Sex With The Maid – Part 2

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My name is Sunny. Please read my earlier stories here.

Sangeeta was the maid at my sister’s house. I used to visit my sister frequently and had been fucking her maid. Please read the earlier story for more details.

Cut to Jaipur – I had no idea that I was to get her along. While in the cab, I saw my sister’s message that Sangeeta was waiting with a couple of bags. She would be traveling back with me on the bus. I was super excited and reached the place.

She came out with the two bags beside her own bag. She was wearing leggings and a figure-hugging yellow shirt. She had left her hair loose and seemed delighted to see me. We hugged like long-lost lovers. She bent to pick the bags. I saw her panty line through the flimsy material and got an instant hard-on.

She turned back and looked at me and smiled. At the bus station, it was chaotic. The time was already 11 pm. I was asking about the buses and was looking for two reclining seats to sleep peacefully on the way. But I was surprised to find that no seats were available.

There was a row of buses for Delhi, and I was told that I would get a seat. Sangeeta walked with me, and we got into a bus after the conductor said two seats were left. As I got in, I was surprised and excited to note that this was a sleeper bus.

The conductor asked us to decide fast. I quickly paid the money, lest we lose the two berths as well. The bags were put in the baggage area on the bus while we were shown our seats. The sleeper cabins for a couple were on top. As she climbed up, I looked at her posterior and the panty line.

I started thinking of the things to follow. I was very aroused and unsure of how to proceed. I had never traveled on such a bus. I also kicked my shoes and climbed up. The sheets were clean, and there were a couple of pillows and a blanket. We didn’t use the blanket but pulled out a sheet from our handbag.

Sangeeta: How are you?

I just hugged her and kissed her passionately. The sliding door was still not shut, and people were still walking in and out. I was impatient to get her naked and eat some nice pussy. We had 5 hours to ourselves with not a soul to disturb us.

I climbed down and went looking for some water bottles and something to munch. I managed to get some sandwiches, chocolates, etc. We munched on the sandwiches and then got ready for our action.

After a while, we switched off the lights. The bus was in motion. To the right were large windows, and we could lookout. It was pitch dark, though. I drew the curtains, and now it was totally dark inside.

Me: Sangeeta.

Sangeeta: Hmmm.

Me: Take off your leggings.

Sangeeta got up and took off her leggings and panty and also her shirt and bra. She pulled out a t-shirt and wore those instead. In case someone were to knock on our cabin, we could slide it open without being naked.

Before she could wear her t-shirt, I started fondling her breasts and then sucked on her tits. She was moaning, and then we kissed like long-lost lovers. She was undressing me. I too soon pulled out my cock though I didn’t take off my trousers. I lowered them and got my cock out.

I licked her underarms which had few hair strands, and then bit her below her breasts. I then rolled her over and bit her ass hard. She cried out and then put her mouth on the pillow to muffle the sound.

I parted her ass cheeks and went for her hole – my favorite part and started licking her there. She raised her ass so that my nose could dive deeper, if possible. There was a pungent smell emanating, and that got me harder. I adjusted my dick and put it at the entrance of her arsehole.

It was tight, and I had to hold her still and then pushed. She cried out in pain as I had not put on any cream etc. The erotic smell from her hole had driven me crazy. I just wanted to fuck her ass – thus, I slid in further. It went in, and her rectum tightly held my dick.

After a couple of minutes, she started enjoying the fuck. We kept fucking. My knees were hurting since the cabin did not allow me to stand and fuck her ass. Yet, I did not want to pull it out. In a matter of minutes, I came inside her ass. I then noticed that I had given her love marks all over her backside.

She came into my arms. I, too, pulled down my trousers, and we slept naked in each other’s arms for half an hour or so. The bus seemed to have stopped somewhere, and I pulled the curtain to look outside. It was pitch dark outside. I could see few people getting out to attend to the call of nature.

I could see some ladies hiking up their sarees and pulling down their panties to squat and pee. The very sight of naked bums got me turned on. I looked at Sangeeta and asked her if she wanted to pee. She nodded, and we got dressed. She wore a pair of tracks and a t-shirt.

We got off and went towards a shrub, and she was about to sit down. I asked her to move slightly ahead so that we were out of sight. The bus conductor was asking everyone to hurry up. Sangeeta pulled down her tracks and sat down. I was aroused hearing the sound of piss.

As she was getting up, I pulled her closer and went down between her legs, and licked her pussy clean. Seeing this, she let out a small stream into my mouth. It was hard, and it was not helping me urinate. She moved towards the bus. I started stroking my hard naked cock and pulled my trousers up.

I went back and climbed up into the cabin. As soon as we shut the cabin, I pulled her track down and started licking her pussy. She was not prepared for this. I wanted to taste more of her pussy, especially after she had urinated. She soon lost control of herself and held my hair, and came hard in my mouth.

As she came, she lifted her ass in the air and let out a sigh of relief. I needed to cum now, and I moved down and sucked her toes. She felt ticklish and started to pull out her toe from my mouth. She then got up and started kissing my neck, shoulder, and nipples and started blowing air after licking them.

Then she moved down and took my cock in her mouth. I couldn’t bear her sensual sucking and eventually shot my load in her mouth.

We were both quite tired after our back-to-back fucking, thus deciding to sleep for a couple of hours. It was nippy, and we covered ourselves with the blanket. Feeling her naked body against mine felt good, and I dozed off. We woke up around 5.

I looked out of the window. It was still dark outside, but the roads were wider. It seemed we were about 30-45 minutes away. I looked at Sangeeta in my arms, and I saw her naked boobs. I fondled them slightly, and she moved closer to me. My morning hard-on was quite evident. I had to keep adjusting my dick.

I started kissing her naked back and her neck. She wanted to sleep some more. I bit her ear lobe and whispered that we were about to reach our stop in half an hour. I kept licking her neck and gently biting her ear while my free hand was fondling her breasts.

I then moved my hand down between her legs. She tried to shut her legs. But the bites on her ear and neck were making her wet, and she spread her legs. I started inserting my finger into her pussy. She pulled me towards her and started kissing me. I realized that she had been sex starved for a long time.

I heard the conductor knocking on doors stating that we would be reaching the outskirts of Delhi in 30 minutes. We had to get off there, but I knew we had time. We both were aroused, and we were about to start fucking again. I got on top of her and gently inserted my dick into her wet pussy.

She put her legs around my back and pulled me closer. I started moving in and out and was kissing her. If someone had just slid the cabin door on top, they would have found us naked, fucking like rabbits. The bus was moving smoothly till it braked to negotiate a speed breaker.

As it braked, Sangeeta hissed loudly as my dick hit the depth of her pussy. She threw her head back in sheet pleasure while I bit her breasts. We kept fucking for few minutes before I stopped and got her to sit on me. By now, we both were in the throes of passion.

She was bouncing on my dick, and her hands were on my chest. Her hair was disheveled while her breasts were bouncing up and down. I was about to shoot and told her so. But she was also close to cumming, and she didn’t want to get off.

I ended up pulling out and came on her legs. I got her to lie down and went down and started eating her – all in one quick series of actions so that she could also come. In less than few seconds, she blew a load on my face and groaned loudly enough for all to hear.

We kept lying down in our position – i.e., me between her legs full of her cum, and she sprawled out with my cum on her legs. Slowly we got up and started getting dressed. We had a few more such sexcapades while she was in Delhi, but more of that later.

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