat app itself as we did not have each other’s numbers,

Neha – Hi! (in a very excited tone)

Me – Hi, Neha.

Neha – What’s up?

Me – Don’t you know?

Neha – Hehe, you have a really nice voice, something like badal garajte hain jaise.

Me – Thank you, your voice is pretty sweet too.

Neha – Thank you.

There was a small pause for a while before she broke the ice,

Neha – Did you like my body?

Me – Yes! It is simply amazing.

Neha – (seductively) Do you want me?

Me – Yes! I do.

Neha – (whisper) Toh mere paas aao aur apna lund meri chut me daalo. Aaahh!

She moaned at the end of the statement in a rather sexy way. I let out a deep breath.

Neha – (in a low voice) Are you masturbating?

Me – (while breathing out) Yes.

Neha – Tell me something sexy.

Me – I want to push a piece of me into you right now!

She disconnected the call and immediately made a video call. I was taken aback. Then I covered the camera on my phone and answered it. She was in her bedroom on her bed with only her upper body visible on the cam. She was topless with her hair spread on the bed like she was waiting to be mine.

For a moment she seemed to be searching for my face. Then I could sense a little disappointment from her before she smiled.

Neha – Anyway, I wanted to show you this.

She said as she extended her hand between her legs. I could see her legs spread wide, with her hairy pussy exposed to me. It was wet which I could judge from the glistening moisture on it.

Me – Uff, that’s ready to take me in.

Neha – It’s all yours, dear.

Me – Spread it wide for me.

She complied to my requests like I am her master. She spread her pussy wide with her fingers to show me the pink.

Me – I have the tip of my cock on your pussy lips. Now I look into your eyes and come closer to you. My right hand grabbing your left boob and giving it a light squeeze. My fingers brush on your nipples. I bring my lips inches away from yours and stop, allowing our breath to intertwine with each other.

Neha – Ohhh! (she moaned with a heavy breath. I saw her close her eyes and her breast move up and down with the deep breathing.) I touch my lips on yours. I grab your cock and guide it to my love hole. I whisper in your ear, ‘Fuck me!’ before I bite your ear.

Me – I push my cock into your pussy the moment you say ‘Fuck me!’ as deep as I can go.

Neha – This is so much better in your voice than reading on the screen, (she said with her eyes closed)

Me – Yes! I am hard as a rock right now.

She suddenly brought the camera close to her. She looked into the camera directly and said, “Vikram, can I see your cock?”

Me – Hmm!

Neha – Come on, can’t you do just this much for me?

Me – It’s a little, ugh, ok!

I turned my camera, from selfie to back camera. I could see her eyes lit and a finger in between her teeth spread wide in a smile. She intently waited for me to show her my dick.

Me – Ok, this is it.

I pointed the camera towards my erect cock and she exclaimed, “Oh shit!” She sat up on her bed and kept her phone on the bed. I could see her boobs bounce with her moves and her face bending forward over the camera.

Neha – How big is that?

Me – About 6 inches, I guess.

Neha – No, it looks bigger.

Me – I don’t know I haven’t measured. But it could also be an illusion of the camera.

Neha – Acha! It’s nice! I really like it, I haven’t seen a cock with such a big and pink head with a balanced brown color for the rest of it. My boyfriend’s dick is smaller and it’s black, rather ugly looking.

I just smiled and said thank you.

Neha – Stroke it for me.

I placed my hand on it and started to stroke it lightly, while she spread her legs and pushed a finger in her pussy and started moaning. Her moans were a bigger turn on for me than the visuals.

Neha – I want to see you shoot your cum.

This was getting a little too much for me. It was an entirely new experience to have a stranger chat friend do this with me. So it wasn’t long before I started stroking myself really hard. I shot a few thick loads of cum on the toilet seat.

Neha – Oh shit! that is a lot of cum.

She intently watched me shoot my cum down the drain. She kissed me on the webcam, “That was amazing, Vikram. Let’s do this again someday.”

Me – I would love to Neha, this was truly amazing.

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