Debrupa Aunty’s Huge Boobs

Hello friends, my name is Rajat. Today I will narrate a real story of my girlfriend’s mother’s huge boobs and how it led me to fuck her. I am sure you guys will masturbate many times while going through the story.

Let me give a quick intro of myself. I am a software professional with an athletic body. I regularly hit the gym. My height is 6 feet, and I have a 7-inch thick dick. About my girlfriend, her name is Riya. She is a Bengali with stats 36B-32-34 and dusky color with a height of 5.4 feet.

Her boobs are the major attraction in her body. They are soft, firm and the aromas of her boobs are super exotic. Now, let’s jump to the main character of the story. She is my girlfriend’s mother.

Her stats are 38DD-36-34. Sometimes I think she is a living sex goddess. Her boobs and ass are huge. I can guarantee that anybody will think of fucking her once you see her. She is also dusky with 5.4 feet in height.

Let’s jump to the story. Riya and I are in a relationship since the time I moved to Kolkata. And it has been one year. Our relationship is going on. I met her in my office and from then our relationship started. We used to have sex every weekend. I often visit Riya’s house.

Riya and I are planning to get married soon. I am always in touch with Riya’s mother and discuss various stuff about our future planning. I used to call her Debrupa Aunty. She speaks very politely and always dresses in modern attire but is limited to Indian wear.

Riya’s father is an IAS officer. Due to his job profile, he often has to relocate to different places. Currently, he is posted to Delhi. So, he used to visit Kolkata every quarter. So only Riya and her mother Debrupa used to stay in the apartment.

As Bengalis are very broad-minded, Debrupa aunty did not mind me hooking out with Riya. I often used to stay with Riya in her apartment. I am quite friendly with Debrupa aunty. But believe me, deep in my mind, I always wanted to fuck her. But I have not imagined that I will get a chance one day.

Recently Riya’s family and my family discussed our wedding and fixed the engagement date. As engagement is fixed, arrangements for engagement get started. We (I and Riya) decided to shop for engagement dresses and the day is fixed to next Sunday. So, on Sunday, I started to pick Riya from her home.

When I reach her home, I got to know Riya cannot come. She must travel to Mumbai for two days due to some office work. So, we planned to shift it to next week, but Riya insists on me do the shopping today due to time constraints.

As shopping involves girl material like lehnga, chunni and, Riya asked her mom (Debrupa aunty) to accompany me. Aunty agreed on that asked to wait for 15 minutes to get ready. After 15 minutes, when she came, I became stunned by her looks.

She is wearing a light pink satin saree accompanied by a half sleeve satin blouse. Although the blouse tried to cover her heavy boobs, 20 % of her cleavage is still visible. But that is hidden through her saree pallu. But if somebody sees her from the side view, the picture is like.

The blouse may burst anytime. It is struggling to hold her huge boobs. In Kolkata, this type of fashion wear is common. She has applied light makeup like glossy lipstick and mascara and a very good perfume. I was mad at her looks.

So, we 3 started. Riya went to the airport, and we went to the shopping mall. We went to a famous place known for bridal shopping, i.e., New Market. I parked my car, and we both went inside a shop. Once we enter the shop, I noticed three men, 1 owner, and 2 shop executives.

But everybody’s eyes are glued to aunty’s huge, marvelous boobs. Then I asked for a bridal lehenga and were directed to a particular section of the store. The shop executive has shown us a few lehengas, and Debrupa aunty chose one lehenga. It’s a sky-blue satin semi-stitched designer lehenga with choli.

But suddenly, one thing strikes to my mind, and I asked aunty. The conversation is like.

Me: Aunty, let’s ask whether the return option is available or not. Riya’s isn’t here, and if the fitting as per size doesn’t go well, we have to return it.

Aunty (jokingly): Tum ko toh Riya size malum hi hoga, tum choice kardo. (You might be knowing Riya’s size, why don’t you confirm the choice.)

I just blushed in shyness.

Aunty (laughed and said): These all are free size. The blouse must be stitched later as per your janu’s size.

Me: Okay, aunty. We will take this for her. And shall we take something for you?

Aunty (after thinking for 2 minutes): Yeah, I also need to wear something special for my daughter’s engagement.

So we asked the shop executive for some good designer stuff for aunty. After checking out 8-10 items, 1 lehenga was made into aunty attention. It is a peach-color semi-stitched satin lehenga with a full stitch ready-made blouse. Aunty liked the lehenga very, but the only problem is that the blouse is ready-made.

The trial room of the shop is under renovation. So there is huge confusion about whether we take it or not. But the shopkeeper assisted that if that doesn’t fit, then we can return the lehenga easily. Aunty got very happy. We made the payment for the two lehengas and went outside the store.

Then we stop near an Aloo chat shop and decide to have it. While eating, Aunty and I started sweating as it was a sunny day. I can see Aunty’s huge satin blouse is getting wet with sweat. We cannot tolerate the heat more and decided to complete the Aloo chat quickly and move toward our car.

We get inside the car, and I turned on the AC. As Aunty was sitting beside me, I am getting her smell. To be frank, I got mad. The musk smell of aunty, a mix of aunty’s sweat and her perfume, is driving me crazy. I think most of the smell was coming from her huge cleavage.

But with great difficulty, I managed myself, and we drove to her apartment. I left her in the apartment and was planning to leave but was interrupted by Aunty. She asked me to stay for a while as she needs to discuss some engagement arrangements.

We went to her flat. She prepared coffee, and we burst into some engagement discussions like venue, time, etc. In the meanwhile, aunty told me that she is going to try that lehenga and blouse. If that does not fit, I am going to return it tomorrow. She went inside and came back after 20 minutes.

I am telling you. Frankly, anyone will get crazy at the view of her. It is hard to describe her appearance in words. It’s like she is looking like a hot bride. But the sexiest part is the blouse. It seems the blouse seems smaller to contain her huge boobs.

Most of her cleave is popping out, which she was hiding under dupatta. But dupatta is netted, so her cleavage is visible, everything in satin. The view is just amazing. Slowly I came to sense when she said the blouse is small and need to be returned.

But her looks have turned me on, and I am already mad. So, I thought of giving it a try today.

Aunty: Blouse choti hai. (Blouse is small.)

Me: No, aunty, sahi hai. Puri Dulhan jaise lag rahe ho. (No, aunty, it is good. You are looking like a bride.)

Aunty (while laughing): But Dulhan Riya hai main nahi. Uspe jyada focus karo tum. (Riya is the bride, focus on her).

Me: Kaash aap Dulhan hote. (I wish you were the bride.)

Aunty: Kyun Riya se man bhar gaya. (Did you get filled up with Riya?)

Me: Nahi aunty par Riya aap jaise hot nahi hai. (No, aunty Riya isn’t hot like you.)

Aunty (while laughing): Pagal ho gaye ho tum. (You have gone mad).

Me: Sach mein aunty app mujhe pagal kar diye hai subhe se. (Really, aunty, you have made me crazy since morning.)

Aunty: Maine kya kiya? (What have I done?)

Me: Aap ka figure to satin saree aur ye lehenga mein dekh main pagal ho gaya hun. (I have gone crazy by looking at your figure in that satin saree and this lehenga).

Aunty (by giving a naughty smile): Accha chalo thik hai. Manlo ki me tumhari Dulhan hun. Ab bolo tumhari Dulhan pe ye lehenga kaisa lag raha hai? (Okay, let assume I am your bride. Now tell how the lehenga is looking on your bride?)

Me: You are looking like a sex goddess.

Aunty (blushing): Now leave all this. Come here and help your bride. This blouse is very tight.

The blouse is designed in say a way that to wear it you must put through above your head like the way a top is worn. So, it needs to be removed in the same way. As the blouse is very tight, she cannot do it without my support.

So, I went near her and helped her by pulling the blouse from above standing in front of her. But it seems the blouse is not in a mood to come out. I tried giving more pressure. As a result, aunty fells down above me and the blouse get torn.

She fell straight above me. My whole face is lost inside her cleavage. I was just lost in the aroma of her huge boobs. As the blouse is torn, her pink net bra is visible now. She quickly got up and said to me.

Aunty: Ye kya kiya. Blouse faad diya? (What have you done. You just tore the blouse)

Me: Main kya karu? Apke chuchiya itne bade ki usne blouse hi faad di. (What can I do? Your boobs are so huge that they tore off the blouse).

Aunty: Tum meri beti se shaadi karne wale ho aur mujh pe line mar rahe ho. Aur ek baat, Riya meri beti hai. Uske bhi toh bohut bade hai. Toh mere piche kyu pade ho.

(You are going to marry my daughter, and you are eyeing on me. And one more thing, Riya is my daughter. Even hers are also very big, and then why are you behind me?)

Me: Aunty ye possible hi nahi hai. (Aunty, this is not possible.)

Aunty: Thik hai. Chalo shart lagate hai. Agar Riya ki bra mujhe fit hogi toh tum mujhe nayi iphone deni hogi.(Okay, let’s bet. If Riya’s bra fits me, then you have to purchase an iPhone for me.)

Me: Thik hai, Aunty. Par agar fit nahi huee toh apko apki sari bra mujhe deni hogi. (Okay, I agree with your bet. But if you lose, you have to give all your bras.)

Aunty: Okay, I agree.

Then she went inside Riya’s room but didn’t come for 15 minutes. So I went to her and asked her to come out. She said that she is backing off from the bet. I said that is not possible anymore. Luckily, the door isn’t locked from inside, and I went in. The scene was erotic as well funny.

Riya’s bra is hardly covering aunty boobs. It was just covering 40% of her boobs. It is like the bra will burst. I laughed and said to aunty that she loses the bet. She was saying to herself she did not observe how her boobs grown so big. She agreed and asked me to wait outside.

She came after 5 minutes wearing her bra and then we went to her wardrobe. She was given all the bras, consisting of lace, padded, net, satin, etc. I mean, all kinds of sexy bras are in the collection. I collected all her bras and told her that she is forgetting the last one. She asks me to verify the wardrobe as it is empty.

By giving a cunning smile, I told her that it is not in the wardrobe. It is in your body. She got shocked and told me.

Aunty: No way I am giving this to you. What should I wear?

Me.: You should think that before having a bet. Now you have lost. So, stick to the rules.

Aunty, having no options, removed her bra. As soon as she unhooked the bra, her boobs burst out. They are so huge. And the smell of boobs is so erotic. Her nipples are light brown with big areolas. I thought like I am seeing twin towers. I collect the last bra and prepare to leave the flat.

While leaving, she interrupted me and said:

Aunty: Kaha jaa rahe ho? (Where are you going?)

Me: Ghar jaa raha hun. (Going home.)

Aunty: Agar tum sare bra le jaoge toh main kya pehnugi? Din bhar uchalte rahenge ye bade chuchiya. Bahar naya lene bhi nahi ja sakti. Koi dusra option to bolo.

(If you take all the bras, what am I going to wear. The whole day my big boobs will be bouncing. I can’t even go outside to buy a new one. Can’t you give some other option?)

Me: Haan aunty dusri option hai. App ko meri Dulhan banni padegi ajj pure din ke liye.(Yes, aunty, the other option is that you have to be my bride for the whole day).

With no option left, she agreed to my condition. In the next part, I am going to tell you how my irresistible seduction worked on aunty. To be continued.

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