My Maid Meena And Me

I was posted to Hyderabad and got settled in a studio apartment in a gated community. After a few weeks, I found it difficult to maintain the apartment and began to look for a maid. Since I had some other ideas I put in an ad online asking for a part-time maid very soon.

I was flooded with calls and messages. Now it was quite obvious that I couldn’t ask them for pictures. So I called a couple of them for an interview. Finally, I selected Meena who was around 35, sexy petite looking with curves at the right places.

She said she was married and had a kid. But the kid would be taken care of by her sister in law. She was free to work in the morning as well as evenings. Very soon Meena started working for me and I was quite satisfied with the work.

I have work off on Saturdays. So I would get up late and laze around on the sofa in my boxers. My boxers were generously wide and at times my semi-erect dick would show it’s head. One day it so happened, I noticed that she was taking extra time to clean the floor near me.

I quietly glanced at her from behind the newspaper, only to realize that she was glued, looking at my dick. Now I began to notice her. She had a fabulous pair of boobs that were showing through her almost transparent blouse. Her boobs were quite upright, at times jutting out of her body. Her belly was almost flat.

She had good skin, quite a smooth one for her class. She did not have hair on arms and lower legs. I got back to the paper, my dick had started to get erect. I saw that she was enjoying the show. For the next few weekends, this continued. I would laze around on the sofa, giving Meena to admire my dick, which would be erect.

Soon, when I felt that it was time to make a move, I began to brush against her. Once when I went to take a shower, I purposely left my towel out and then called her to give it. When she came to give, I opened the door more than necessary for her to view my wet body and erect dick.

She gave me the towel but her eyes were glued to my dick. I got bold and casually asked her, “Meena, can you please scrub my back?  I can’t reach back.” She said okay. I just opened the door completely for her to enter and stood naked.

She pulled up her sari, tied her pallu and took the body scrub. She began to scrub my back, shoulders. Soon she was scrubbing my ass and down to my legs, taking a deep breath, I turned facing her with my hard erect dick fully erect. She said, “This scrub is too rough for your dick.”

She took a few drops of the body wash and began to wash my dick. After slathering it, she rinsed it. My dick wouldn’t go down. She gave me a sly smile and said, I guess this needs some more attention. Saying that she led me out and made me lie down on the bed, she took my dick in her mouth.

Then she simply said, “Wow!” I pulled Meena’s head towards it. She opened her mouth and sucked the head. I was holding her head with both hands, pumping my dick into her mouth, “Yes, take it. Suck me, oh yes!” While she was sucking my dick I began to play with her boobs.

Meena too was enjoying the attention and was making sounds of ecstasy while sucking me. I was ready to cum and when I told her that, she said to cum in her mouth. She moaned with pleasure as she swallowed my cum. I got up, then gently removed her clothes, made her lie on the bed.

I lay next to her, kissing her passionately. One hand in her panties at the same time. Meena wriggling her hips in slow circular movements. I could hear her moan softly. I was fondling her breast while kissing. She was moaning in pleasure. I continued sucking her boobs.

On the other hand, I started playing with her pussy which was already soaked wet. I then began to travel south, kissed her stomach and came down to her pussy. Her pussy smelled great and I spread it open. Wow, it was light pink and was looking very tender.

I started licking it slowly. She was moaning lightly and enjoying the tingling of my tongue on her wet pussy. Then I put one finger in her pussy and stroked it for a while. The entry of the second finger made it a little tight. I was running my tongue playing with the clit.

It was giving immense pleasure that she had never experienced. She confided later that this was the first time someone had gone down on her. I knew she wouldn’t last any longer. I got up slowly started to rub my dick over her clitoris and teased her. But not entering her.

She got frustrated and pushed my dick inside her. The feeling of that tight, hot pussy enveloping my cock was indescribable. Meena moaned as I was banging away between her legs. Her breasts shook under my thrusts. I increased my tempo and could feel the tension in her belly rising. She gave a short cry.

I could feel her pussy pulsing around my cock as she came. That sensation was too much for me. I too could not hot hold any longer. I came like never before. I could feel the orgasm hit me like a wave as I pumped my cum into her. We lay in each other’s arms for some time and went to take a shower together.

This time I began to apply body wash on her body and rubbing it and playing with her tits, ass at the same time. I rinsed her off with water and then made her sit on the stool. I made her keep her legs on my shoulder, to keep her legs apart. I once again began to eat her.

In a matter of minutes, she pushed my head deep in between her legs moaning with joy as she came. This now became a routine. Sometimes, Meena would stay back on Saturday nights and we would fuck all night. I showed her the different ways of making love and she was fascinated with them.

Soon she expressed interest in having threesome after watching a couple of movies featuring threesome. I will narrate this in my next story when Meena gets her sister in law, Kavitha for a threesome.

I am now living in Chennai. Any women/couples interested can reach me at [email protected]

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