Sex With The Maid – Part 1

My name is Sunny with a story of sex with the maid. Please read my previous story here.

I was going to Delhi from Jaipur. This was an unscheduled trip, and I was running late with my meetings. I was to drive back with my sister’s family. But due to delayed meetings, they left to ensure that they reach Delhi before dark.

I was to pick up some stuff from my relative’s place and then take a bus back. There was no other transport available that day. The trains were full. I had missed the last flight. The car had already left with my sister and her family. There was a function in Delhi for which I had to be back the following day.

My sister’s maid stayed back as a couple of extra bags had to be carried back to Delhi. Sangeeta, the maid, had been working with my sister for years now. My sister was staying in Kolkata with her family, and Sangeeta stayed with them. On holiday now, she was traveling with my sister’s family.

I had known Sangeeta for a few years since I visited my sister at least once a year. We used to chat often while I used to visit my sister. She had no one besides an old mother in the village. She had left her husband a couple of years after her marriage. He used to keep drinking and waste all her money.

Sangeeta was in the mid-40s and was a regular-looking lady and was pleasant to talk to. Whenever I traveled to my sister’s place, I saw her in salwar kameez without the dupatta while working in the kitchen. Her boobs were average-sized, and she had a slim waist.

Her room was adjacent to the kitchen behind the washing area. It was a small room with an attached bath. During one such visit to my sister’s house, I saw her cleavage while she was lifting a sack of rice. It looked appetizing and just the right size to fill my mouth.

She saw me looking at her cleavage and just smiled. Another time she was chopping vegetables while I sat on the dining table overlooking the kitchen. She stopped chopping and went quickly towards her room, next to the kitchen. Her room was open, and I could hear her shut the bathroom door.

Quietly, I went towards her room and could hear her urinating. It seemed like a bladder full. Yet another time, I saw her coming out with her washed clothes and drying them outside. I had just come back from a run when I saw her – wet hair, wearing a pink-colored shirt and a long skirt.

Her bra was visible through her shirt – the entire scene looked very erotic. She had hung her washed clothes to dry. I was aroused seeing her panty drying on the line and managed to sniff her panty. It had a strange smell emanating from the crotch area.

I also saw that her bra size was 32B. One night, while walking in the garden, I saw her room’s light switched on. I tip-toed towards her room’s solitary window. To my delight, the window panes were open, although the curtains were drawn.

There was a small crack between the curtains, through which I saw her taking off her clothes. First, the kurta next was her bra, then her salwar, and then the panty. She was humming as she looked at herself in the mirror. Although she was plain to look at, her body was mesmerizing.

She had a small patch of hair around her pussy and little hair on her legs and underarms. She then picked up her clothes. I felt like going in and ramming my cock into her ass, seeing her in a bent position. She then went to the bathroom. I returned to my room and jerked off times that night, thinking of her body.

A couple of times, she had walked into my bedroom while I was still sleeping to pick up my laundry. I used to sleep in my pajamas, and I was sure she must have seen my morning erection too. Another day, I had got up with a throbbing hard-on.

I was in the bathroom when she opened the bathroom door to pick up the laundry. She saw my hard-on and looked at me. I pulled her towards me, and she looked out to see if anyone was around. Then she started stroking my dick through the pajamas.

That was the first time I fondled her tits and felt her sexy ass. She pointed towards the bedroom door being open. I quickly kissed her on her shoulder. She hissed and moved away without the laundry. The sexual tension between us was quite palpable, and we both were looking at an opportunity to fuck.

One weekend afternoon, we were resting in our rooms after a heavy lunch. I could hear some music coming from the ground floor. The bedrooms at my sister’s place were on the first floor, while the living area and kitchen were on the ground floor.

I went down and saw that Sangeeta was putting the clothes into the washing machine while she had switched on the radio in her room. She was wearing a pair of track pants and a t-shirt. I went behind her and held her. She looked out and then snuggled into my arms.

We were soon lost in a tongue fuck and kissing passionately. I managed to unhook her bra and then pulled up her t-shirt and started sucking her boobs. I was aroused now. I put one hand into her track from the front to feel her pussy. She was already wet.

I pulled her tracks down when she moved back and quickly pulled it back. The washing machine was on, and with the music in the background, we couldn’t hear anyone coming down. I adjusted myself and went up and locked my bedroom door to seem that the room was shut and I was resting.

I knew that everyone would be sleeping for a couple of hours, being a weekend. I went back to her room. She was inside, hesitant yet expecting me to make the first move. We locked the door and drew the curtains, and then started kissing each other again.

She seemed like a woman possessed when I kissed her neckline and her collar bone. I took off her t-shirt and then pulled out the bra. The tracks came off next, and her black panty followed. I just pulled her towards me and squeezed her ass, and kissed her lips.

She seemed hungry for the kiss as she held my face and kissed me passionately. She got rid of my clothes and was biting my nipples when I turned her around and started nibbling her backside and then her ass and thighs. I opened up her arsehole and licked her. She was squirming while I dug deeper with my tongue.

She had a nice shapely ass now that I was checking her from close quarters. I was soon licking her pussy while she sat on my face. She loved it so much as she didn’t seem to notice that she had put her entire weight on my nose. I signaled her to go easy, but she was in ecstasy and exploded on my face.

A stream of a liquid shot from her pussy onto my face and mouth while she fell onto the bed. I held her in my arms for a minute, allowing her to catch her breath. Then I wore my track and t-shirt and asked her to open the door and check outside.

When she confirmed all was fine, I pulled her back, took off our clothes, and started fucking her. She had not been fucked for years. She dug her nails into me and crossed her legs around my back, and pulled me closer to her.

Sangeeta: Oh my god! I haven’t been fucked for a long time. Please be gentle. Oh god, this feels so good. I am going to cum again. Please fuck harder.

I just ended up pulling myself out. She came while I shook my dick a couple of times and came on her tits and face. I pulled her on my chest. Our cum stained bodies were rubbing against each other. We quickly got up and had a quick shower.

Her body was glistening under the shower. I was getting aroused seeing her perfect tits and a shapely ass. I asked her to pee on my face as I love getting the warm liquid sprayed on my face. She reluctantly let off a thick stream of piss onto my face under the shower.

I opened my mouth and tasted it a bit. It was salty and had a pungent smell, but I loved it. I had a boner again. But she asked me to dry up and go back to my room. I dried up fast, wore my tracks and t-shirt and went upstairs, and left my room open.

In a short while, I saw Sangeeta dusting the common area between the bedrooms upstairs. As she came closer to my room while dusting, I pulled her in, took her into the bathroom, and started kissing her. After her orgasm, she wasn’t as keen, and also, the risk of being caught made her push me back.

That night I went to her room after everyone had retired to bed. She was expecting me as she was in a long t-shirt with nothing underneath. Next few minutes, I was giving her love bites all over her breasts and backside.

I sucked her toes and made love to her in a variety of poses. She was amazed at the various ways as she was pretty much used to the missionary position.

Sangeeta: What are you doing to me? I am going mad. Can you lick me again, please? I have never experienced such pleasure.

Me: Sure. Just lie back and enjoy.

Sangeeta: Have you shut your room?

Me: Yes, I have.

Sangeeta: Come on fuck me nonstop tonight.

I started by licking her shoulders, underarms, her tits, then her navel, her inner thighs. Then I sucked her toes before I moved back between her legs. I kept fondling her breasts while I licked her pussy lips. It was dripping wet, and the bedsheet had a damp spot by then.

I kept licking and then put a couple of fingers inside her and finger fucked her while continuing to lick her. She made a guttural sound and pulled my hair, and came on my face. I did not stop finger fucking her and licking, and she rolled onto her stomach, unable to handle anymore.

I pulled my face out and made her go on all four and fondled her tits from behind. She started to push my dick gently into her asshole. She stopped me, but I was in no mood to listen. I slapped her butt gently and kept pushing my dick in. I used a bit of saliva on her sphincter and pushed again.

She shrieked in pain and clasped the pillow. I started shoving in my dick gently till I was totally in her. It was obvious that she had never done anal before. I kept moving my dick and then increased my speed. Soon her pain subsided, and she was enjoying the fuck.

Sangeeta: Yeah, baby, harder. Come in my ass, baby.

Me: Yes, baby, I love your tight ass. It feels so good.

I couldn’t hold back and shot my load in her ass. We slept in each other’s arms for a bit. Then I slipped back into my room at around 2 am.

The next part shall continue with our Jaipur trip. Please write to me at [email protected]

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