First Time Sex With A North Indian Girl

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The heroine of the story is Smitha (name changed). Basically, she is from Nagpur and came to Hyderabad for software coaching. She has a 32-28-32 body figure. She is one year elder than me.

One of my friends Ramesh also came to Hyderabad and joined a coaching center and became friends with a girl named Monali. The north Indian girl Smitha and Monali were hostel-mates.

One day, Ramesh planed for a day out with Monali and called me for company. Monali invited Smitha along with us.

Initially, we gave one bike to both the girls as it was our first time meeting. After visiting a few places in Hyderabad, we decided to return. But this time, Monali and Ramesh started on one bike and the north Indian girl Smitha didn’t have any option other than to ride along with me on my bike. By the end of that journey, Smitha became my friend.

It was December 23rd and pre-Christmas celebrations had started in my office (I work on night shifts). Ramesh called me and said that they are planning for a movie and Smitha wanted me to join them. I was in joy and informed my team lead that I need a break for a couple of hours as I had some important work outside.

I immediately took my bike and went to the mall where they are waiting with a couple of other friends.

We went inside and the north Indian girl Smitha intentionally sat beside me. I could see a smile on her face.

The movie started and the lights were off. She was feeling cold and slowly, she started touching my hand! I understood and held her hand tightly and she smiled at me again.

I slowly placed my hand on her waist and she tried removing my hand. I again placed my hand on her waist but she didn’t resist. I started rubbing my hand against her waist and below the tits! Her facial expressions were mixed with joy and tension.

Suddenly, the lights turned on as it was interval and I pulled my hand back.

Later, the movie resumed and we were eagerly waiting for the lights to be turned off. Once they were off, we both started holding our hands. This time, I placed my hand in her stomach inside the t-shirt and moved my fingers inside her jeans. Since it was tight, I was unable to insert my hand in her pant. I gave up that day and we left the theatre.

The next week, they asked me to arrange a small food party in my flat. I accepted. My flatmates had gone to their houses due to long weekend. I was staying in a society apartment where there were strict rules. They didn’t allow girls to bachelors’ flats.

Hence we waited till 11 pm clock so that the watchmen will fall asleep and we sneaked into my flat one by one.

We ordered food and we had it. We were 4 members, Ramesh-Monali said that they will go to the second bedroom and will watch some movie. As it was my flat, I went to the kitchen to wash all the dishes. Smitha came and she took over.

I slowly placed my hands on her wrist and kissed her neck. She responded with a hissing moan! I kissed her neck until it turned red with hickey marks.

She completed washing the utensils. She then turned around and I hugged the sexy north Indian girl immediately. She also hugged me back and I kissed her juicy lips. She took over and inserted her tongue in my mouth and we both started tongue-sucking.

Then we moved to the bedroom and lied on the bed. We started watching a Hindi film. As I didn’t know Hindi, she was explaining the scenes. I placed my hand on her and she looked into my eyes. I kissed her again and she hugged me. While kissing, I started pressing her round boobs over her dress. I was twisting her erected nipples and she was moaning.

When I was licking her earlobes and kissing her neck, I was also pressing her tits simultaneously. She was in heaven and hugged me tightly. I was trying to unbutton her jeans and she helped me to open her jeans.

I kept my hand on her panty and rubbed on her pussy. The north Indian babe was pulling my hair and moaning softly. I inserted my hand inside her panty and found her honey pot. I started rubbing her cleanly shaved pussy and inserted two fingers inside her pussy. Smitha was dripping with juices and she held my erected dick from my track pant.

We both helped each other to get naked. She was wearing a black bra and red partywear panty. While fingering her pussy, I was sucking her boobs and kissing her lips too. She was arching her body from many angles.

Then I went down and she spread her legs and placed one leg on my shoulder. I kissed her juicy pussy and started tongue-fucking her. The Nagpur girl was in a peak horny mood and started pushing my head deep into her pussy. While I was licking her pink pussy, she suddenly had an orgasm and released her juices on my face. I licked her completely dry.

Now it was time for her to repay the pleasure. I was licking her pussy and pressing her boobs. She removed my underwear and smiled at me by seeing a mole in my dick. She started sucking my dick and kissing the red color knob of my dick. She was a pro in giving blowjobs. She took my balls in her mouth and sucked them while giving hand-job to my dick.

When I was about to ejaculate, I stopped her and signed her to lie down. I went to search for a condom on my flatmate’s shelf and found a couple of strawberry-flavored condoms. When I was about to wear it, she took it from me and she wore the condom on my dick and gave a lusty smile.

I kissed her lips and started inserting my dick into her north Indian pussy. As it was my first time having sex, it was a little difficult for me to insert initially. After multiple tries, I shoved my dick inside her. I was on cloud 9 with the warmth inside her pussy. I started slowly moving to and fro. As her pussy was oozing with her juices, the friction was less.

I started thrusting with heavy shots. Smitha was moaning loud enough to be heard by my friends in the next room. So I kissed her while fucking but she was not controlling her moans. I grabbed her panty and stuffed it in her mouth and gradually, the sounds also decreased.

I was literally twisting her nipples hard she was crying with pain and pleasure at the same tie.

She signaled me to change the position. I lied down and she started inserting my dick in cowgirl position. This time, I was literally poking her ass hole and she became hornier and was riding me with heavy shots. While she was jumping on me, her boobs were dancing up and down.

I slowed her down and sucking her tits. When I bit her nipple, she became horny and angry at the same time and started jumping again.

I told her that I was about to release my sperm. She grabbed my hands and stopped me. I removed the panty from her mouth and she went on her knees, removed the condom from my dick, and started sucking harder this time. I was floating in pleasure. I held her hair and was throat-fucking her. She was really enjoying my moves.

I released my sperm with a grunt on her mouth. Some fell on her boobs which she licked by her fingers.

We went to the washroom and cleaned ourselves and smooched for some time. We got dressed and went to check on our friends in the next room. It was locked from inside.

I will narrate the continuation in the next part.

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