Fucked My Maid In The Ass In Hyderabad

Hi guys, I am Krishna, an athletic-built guy from Hyderabad. This is a story of a guy in his summer holidays fucking his maid in the ass when no one was home!

Coming to the story, my maid is a bombshell who used to come home daily to sweep and cook. I even use to imagine her when I fuck my girlfriend. My girlfriend is a sexy bombshell too but I missed something in her.

My maid was a sexy woman with a round ass and perky boobs. So, one day when she came to our house, she bent and started sweeping my bedroom.

From the past two days, I had noticed that the maid was spending a lot of time in my room than usual and it didn’t strike me until the third day. She used to tie her shawl/dupatta to her waist and wore deep-cut dresses while cleaning. Most of her boobs would be visible.

That day, my parents weren’t home so I slept a little longer and didn’t bother when my maid came home. She came directly to my room and when she saw me, she did something and me being in my sleep didn’t bother about it.

After a while when I opened my eyes, my sexy servant was staring at me with only her bra and panties on and the rest of her dress on my bed!! I was shellshocked and couldn’t believe it for a few moments.

She then took me by my hands and placed one of them on her boobs and other on her pussy. I was both shocked and on cloud 9 at the same time. I couldn’t believe what was happening and she then said that she was attracted to me from a very long time and was waiting for the right time to open up.

I was so surprised by this and told her that I thought the same about her too. We then went to our bed and started making out.

We kissed passionately for about 10-15 minutes. My 8-inch cock was at its maximum size and poking through my underwear. She was surprised to see the strength of my hardness.

My housemaid then slowly slid her hand into my undies and started stroking it with her soft hands. I was kneading her boobs and was kissing all over her body.

I then removed her bra and her panties and threw them on the floor. She was stark naked and her boobs were glowing due to the sweat on her body. She had shaved all her hair on her pussy and armpits and she was looking like a seductive porn star to me at that time.

I was gleaming through my eyes and was watching her perform a sexy little dance and watch her go down on me. She took my cock in its peak state in her mouth and gave me a deep throat and started gagging over my cock deep in her mouth. Such a sexy sight to watch!

Then she pounded on me, crushing her boobs on my chest and started kissing all over me. I was in ecstasy right there and was feeling happiness out of this world.

Just when we started getting down to business, the doorbell rang and it was her husband who came to give her money to buy some stuff! My naked home maid ran towards the bathroom, quickly dressed up, and opened the door.

She had no bra or panties on. She took the money and told her husband to go home saying she was busy doing some chores. She then came back to my room and started to strip seductively and played with her boobs by juggling them hard. My dick rose and was eager to be held within her pussy walls.

She then removed her saree and started to sit on me in the cowgirl position. Meanwhile, my hands went to her boobs and I started to press them really hard. She kept bouncing on me vigorously.

We fucked for half an hour and she had 3 orgasms by then. Then I told her that I was about to cum she asked me to cum inside her. After a couple of minutes, I spurted a load of cum in her. Her pussy walls contracted and were squeezing my dick hard inside them.

We were exhausted by the high-intensity sex and were completely spent. The maid fell on me with my dick still in her and my cum deep inside her.

She then got off and started to put her bra on. I asked her to not put her bra or panties and just wear her jacket and petticoat under her saree. She obliged and smiled through her teeth.

She resumed doing her chores like nothing happened. She was bending to clean the floor and the whole of her boobs was visible and that was a wonderful sight to watch. I got aroused again and started to get excited.

I went behind her and lifted her saree from behind. Now, she was in the perfect doggy position and waiting to get fucked. Her glory hole was waiting for me and I inserted my hard cock in her deep and started banging her real hard. She kept moaning on top of her lungs and that was such a sexy sight to watch.

While we were busy fucking, my parents reached home and rang the bell! I was shit scared and climaxed inside her and ran to my bedroom. The maid got up, straightened her saree and her hair, and went to open the door. My mom cussed at her for not opening fast enough and that was the end for that day.

We then fucked every day for about four hours a day and I always used to cum inside her. One day I asked about the risk of getting pregnant but she assured me that she was impotent.

However, I was getting bored and was thinking of doing something really fun and kinky.

So, one day my maid came in the morning as usual and we started fucking as usual. Then I suddenly took my dick out and in its glorious form, I shoved it into the maid’s ass.

She screamed so loud and was panting soon. I stopped for a while and started ramming her ass in high momentum. She was squirting from her pussy and was grinding her ass on me.

That was the start of our anal sex sessions and then we started to fuck in all corners of our house – the bathroom, kitchen, stairs, laundry room, on the drier and everywhere.

She used to stagger while walking for a few days after getting deeply fucked in ass every time.

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